11:36pm, 2nd September, 2016


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The online Hub was astounded with the launch of the most-awaited sim i.e., Reliance Jio. With its out of the box features, it gives itself an edge which no other telecom companies can give. Whether there’s a niche for other competitors or not, the idea of minimisation of Internet prices is going to bring about a huge change in the capital which Reliance will gain.

Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries Chairman, was looking forward to Jio’s release for quite some time because the scenario of Internet usage and prices in India have been high for a long time now.


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For obvious reasons, this has raised a question for the competing companies that ‘How’re they going to raise their standards as a product when Jio is gonna deteriorate their name in the Market?’ But given the dire need of an accountable and cheap way to access Internet, Jio needs to have it’s right credibility in the market.

In the past, Reliance sims have set a benchmark in its respective categories but the launch of Jio has set the bars high. We need low cost connectivity everywhere, for users to feel that the cost of trying out the Internet is low. And if that is what it’s providing the masses with, its going to get a mesmerising response from the users.

Keeping in mind that a humongous share of the Internet is been guarded by the youth of our nation, Jio has introduced a 25% more data for students on producing a valid student ID card. This could prove as one of the key assets of Internet or data Handling.


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On that note, Jio has leveraged the Indian market with the facility of Free Voice Calls. Under this spectrum, a Jio customer will not pay for any voice calls irrespective of how long the call is. The compatibility of voice calls with the Indian user isn’t that prevalent because the prices which are stated with it are too extravagant, which no user is ready to pay. But with this, it will be like a “Blessing in-Disguise” for innumerous people.

Jio has introduced a wide range of data plans for its users which could start from a day plan to a Half-yearly plan. Surprisingly, when we juxtapose these prices with the plans of other companies, you feel entirely attracted to such plans no matter what the other companies offer its customers.

But, at the same time, one has to keep in mind that Jio is a start-up product and it has to prove its worth as a product because one, the problem which users today are experiencing at a magnificent scale is the Network Problem. Most people are not satisfied with the service they get as a customer when it comes to network. Second, it needs a certain level of reliability so that the customers have faith on the product which they use.

Times are tough but surely at some point competition against each other is going to turn out as a huge advantage for its users because of what our mentality is restricted to and by and large, this is what will give an edge to Jio.

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