12:13pm, 1st August, 2016


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Go to school. Complete your assignments. Study for the terminals. Get 90+ in your boards. Go to college. Grab a degree. Get a job. And then what? Marry.

Sadly, this is not the scene in most Indian village households. For India to be a part of the global village, the villages will have to become global. Global in a sense that they will have to adapt to the changes of the 21st century. This world demands to be heard, demands that what is right, needs to be respected and nurtured. But this doesn’t happen. 17.2 is the age at which an average woman in India is married and sent off. Are we a responsibility that needs to be catered and shooed away as soon as one can? 46% of women in the 18-29 age group are married before they are legally adult. So what pride do we hold and flaunt when we say we are the largest democracy of the world?


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A shocking assertion by the Minister of Home Affairs, Haribhai Chaudhary that the government has no plans to criminalise marital rape just took women’s rights back by a century and a half! What can this be called? When a man tears away the honour of his wife? When her soul just slips away with each breath that she musters to take? A rape sanctioned by law? Why not? India is a country where Rape after marriage is legalised. The problem arises when the wife does not want to give in. But the judiciary has no punishment whatsoever for a man who is raping his wife. I know you want to ask why. May be because her parents chose this man for her and this patriarchal society has given all rights over her body to him! Justice, they call it.

A man has to understand that sex in which his wife has no intention of participation is equivalent to rape. A NO means a NO. 75% women say that they are justified in refusing to have sex with their husbands if they have STDs, are adulterers or just because she is not in a mood. Aren’t we taught that India is a democratic republic and we have the freedom of expression?


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Have you ever heard the term ‘violent sex’? Well, most of you might not have. In a layman’s tongue, it can simply be called a brutal rape. 10% married women claim that they have been raped by their husbands. 40% say that they have suffered physical and sexual violence. 62% experienced violence in the first two years while 32% did in the first five years of their marriage. Shocked? Sorry, but there’s more. The most disturbing fact is that what they are doing is legal. No one can push them behind the bars for all the scars, for all the tears they allow to fall from those eyes of the woman who holds the strength of taking his race forward.

31% men have actually admitted that they raped their wives! And there are 17% wives to have the courage to come up and say that they have been raped and dishonoured by their respective, so called life-partners who make their lives a living hell. But what can they possibly do? They’re scoundrels.


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You will be surprised to hear that there are 77% men who say that their wives have an obligation to satisfy their sexual needs. Where has this notion come from? And why doesn’t the legislature do away with it by making un consensual sex a crime? 62% women say their husbands actually wanted them just to satisfy their sexual needs. Are women objects that satisfy the thirst of the chauvinist gender? Ask yourselves.

Has India outlived the age where women were considered to be goddesses and birth givers in holistic times? Has India outlived the age when women were worshipped as bearers of posterity? Where are we progressing? Where do we see ourselves in the coming years? Is this the India of our dreams?

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