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Rail Hoons is a gang of graffiti artists who are known for ‘damaging’ public property. They’ve been known to be active in Britain painting on posts, trains and busses. Interestingly, their presence has just been seen in India too.

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Shoranur, a city in Kerala, was where graffiti in their signature styles have been found. An accident relief vehicle of the Railways which was stationed at Shoranur was painted with graffiti using a spray paint.

The Railway coach used for accident relief that was stationed on the 12th track at Platform No 7 was found with graffiti drawings of different hues. This was first noticed by the railway staff. Of the 5 bogies of the train, 3 were painted with graffiti.

The signature of Rail Hoons, RHS, was written on these paintings. Rail Hoons was also written in below all the graffiti.


The police and Railway Protection Force are investigating the incident.

Rail Hoons had attracted international attention when two members of the gang who had damaged busses, trains, bus shelters and buildings worth $86,000 were arrested in England. They painted graffiti ranging from 10 cm tags to murals covering half a train.

The members of the gang included mainly young artists who craved the thrill of doing illegal activities. Some of their graffiti had obscene portrayals of genitals.

For the first time, Rail Hoons have exposed their presence in Kerala. Foreign countries are greatly exposed to graffiti as an art and revolt.

India might be on the verge of such a revolution, who knows?

Feature Image: pixabay 

Article Source: Mathrubhumi