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The button-up shirt, everyone wears in their daily life irrespective of being male or female. But wait there is a big difference that no one ever notices. Grab a look at the opposite gender and you will find that the placket (the thin rim where the shirt button holes are pierced) has the buttons on just opposite to yours.

Get on to the wearing mode, as if you are going to office and you are in hurry. You will quickly start wearing the shirt and start tucking the buttons of your shirt. If you are male your shirt will have buttons on your right and if you are female, it will be on left hand side.
What could be the suitable reason to get convinced about the apparel design that is being served from last 600 years.

Most people are right handed
The majority of the people are right handed and placing the buttons on the right hand side will give you an ease to tuck the buttons to the hole. But this is applicable for men! What about women. Are most of them left handed. NO!

The reason behind such an accepted design is 600 years old.
Earlier in 13th century, when buttons in shirt/blouse were invented, it was being treated as a new invention. And it became very expensive. So only few rich females could afford the blouse with buttons. And the biggest problem is that they never used to dress up themselves. They had maids, who make them dressed. Maids used to stand across and tuck their buttons from the front. So to add convenience to the maid and client, the female shirts have kept the buttons on the left.
And this has been continued since then.



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The weapon analogy of keeping things on left and plucking it from right.
In general people used to carry swords, guns towards their left and pluck it from their right hand. If one is left handed, differences are always accepted.
And if one is in the Dominant side (behind you) and one has to tuck your buttons. What is the most convenient position to tuck in?
In general, the answer expected would be right hand side. But again it is convenient in the point of view of male shirt. What about females?
In general the dominance of intimacy, positions the female to be on dominant side and she either tuck you buttons in or tuck your buttons off. But with right hand.
With these conventions the button-up shirt will be different in sides for opposite genders.



Now you must be looking for your shirt and trying to locate your buttons side and then comparing it with your partner.

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