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Whole America, as well as all Dylan’s fans around the globe, was on the ‘folk-rock’ ride again after the legend Bob Dylan was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, which made him first-ever songwriter to be awarded Nobel Prize. It added another spark in his star-studded timeline, which includes 11 Grammy awards and an Academy Award. So hey, stoners out there! Are your rolls ready? Then let’s lit it again and enjoy another most ‘trans trip’ with your favorite legend’s top 10.


1.Blowin’ In The Wind

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2.Visions of Johana

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3.The Times they are A changin’

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4.Just Like A Woman

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5.I Want You

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6.Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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7.All Along the Watchtower

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9.Stuck inside of mobile with Memphis blues again

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10.Like a Rolling Stone

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Bob Dylan, 1985: “The thing about rock’n’roll is that for me anyway, it wasn’t enough… There were great catch-phrases and driving pulse rhythms… but the songs weren’t serious or didn’t reflect life in a realistic way. I knew that when I got into folk music, it was more of a serious type of thing. The songs are filled with more despair, more sadness, more triumph, more faith in the supernatural, much deeper feelings.”
And then he changed the way people listen to rock or folk! Now he has his own genre to make you move; Bob Dylan’s way!
This was our tribute to this ‘rock legend’, comment your favorites to express your one!
Stay Alive, Stay High!

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