11:34pm, 21st June, 2016


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We Indians have a way of making people our idols. We follow them thoughtlessly. But what happens when these idols turn sour? What happens when they express their true opinions? And their opinions are as harsh and insensitive as the ones made by Salman Khan recently? Do these opinions also reflect the mentality of the public who follow such idols?

“My confusion and melancholy consumed me. I’ve lost myself. Flashbacks and nightmares became an everyday ritual for me. I had controllable panic attacks every now and then. I’m such a misfit that I don’t even fit in my own world.” – These are the words of a raped woman. And do you know what our superstar Salman Khan said? He said that the training for his wrestling movie Sultan left him feeling like a raped woman. What does he know of getting raped?

“When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.” The veteran actor, reportedly said, during an interview with the

Nothing is as precarious as comparing one’s job to getting raped. No one can achieve anything without putting in efforts. Method actors like Jared Leto and Christian Bale, in Hollywood, have gone through miraculous transformations to just get into the role. Probably, Salman Khan must be reminded that acting is his job and if he needs perfection, he must toil for it. And if working hard to make his film better leaves his exhausted, it’s no reason to compare his exhaustion with the physical and emotional trauma of a raped woman


But this is not a one of incident in India, is it? There are hundreds of posts being shared on social media every time a team is beaten in a cricket or football match about the losing team getting raped by the winning team. Salman Khan is just one among the millions of Indians who subscribe to the ideology that anything bad means rape. A rape is an altogether unacceptable thing. It is the violation of a woman’s right over her body without her consent. There is nothing more demeaning and humiliating as rape.  

Celebrities such as Salman Khan, who enjoy great fan followings, must ensure that they are not giving impetus to wrong ideologies.  Actions and behaviours of celebrities hold a great sway over Indian masses.

If celebrities learn to value their words, a change for the better is always within the reach.  


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