3:00pm, 9th October, 2016


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The Surgical operation has instigated a storm all over the world. All kind of reactions are being expressed by politicians, celebrities and leaders. Some raised a question mark on the integrity of army. The media, celebrities and players are more concerned about their profits and loss rather than sentiments & patriotism. When I got to know about the surgical operation, some where in my heart I felt it as a tribute to the 17 soldiers who had lost their lives in Uri attack, and their families. But when people showed their concern about games, entertainment and relationship between both counties. I felt a pain in my heart.

Every time when we see a soldier’s body wrapped in the tricolor, the quiet and composed wife and children, and the sorrowed eyes of parents, it evokes a feeling of helplessness. A soldier is a mammoth, who has is own charm & glory but fades away with time and he has to carry his own load. When a soldier dies, the loss is unbearable to family members and to the army that suffers setbacks who provide combat training and prepare them to serve the nation.



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Maybe as an army wife I haven’t contributed to nation directly but I too have given my 20 years to support my husband to carry out his duties towards nation without bothering personal and trivial issues. When I look back 25 years, as a 21-year-old young carefree girl turning in to responsible and mature lady who adopted new customs, traditions and family which were never part of her life. Social bonding is integral part of army life. Army brats easily adopt new place, new school, new friends and environment. I am proud of our kids that they are performing outstanding globally.


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Army life has its own ups and downs but they make you strong and confident. When my husband was posted in the field, silence carried more meaning than words. Communication was very difficult; their annual leaves were no less than a trip to abroad. Some time we had shown brave face in front of solder’s family while troops were positioned during Op Parakram and Op Vijay. We were instructed by officer’s in situation of war, evacuate soldier’s family first then leave in the last. We were posted in modified field where border was just 36km. My kids were just 7 years and one year of age. Unfortunately, I met with an accident in 2009 and felt miserable. Due to unavailability of vehicle, I was unable to visit hospital for physiotherapy on regular basis. Financially we could not afford taxi and personal car was used by my husband who was posted in a training establishment. These circumstances evoked my desire to become strong, self-dependent. My husband took voluntary retirement for higher studies. Now he is part of a world class business school and I am a professor in private university after completing MBA.


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I owe a lot to the army, my kids are very proud of being army brats. A visit to unit or officer’s mess brings cheer and excitement in them. It is very disheartening when a solider lose their life at LoC or in an attack like Uri. At the same time when leaders show concern and retaliate by action against the enemy it not only boosts the morale of troop but also to the family of the martyred soldiers as they feel valued. So my humble appeal to all the citizens of India is to support armed forces and our leader’s decision for country’s integrity and sovereignty.

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