12:56am, 13th March, 2018


2 mins

Society at large, is certainly inclined towards the definition of love portrayed in the media. The definition large bases its foundation on making Romantic emotions a part of being human. #CoupleGoals would be one of the most trending hashtags on social media and it isn’t on any fault of theirs. The entire populace acts in certain manner because it has been accustomed to think in such fashion.

However, practically speaking, it would be a highly unreal scenario. Majority of couples who find themselves in the emotions of affection, do often forget that life in that way doesn’t always go as in movies. Marriage, child rearing and occasional disagreement with poor choices of words are imminent when two people express their desires to be in each other’s company for a longer duration.
This is where the aid of the ancient Greeks come in handy. Unlike our current perception of this word having a prescriptive view, it was more inclusive and encompassed a variety of emotions and relations.

They identified the emotions that are relatable with string sexual and bodily desires within a relationship as ‘Eros’. They were well aware that Love as they would understand it wouldn’t come to an end after the strong sexual urges within a relationship loses its potency. This is usually the initial months of a relationship.

The next form of Love can be identified with a form of friendship within a relationship. It usually springs into existence after the period of Eros grows of less importance. It is perhaps the same emotions that are shared by a couple more focused on having a better future for their children than making their bedroom events worthy of remembrance. This is usually called as ‘Philia’.

Agape’ makes its presence in the sacred pages of the Holy bible well known in the New Testament. This is what could be more accurately put as Love for everyone or a sense of compassion about people, even animals around you. The ability that makes oneself see the suffering in someone else and able to sensitively act to ameliorate the pain.

Sometimes people in their childhood would give into innocent attractions devised by their own hearts. Often playful flirting or teasing each other can be an example of this form of love which the Greeks referred to as ‘Ludus’.

The final form of it had more to do with knowing one’s true worth. It would keep its distance from narcissism but will allow oneself to know their worth. This would be called ‘Philautia’ by the ancient Greeks. It allowed oneself to make oneself secure and slaughter all forms of insecurities that would harm one’s peace of mind.

The English vocabulary will never do justice to the true essence of these words. However, being one of the most advanced intellectually superior realms on the earth in the ancient times, it can be understood as to how a culture that gave the west its core philosophers, were equally spectacular in naming and dividing the various facets of an emotion that appears similar on the surface but has wider distinction in details and are highly vital.