2:43pm, 6th January, 2017


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Dear people, who are really shocked at the molestation CCTV footage,
I mean, are you real that surprised? Are you really telling me that you never expected something like that to happen in Bangalore? Because sorry, but It is always happening!

I know a badass friend who was followed and harassed by a dude on the busy streets of Koramangala. It wasn’t 2 AM in the morning, she wasn’t wearing a skirt, she was just trying to buy some goddamn beer for herself. But apparently that was enough to trigger his hormones, I don’t blame him tho, my friend is hot af. But what happened next was downright scary. He was kicked out of the bar, for harassing my friend but that didn’t stop him, he continued to follow her once she had come out of the bar. Which resulted in him, getting a bottle of beer smashed on his head, while my friend ran for her life. I say Fair Enough to that!


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Another quick story from 2013, my 20th birthday. Which was supposed to be the best and the most perfect 20th I had ever imagined it to be.
But then it turned out to be a nightmare. I remember it pretty vividly, it was just the four of us. Two of us were chicks and the other two were my guy friends from college.
We were walking towards our college parking lot, so my best friend could pick up her bike. But on our way there, we got Eggs thrown at us by some random drunk hooligans on the bike, on the occasion of “Holi” to be more specific.
Apparently we could’ve avoided the situation that was to follow, if I had refrained myself from screaming “Motherfucker” at them!
I mean, I am sorry I didn’t know, that it was completely acceptable to throw eggs at someone who took 3 hrs to dress up, to look pretty enough for her 20th birthday pictures.
Apparently that one slur was enough to hurt their ego, so much that they followed us to the parking lot just to “teach us a lesson.”
“What did you say back there?”
One of the dude asked while grabbing my cheeks real hard, all I could do was ask him to back the fuck off. The other dude turned around to start touching my best friend inappropriately.
When I asked him not to fucking think about doing anything to my friend, he slapped me and asked me what I was gonna do about it. So, obviously I had to punch his face to prove a point.
What were my guy friends doing?! They were doing all they could to save the situation but instead got beaten up real bad.
I screamed out for help, just to see a bunch of aunties staring at us from their main gates and going back inside their houses like heartless sons of bitches.
I honestly thought we were to be raped, until one guy in the group forced his other two friends to leave the place, because he realised that they had already created a scene there.
When they got on their bikes it was a sigh of relief but that came tumbling down when I saw how shook my best friend was.
I dragged her to our college bathroom to wash the raw eggs off our clothes while trying to calm her down from the shock.
For me the whole situation had happened too fast to even react but watching my friend break down was something I still feel guilty about. Maybe I shouldn’t have called that guy a Motherfucker. But then he would think it was okay to do something like that.
My point being, this shit is always happening! Stop being so fucking ignorant!
Also these fuck all articles should really stop with their headlines about how “Helpless” the woman was while being harassed. It’s called being in shock, we are always thinking about how it can never happen to us so when it does happen it takes us by fucking surprise.
Also ladies, get yourself a Gauss Gun made.

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