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Dear Sonam Gupta’s Aashiq,

I don’t know whether Sonam Gupta is real or not, whether she exists or not, whether she was just your fantasy love, who just said no to you, because you were disgusting in her opinion, or maybe any other story. As you know you have now almost embarrassed all Sonam Guptas around the world, trust me, Sonam Guptas will never forgive you.

However, she is the trending topic every Indian on social networking sites is enjoying at the hour of an economic revolution, in India.

And, people are really curious about, who’s Sonam Gupta? Why is she bewafa? Well, I don’t know (In Trump’s Voice), but I know that media organisations have already presented their hypothesis on Sonam Gupta, and so has decided to cover you, the creator of Sonam Gupta Jokes, instead of Ms Gupta.

No matter what is the situation, Indians know it very well how to enjoy their life. And, you have added a little more humour in our lives. Sonam Guptas, all over the nation must be a bit sad with this joke, especially if they have a boyfriend, or girlfriend to pull their legs.

And, of course, feminists might argue, it’s an attack on women, why are only women targeted as “bewafa”? And, I believe they’ve all the rights to argue it. If they are not doing it they are missing it, and they must do.

However, on behalf of our community, I would like to express thanks, to you for making us laugh again ‘together’, as we used to do earlier. I mean, it’s the first time I saw, AAP supporter, and BJP supporter laughing together on the same joke, can’t say about Congress (I mean if only Mr Gandhi would have understood, it’s just a joke and Sonam is not really bewafa).

I think, there is one element Indians used to have earlier, which was pure humour, a humour without curse words, which we misplaced in the past few years, or decade. We even forgot the decent ways to criticise people. Now we use the easy way of ‘abuses’ to either bring humour or to criticise.

So, definitely you deserve a big shout out, for bringing a short-term change, and if I talk about the butterfly effect, it might have a big impact in future.

Well, you know how creative Indians are when you see, events been created in solitary with Ms Gupta, and to appreciate their creativity, and to add on to your legacy TheMatchbox would like to show you few of the Facebook posts we found online.

Sonam Gupta Viral India Joke UP Elections


Sonam Gupta Viral India Joke Gandhi Nehru

Sonam Gupta Viral Indian Funny Joke Deepika Padukone

Sonam Gupta Viral Funny Indian Joke

Cheers! And enjoy Sonam Gupta till we find another joke.


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