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The future of condoms is amazing. It’s just fascinating. But before we go into the future let’s go into the history of Condoms!

As Wiki explains, A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy and spreading sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Before sexual intercourse, a condom is rolled onto an erect penis before so that it does not allow ejaculated semen from entering the body of the sexual partner.

Condoms are nowadays usually made of latex, but other materials such as polyisoprene. polyurethane, or lamb intestine are also used. And as if you didn’t know, there are also female condoms. These are often made of nitrile.

As our life style evolved and the ways of pleasure became more interesting, condoms were also made more interesting. Umpteen flavours and pleasure ribs, Radium glow (glowing in the dark) & dots were added to condoms. It seems, reducing pregnancy and STD risks is not the actual aim of condom, but it is making sex more attractive and fun.

“Do you know in 1920’s condoms were made up of Animal Skin?”

Mr. Filip Sedic (Owner of a Sweden based sex toy company) talks about how condoms has been made widely available across but people are not using them. There is something missing in condoms. Condoms haven’t evolved as much as we want them to. We need to find a new generation of condoms that would tilt this scenario. But how can we do that?

The answer to this is LELO-HEX Condom. It is a reengineered, revamped version of condoms. And believe us, it’s the best condom ever.

So why is LELO-HEX Condom an engineering revolution in the world of condoms?

1. Looks
It has 350 Hexagonal patterns as internal and external lining. This bee-hive pattern is considered most balanced and strong. This design aids its look, as extremely technical ,modern with futuristic sophistication.


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2. Strength
Due to its beehive hexagonal patterns it the most balanced accommodated motion structure which reduces the fear of tear, when you have Sex.


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3. Sensation
The invention of dots and flavour were meant for the equal amount of pleasure for the other partner. But it has lead to many dissatisfied candidates. The LELO-HEX has the hexagonal lining internal and external. But the raised section falls at the internal lining, but replacing the dots, the entire LELO-HEX is textured. First Textured Condom!


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“The condom guarantees to avoid 99% pregnancy and the STD’s. But the way people use makes it guarantee reduced to 82%.”

4. Slippage
The biggest fear of missing the train when you have left your home in time. Why, because of traffic or some unwanted situation. And the same lies with Sex. As the hexagonal lining bends and moulds to creates a track which accommodates depending upon the situation of the wearer. And all the the texture to it solves it biggest issue.
You can’t miss your train now!


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5. Build
The thin condom available in the market is 0.055mm whereas the regular build of LELO-HEX is 0.045mm. It easily takes shape of the wearer and closer to skin. This comes under the category of ULTRA-THIN Condoms. A new skin to your pleasure!


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A visual Demonstration of LELO-HEX Condom:

LELO-HEX guarantees it as the most futuristic looking condom. It is the greatest progress made in condom technology from since 70 years.

From animal skin to advanced latex. LELO has reconsidered the most available and used product into reconsideration on design, sensation and market.


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