5:26pm, 28th June, 2016


A direct statement by Irfan khan states that Rajinikanth’s film Kabali stole the upcoming official film  poster of Nishikanth kamath’s ‘Madari’. However, it is said that Kabali’s latest is a fan made poster. Who is correct? ‘Kabali’ or ‘Madari’!

These two poster look like this:

Kabali and Madari

What is a poster?

A poster defines the film value and brief about the content of the film. It is a mass publication meant to attract the large crowd by focusing on the visuals of the actors and recall value of the film name. 

But why did Rajnikanth’s film Kabali who has more than billion followers steal the poster of Nishikanth Kamath’s film ‘Madari’?

“I saw that Rajinikanthji’s film stole the poster of our film” – Irfan Khan

‘Madari’ stars veteran Bollywood and Hollywood actor Irfan khan. The making cost of the film lies in few crores where as Kabali has a production value of 100+ crores. Kabali is directed by P.A. Ranjith and the unit has published the shooting poster last September. At the recent teaser launch it has published another poster with Rajinikanth holding a gun in his hand.

Rajinikanth Kabali Poster

The teaser of “Kabali” had crossed 2 crore views in the YouTube:

When Irrfan Khan was asked about the similarity between the official posters, he said: “Even I didn’t know that. We are small filmmakers, I saw that Rajinikanthji’s film stole the poster of our film. You see his film’s poster and see our film’s poster. No big deal about it. Watch his film and watch our film, too.”

However, Kabali’s official sources have only released two posters while the latest one, which Irfan Khan criticised is allegedly a fan made poster. The two official posters tweeted by Rajnikanth’s official account are:

Whereas ‘Madari’ poster looks like:

Rajini Madari Kabali

So, whether it’s a publicity stunt gimmick or a fan made creation.

“Film created actors and fans made them stars”

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