10:29pm, 27th August, 2016


Dear Ajit Sir,

Last week your report startled not only Odisha but also the Nation. An unfortunate incident in Odisha’s Kalahandi where a tribal man Dana Manjhi carried his wife’s dead body on his shoulder and walks around 12 km along with her school-going daughter who was weeping, sobbing in the memory of her mother, who died because of Tuberculosis, a curable ailment.

But, the misery is her wail was not loud enough to be audible to the authorities. It was not only late Mrs. Manjhi’s body on Dana Manjhi’s Shoulder but it was the whole futile system, which he was carrying.

Since the report went on air on Odisha TV, you’ve been condemned on social media and in the public sphere for shooting the video and not helping the poor Dana Manjhi. While only a few know that it was you, who ringed the Collector, CDMO, ASMO when they were playing passing the buck.

Not many know it was you who arranged an Ambulance with the help of a local businessman.

Many ‘Professionals’ will argue, what was the need of it? As a reporter, you should’ve just recorded it and just vanished away from there, as many do. But you listened to your heart, you reported the story and as the camera turned off, you tried every bit of your source to help a poor needy, as a human, as a journalist, you won my heart, Sir.

Ajit Odisha Body on Shoulder Shame

You’ve not only brightened the thin line between journalism and the system, but you’ve brought back the trust people had in Journalists.

I remember when I was about to enroll in the Journalism course; I was asked, “Who inspired me to join this course?” that time I had no honest answer, I told the Interviewer some prominent names in journalism, they were the people who stay in their respective offices and hosts their editorials every evening.

But, now I have an honest answer, reporters like you, Ajit sir, who rush down, report an Impactful story and then as human do his bit for the people who still look at journalists with hope, who consider journalists as someone who can help in bringing the change.

Thank you, Ajit Singh sir, for bringing back the trust, for being an inspiration. Thank you!

A second year Journalism student,




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