7:41pm, 11th June, 2016


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Talking about Periods is a taboo slowly being lifted in this Internet generation. But before all this people rarely talked about it in public and when they talked, it was more or less gossips.

These are 8 bizzare myths on periods:

They said Beware! Education can interrupt your periods.
People once believed that if a young woman attended college, all the blood in her body would be diverted to her brain from her uterus in order to stimulate her brain.



What if someone says it’s not just uterus that bleeds in Periods? 

Scary, han? But it’s said that in 1800s, “vicarious menstruation” was observed in many women. It is a situation referred to bleeding from eyes, ears, mouths, lungs, noses and even skin rather than the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity.

Period blood turns Wine sour, Rusts iron, Kills Crops and more blah blah
A roman naturalist has some terrifying and hilarious ideas about menstruation i.e. period blood dries seeds in gardens, kills bees etc. In fact, he believed that even a thread from an infected dress is sufficient to do any bizarre. Magic! aren’t we?



Period sex causes deformed babies
Most women are considered to perform best in bed during PMS; well this pleasure is taken away from people in some cultures. It was believed that if a child is conceived during this practice, it will be born with a deformity.



Leprosy: Both caused and cured by Periods blood
For people in medieval period, peiords blood was considered to be a cure for leprosy. It was also believed that having sex with menstruating women would corrode a man’s penis and also it was believed that drinking periods blood could cause leprosy. Eeeewwww! Any vamps out there?

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Burnt toad can cure heavy periods
It was believed that if a woman has heavy blood flow, burning a toad in a pot and wearing it ashes near her genitals would help her flow to reduce to moderate level. Poor fellow! Burnt alive and for no good.



Periods and Jewish men
Medieval Christians spread a rumor that male Jews bled each month from their behinds. It was not addressed as menstruating but still, such a rumor? Totally Horrible.



Menstrual blood was considered to prove Fidelity
Folk magic claims that mixing a drop of blood in a person’s food would prove the eater’s love and devotion. Roman men used to mix their wives blood in their food, in order to prove their loyalty.




Think twice when you act! Think thrice when you put advices! Think in infinites when you spread unknown gossips!