2:53pm, 23rd August, 2018


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In such events that upset the normal routine of people’s lives, the protocol to be followed, usually in a sane society, is of sending sincere condolences or providing assistance of any kind to better the lives of those in pain.

Majority within the nation followed this conformity of human emotions, as social media was flooded with hashtags of prayers and aid. However, some within the same realm do not wish to follow those inclinations of the majority.

And what their predilections of their own nature would carry might not be the most pleasant thing to come across.

Love for animals is always admirable but when personal views on dietary ethics blind one’s judgement to utilize basic human reasoning, often it just appears simply ridiculous. Not to mention, highly offensive.

While much of nation is morning for the disastrous flooding in Kerala and help is pouring out to assist people and even animals, few people are justifying this horrific act of nature as divine judgment for consuming cows and slaughtering stray dogs.

One often has to think that what kind of divinity would judge a group of people where 99% of the people had nothing to do with that incident, but then I do not really get updates from God about his latest tantrums.

It was truly a horrendous atrocity of nature that left so many people lifeless and many more without a shelter. Families are unable to find their own requirements in terms of basic needs. Children are open towards infections due to the obvious polluted waters.

While the country looks with grief at the state of things, some might just use this as a way to reflect on their moral righteousness and making assumptions based on their blatant arrogance. Kerala is not the friendliest of states in India when it comes to oppression of other ideas and open-mindedness. Religious tolerance and high literacy rates have made this state a target for the religious right.

Consumption of cows is one of the things the religious right holds against this state. Many from those groups which certainly do not highlight the views of the majority relate the consumption of beef with the penalty of the Floods.

As much as the argument is overwhelmingly devoid any scientific backing, for most it comes up as deeply derogatory. It shows similarity with a few of the ultra conservatives in the US who usually relates mass shootings with black metal songs and hurricanes with the acceptance of gay marriage.

Keeping in mind that most of the people who are personally affected by this deluge are less likely to have tortured cows and killed stray dogs for no apparent reason.

I doubt that they even personally know someone who would have done such acts. But nevertheless, the unwise would continue to assault them with their deep seated arrogance and claim tragedies as divine acts of justice.

Such hatred of people based on demographics as to applaud sufferings of people is appalling in general.