7:53pm, 15th December, 2016


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Love, a name under which every element survives. But this is also the word responsible for several deaths and several depressed minds around us.

The major irony sprouts when you are scolded to pronounce LOVE in front of your parents because it will destroy your future, and they do this because they LOVE us.
Teenagers are seen falling in love in a huge arena nowadays. Ever wondered why?
Why are the tiny grasses of our society watered with a feeling of intimate love?
And why are they criticized on the same vibe too?


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For the basics, love is not the same element as people around us imagine. It is merely a feeling and mostly a responsibility. Love is the call of heart but the curse for mind. It is the building block of nature and the devastating beam of life; unless handled with care.
Every one among our society falls for the opposite genders and this attraction is shouted out as love. If you meet a handsome boy or a cute girl in your backyard and he/she never gets off your mind, it is called love. But this is not right to declare war only when our hands are learning to pick the guns.


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‘Look, she’s too cute. I must propose her! She is my love.’ Boys can easily relate this line and the opposite goes for the girls too.(But they are quite good at hiding.)
People like this, fall for lust and after a few days, blame love. Love is not in proposing her/him. Love is also not confined in the terms of cuteness and handsomeness!
Love is that nightmare which will leave you awake in the middle night imagining whether they did eat or not? Love is the break in voice whenever you hear them laughing. Nobody can define how love feels like and how love is given birth. Love starts in you, from the time you took shape in womb and ends whenever your progenies stop taking your name. It is not merely restricted to that girl or boy upon whom you fell down for!


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Teenagers, can, sometime make the elders realize what love feels like but nowadays, they are busy finding out the next backup if their BOYFRIEND/GIRLFREIND breaks up with them.


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Personally, I can’t imagine any vision to those two terms capitalized above!( BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND). Looking up at the words, they mention a gender in the first part (BOY/GIRL) and a relationship of friendship in the remaining part.(FRIEND) But how do they carry a meaning of love, which everyone around us imagine?

Being in love and being in relationship are independent things. Just as independent as the body being burnt and the name, yet taken in the memories.
We need to learn that love is a bond which defies every definition. Your mind will never answer the margins of love and lust but your heart will. It will show you shine in the dark clouds of their eyes.


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It will guide you through several people in the crowd and then stop at those eyes, which you will wish to stare in any devastations. A future is been clearly seen in their smile when you see them after every cry!


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