5:52pm, 5th November, 2016


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Are you also habitual of blaming ISLAM for being under the cloud of terror? Some are losing home and some are losing hope, but at last humanity is in need for some oxygen, urgently! But who should be blamed to leave you in this shit, you are supposed to think about your own family and surrounding [in severe cases] right? And yeah, you are supposed to blame ISLAM also. Enough!

Now let’s throw a bucket of chilled water on your cliché mindset and take you on a ride, full of facts. Are you ready to realize the truth?

Then let’s do it your way! – Divide people on grounds of religion.

#HINDU #1stMythBurst

The most ‘tolerant’ religion with a variety of gods and beliefs, and a lot of conflicts within itself.

LTTE [Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam] – ‘Renowned’ for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, is the militant organization of Sri Lanka, asking for the different state for Tamil minorities. They executed 380 suicide bombing alone till 2008. Bombed 3 world leader [ the only group to do so] i.e. Rajiv Gandhi [1991],  Premadasa, SriLankan President [1993] and failed one of Kumaratunga, Srilankan President [1999].

Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekta Samaj, All Tripura Tiger Force and most famous Sadhvi Pragya bomb blast case are enough examples to make you realize about Saffron Terrorism.

#Buddhism #2ndMythBurst

Buddhism is often taken as most peaceful and calm religion. Wait! Are you sure?

#Myanmar – from 1988 to 2011, they have been consistently oppressing Muslim minorities and various European civilians. Extremist Buddhists have killed scores of Muslim civilians in Burma. Many Muslims, mainly the Rohingyas, had to migrate and seek refuge in other countries. Christians too have been victims of Buddhist terrorism.

Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand are various other examples who have witnessed ‘their’ way to express peace.


#Christian #3rdMythBurst

The religion of sacrifices, love, great quotes and what not, but what if these entire things lie dead on their book? Now face the truth.


NLFT [National Liberation Front of Tripura] – the proscribed terrorist group of North-East India, known for their violent means to force Christianity over the tribal region. They are highly criticized for their behavior toward Hindus and especially Bengali immigrants. They have burnt 22 Hindu temples till now and assassinated more than 10 Hindu priests.


#Ku Klux Klan needs no introduction as every American is aware of this ‘Invisible Empire’.


History has given us various examples to enlighten our mindset like,

– The First World War [17 million deaths]

– The Second World War [53 million deaths]

– Nagasaki bomb attack [0.2 million deaths]

– War in Vietnam [5 million+ deaths]

And all were caused by Non-Muslims.

According to latest statistics, 94% of terror attacks on the USA are NOT carried out by Muslims. All the violence occurring in Chhattisgarh on various names is Naxalism [operates in 60 districts of India] and they are Naxalites, but not terrorist for you. Same agendas, same results, but different words!

We cannot ignore the Islamic terrorism for sure but blaming them only can never be the right game. Al-qaeda, Lashkar-e-taiba, Jaish-e-mohammad and many more may have gained so much hate in your heart but the truth is that they only represent 0.00009% of Islamic population [1.6 billion].

Remember– You are only watching, what they want you to watch. It’s all about the agenda! Let it be your favorite news channel or magazine, they only show you what they want to.

We all can live right now by saying, ‘What do we have to do, with their shit? Let them fight. Let them die. I’m safe at my home.’ but mark my words- one day their war will end, and then guns are going to start revolving again and after a certain time, without warning you, it will pause. Trust me, you will be the next!

Is it the high time that we all should put our religion aside for an era and opt for ‘humanification’? Well, the answer depends on your choices.

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