12:32am, 24th June, 2016


The critically acclaimed first season of the series True Detective is known for its brooding Gothic style and the philosophical inclinations of it’s lead character Rust Cohle. Why do we love him this much? Because, like all of us, he was a seeker of truth. And probably, just probably, he found it.   

Played by Matthew McConaughey, Rust is a deeply troubled detective whose musings over humanity and time took away any meaning we cherished for ourselves but it did certainly strike a chord within us. In many ways his Nietzschean outlook about life, truth, meaning, faith and religion is intoxicating.

These are 9 Rust Cohle quotes that will give you a Nietzsche trance!

1. It’s Eternal Recurrence!

Rust Chole 1 

2. The Nausea… 

Rust Chole 5

3. Formless… Weightless… Dreams!

Rust Chole 7

4. What should you do with your life?

Rust Chole 2

5. Know thyself.

Rust Chole 8

6. He that can forget is cured!

Rust Chole 6

7. How to be happy? 

Rust Chole 3




8. Where are the good men?

Rust Chole4



9. Conquering darkness.

Rust Chole 9


For Rust was a thinking man and he must pay for it. He has been to the abyss of humanity. He has felt its stench. But he has come back from it too. That is why we love him.

That is why he will always be in our heart corroding the pretensions we believe in.