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‘Winter is coming!’ Everyone is aware of the phrase by now, I guess. Isn’t it? For someone who is not, what is to be done? In many instances we find that such people are mocked at for not watching or appreciating the overrated fandom of all times, ‘Game of Thrones’. Based on a set of books named ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin, this tv series has captured not only the hearts and souls, but also the wildest imaginations of young adults and adults alike. The typical murderous drama unfolds with the story of a king and his sons and a son from a different mother, Jon Snow (who is very handsome, I must say) and then the story progresses with time. What is so different? Just that like typical hindi serials Jon Snow dies and comes back to life. A swish and flick (sorry for the Harry Potter reference here) and boom!


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I am not here to be a critic of the fandom, a harsh critic some of the fans must have thought, but just to voice an opinion that there are tales of much wonder, tales of love, truth and mirage versatility that millions who aren’t addicted to the Game of Thrones indulge into. Obviously, a series that is gaining so much popularity must be a wonder in itself! Plus, George R. R. Martin is one of the finest writers whose works are widely read in today’s times. But so are J. K Rowling and Veronica Roth and J. R. Tolkien! Why is then such a hype about the Game of Thrones?


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It is a quest for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, a conflict that dates back to several generations of rivalry and a thirst for supremacy. I certainly would give credit to the author for the creation of the fictional continents in which the epic is set, Westeros and Essos. But is this quest so extraordinary that the people who are least concerned about it have to be defamed? Such stories of kingship, battles and succession have flooded the pages of history. The reason why Game of Thrones has attracted such a huge international fan base is because of status quo.


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I wouldn’t deny that the use of complex characters, story, scope, production values has given it a wide acclaim though its frequent use of nudity, sexual assault and heart wrenching violence makes it a matter of debate. The people who enjoy mirth (calm ones like me) do not prefer such a showcase of blood and gore. Does that make them less interesting? Does that make them un-cool (the term young adults most frequently consider in such matters)? 2016-07-15 15-08-51

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I won’t say there are alternatives to Game of Thrones. But I would certainly say that there is a world far beyond its land. The world where fantasy meets reality, the world where tears have known worth and a world were frozen thoughts are melted into emotions. Ever been there? Try getting your head out of just Game of Thrones. You’ll find valleys and hills and brimming rivers of joy.


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Game of Thrones, does the name suggest war? Is ‘game’ a hyperbole? Well, the true fans would answer better. The ones like me would be happy and peaceful in the little libraries where we find solace. But yes, the series is gripping, I have heard! Once you start, you cannot just let go. So, happy watching hours to the addicts!


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