10:55am, 19th August, 2016


So ladies! Enjoyed ‘your’ day? Well, of course, Rakshabandhan is ‘our’ day. I was hearing over the radio while sitting in my car that it is not only brothers who protect their sisters, but even sisters who protect their brothers. Take for instance, everyday examples. From saving your bhai from a scolding he might get from papa or saving him his favourite laddoo. But don’t you think that YOU, being the darling sister that you are, can save millions like you?

Tell your brothers. Tell them that all you want as a gift on Rakshabandhan is a safer world where you can roam freely even after midnight, where you can wear what you want, eat what you want, say what you want. We all want a safer India, don’t we? Ask your brothers for that India you were proud to be born in.



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You, as a woman, can best understand what fellow women like you go through. Rapes, sexual assaults and harassments have flooded the newspapers. Why not let the good make noise? Tell your brothers that around 848 women are either raped, killed or assaults everyday. We have to take it as our duty to make this world a better place to live in by ensuring the safety of all our sisters. This can be done even when we take small steps like educating just our own brothers. Trust me, it will make a difference. When you tell him how you felt when some random Tom, Dick or Harry touched you by your waist while standing in the metro, his heart will ache and he will think thrice before doing that to anyone who would remind him of you.

A Vietnamese proverb perfectly describes the bond between a sister and a brother and according to that if you tell your brother how you want to be treated or the the love and respect you deserve being a woman, a daughter and a sister, it will have a huge impact on him. And this will result in fewer problems for women in India!


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Varun Paruthi made a video inspired from a true story. Two boys wearing rakhis passed lewd remarks on a girl waiting at the bus stand. Ever wondered how would you feel if those boys were your brothers? Or worse, what if that girl were you? So, this Rakshabandhan, tell your brother to not just protect you, but every other woman whose dignity is valuable. They need to realise that if there is someone who ties a rakhi on their wrist, she does this with a hope and with love and with a desire to live in a better world.

“Abiding them to do only what is right… ” said our former President, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Only you, his sister, can ask your brother to do what is honourable and just without offending him. Only siblings can teach the right path.


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Menaka Gandhi, in a written response to Lok Sabha had said that there were about 500 cases of sexual harassment reported in 2014 in workplaces; cases involving bigwigs like R.K Pachauri make headlines, the rest go underground without a notice! We need to mane sure that vulnerable women at workplaces aren’t exploited.

Any movement starts with an ‘I’, then moves to ‘You’ and together they amalgamate into a ‘We’. It’s time we start the movement and the world shall follow suit.

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