8:57pm, 15th October, 2016


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Once again another political barbecue is ready for everyone out there to cook their political piece of shit over it, and it is JNU again in the limelight after the NSUI head said, “Burning effigies is a routine thing for them”. Amid all opinions and bites, let’s find out if it is really high time to do something to amend this ‘okay’ thing from a premier university of the country.

Earlier, the face of country, development, and hardship, now burnt as evil! Is it okay? Well, NSUI’s Sunny Dhiman, who also contested for JNUSU’s President’s election this year, said it is. It is their routine to burn effigies of PM in one of the most prominent universities of India without anyone’s permission. Yeah, you read it right, on the past Tuesday night at Sabarmati Dhaba is what exactly happened; NSUI (Congress’s student wing) burnt effigies of BJP president Amit Shah, Nathuram Godse, Yog Guru Ramdev, Sadhvi Pragya, Asaram Bapu and few others including their own Vice Chancellor, with PM Modi, symbolized as Ravan, the face of evil.

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Few banners stated: “Truth shall prevail over evil.” Well, some ‘intellectuals’ say, it is us, the Indians, who react in so complex a way, otherwise in the US; they burn their national flags in front of White House. First of all, do we react in complex ways? Then ‘proudly’ yes, we do! What is right in which context is hard to say, but burning effigies is not a solution. Congress had the government, what did they do? Let’s not debate on it, as it will need a whole another article. But I can’t understand what were they thinking while burning, or anyone else does? Was it going to abolish their image? No, it wasn’t! The only one, to whom it was going to cost, is our environment after all!


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Home Ministry demanded detailed information on the whole incident, while Jagadesh Kumar, JNU Vice Chancellor, said currently they are investigating the whole matter. The lump-sum conclusion of NUSI’s argument was a cliché; they are not happy with the way Modi’s government is working, and they are not fulfilling the promises they made.
After the whole drama soup, the whole country is worried about either they should focus on their studies or get into these political stuff again and again. Intellectuals are demanding some serious actions and amendments in their ‘rulebook’ (in case if one exists!) to at least portray it like a university of national importance. No one knows where is this drama going to end but after witnessing so much of it, one thing is for sure: Be ready for many such mello-soups soon!

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