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‘I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice’ – Wolverine

We’ve seen memes on how girls cried at the end of the Titanic and how men cried at the end of Fast and Furious 7 when Brian O’Conner drives away from Dominic Toretto. Well it’s time to wipe away tears for comic book fans because this is it. In October 2014 Marvel comics released the official final death of Wolverine/ James Howlett/ Logan.

Hugh Jackman is famous for his live-action role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise since its first movie in 2000. On October 20, 2016 Hugh Jackman uploaded the first teaser trailer for Logan on his Facebook page. Jackman had earlier announced that this will be his last movie as Wolverine.


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When Jackman first appeared as Logan in the first X-Men movie in 2000, viewers were left with the clear impression that this is a mutant who has a knack and taste for violence as much as he is helpful. Over the next few movies we got to see the different shades of the character along with his origin story. For those of us who read the comics, Jackman was the perfect reincarnation of Wolverine and we definitely saw him grow better into the character over the movies. From being the protagonist of the movie to just making a cameo to say ‘Go fuck yourself’. Jackman has appeared in every X-Men movie released till date. Whether the movie was a hit or a slow boring clichéd flick, Jackman has never let us down in any of his appearances. If you’ve watched Night at the Museum 3, Hugh Jackman makes a cameo in the movie as himself and does a yelling wolverine stance as well.


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While the movie is supposed to be based on the comic ‘Old Man Logan’ the movie will be very different from the comic in many ways (because budget and production house duh!). In the comic, we see an aged Wolverine who has stopped using his claws and does not fight any more for reasons that he keeps hidden until later on in the series. He is then due to some tragic circumstances dragged back into the world of chaos which then leads to Wolverine having a faceoff with the Incredible Hulk. It is very obvious that this will not be the storyline for the movie Logan. What the trailer shows need not be explained because no fun in reading it. The most painful thing about watching the trailer is that is gives away a very obvious aura and feeling that this is definitely the last that we will see of wolverine for now. Logan is slated for a March 3, 2017 release.

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From his regular cursing to his constant habit of saying bub, from his sarcasm to his unending sassiness Hugh Jackman has always been the perfect Wolverine. He has always been perfect for the role in every possible way. There may be many more actors who may play the character in future movies but the memory of the first live action Wolverine will forever be etched into our memories. Cheers to Hugh Jackman for 17 years of brilliance as Logan.

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