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On September 7, the Patna High court granted bail to Rashtriya Janata Dal lawmaker Mohammed Shahabuddin in Rajiv Roshan murder case. His rock star welcome and blunt statements have already scared the state.

Rajiv Roshan was the only eyewitness of his brothers Girish Raj and Satish Raj’s killing; they both were given “an acid bath” in August 2004 and Shahabuddin was found guilty of kidnapping and murder of both the brothers.

Rajiv Roshan was killed in front of his father in 2014, just 21 days after his marriage, and few days before the hearing of his brother’s murder case. Shahabuddin was named as a conspirator in Rajiv’s murder.


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As Former RJD-MP came out of jail this Saturday, Chanda Babu, Rajiv Roshan’s father, whose one hand, and a leg are fractured said The Hindu that the bail orders, “is nothing less than my death sentence.”

After the murder of their three children, Chanda Babu, and his ill wife, Kalawati Devi lives with a disabled son, struggling from their poor financial condition in a one-room house in Siwan.


Looking into Kalawati Devi’s eyes one can clearly see the pain of a mother who has lost her three sons, two of which were given an acid bath before their death.

Meanwhile, Bihar BJP has accused Nitish Kumar of running government under Lalu’s pressure, due to which Shahabuddin got bail easily. According to a report in The Indian Express, it was government’s legal laxity in not being able to begin the trial of Rajiv Roshan case, which is a strong reason for him getting bail.


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However, Janata Dal-United (JD-U) sources have suggested media that Bihar Government is planning to move the Supreme Court against Siwan strongman’s bail.

Mohammed Shahabuddin’s exit from Jail has terrorised the state again, people have still not forgotten the 90’s era, and CM Kumar who is singing the Alcohol Ban song is not able to reduce the terror this time.

According to reports, Shahabuddin’s supporters, (which includes RJD members too) came in approx. 1300 SUVs to receive Shahabuddin from Bhagalpur jail, and escort him to his native village in Siwan’s Pratappur.

Just look at the number of people celebrating an accused criminal’s exit from Jail; this mindless support clearly proves how ‘we’ first let criminals grow, and when s/he reach the epitome of crime we start worshiping them.

Mohammed Shahabuddin is facing around 35 cases, including murder.

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