7:13pm, 6th August, 2016


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It has been more than eight hours since the 31st Olympics Games opened in Rio, Brazil, and I have not yet got out of its impact.

I was fortunate enough to watch the opening ceremony live and the Rio Razzmatazz flew me into a dreamland. Then I made it a point to see the highlights as well and it is slowly sinking in. Yes, I saw something really amazing.

Since I am aspiring to become a sports journalist, I realized that going to cover the Olympics Games is itself an unimaginable achievement for a journalist. Covering the Olympics games is a treasure for the journalists all over the world. I hear there are 25,000 of them in Rio.

In spite of the entire crisis Brazil was going through, they managed to pull off the event with beauty, grace and style. They were able to highlight their rich history and cultural heritage by means of the ‘Samba’ dance, which is synonymous with Brazil. I have also heard my favourite number Brazil sometime during the ceremony. The big takeaway for me from Rio this morning was a powerful message of global warming to the whole world. It was very effectively put across.

The participants came out representing their countries. The Indian contingent was led by Flag-bearer Abhinav Bindra. After the teams were gathered, the Brazilian President Michel Temer officially inaugurated the Games which were followed by the event of lighting the Olympic cauldron.

I was happy to see Gustav Kuerten, Guga to me, with the torch. It was a fitting honour for three-time French Open champion, who was also a former World No 1.


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It was said that Brazilian and football legend Pele was to lit the cauldron with the Olympic torch but because of his poor health, Vanderlei Corderio de Lima, a marathon specialist, lit the cauldron.

The Games have begun in style now I will be watching the competition. May the best and the cleanest athletes win the medals!
Peace ☺
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