8:30pm, 16th September, 2016


2 Mins

How disastrous does it sounds when one hears that phone set a jeep on fire?  That’s right, Till Saturday, this threat was looming over the heads of  this phone’s users. This is when Samsung Electronics sent a message publicly to stop the usage of note 7. The reason being that till September 1, the company had registered 35 cases of  the Note catching fire mostly when the phone was charging.



As of now, Note 7 hasn’t been launched in India. The launch was due on Sept 2. But till then they had got a dozen complaints about the phablet. So, currently the launch has been postponed.

After this news came out large, USA, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Pakistan and other countries airlines banned the passengers to Switch on or charge the phone on the plane. This led to a straight ban on the usage of it on all the Indian Airlines. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) put out a notice mentioning the safety concerns and taking the necessary steps to implement it.

In one of the Tweets by Jet Airways, it states “(#Travel Update) As per notice from the DGCA, guests will not be allowed to carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones.”   

Samsung had shipped 2.5 million Note 7 phablets before they got to know about the mishap. Amidst all this helter-skelter , Apple unveiled its new and featured iPhone 7 smartphone which very obviously reflected the shares of Samsung which have fell by 5.5% at an international level.

With Samsung claiming to replace their customers phablets till Sept 21, it’s going to be one hell of a job for the Customer Service to serve their Customers.