7:28pm, 14th August, 2016


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Are you the one always telling people to call later? Are you the one rushing over anything and everything in life? Are you called clumsy by your friends? Well, here the solution to your problem, mate. At least your everyday chores won’t make you lethargic now. Here are 11 unbeatable ways of doing ordinary thing extraordinarily, with less time and effort. Check this out to be able enough to do things 3 times faster!

1. How to shake ketchup out of the bottle easily?
Instead of hitting the bottle hard at the end, just try and tilt it at 30 degree angle. The sauce with come whooshing out.


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2. How to tie your shoelace?
Make a loop at both ends of the shoelace, approximately of the same size. Now, carefully pass them through each other to make a knot.


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3. How to gulp a banana without wasting even a second?
Instead of peeling it off from one end, try breaking it into two from the middle. Now, squeeze out the broken banana.


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4. Want to peel off a potato without a knife (nasty things they are)?
Boil the potato, then put it in a cool water bowl. Leave it for a minute. Now, your hands are enough!


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5. Make your own sorbet within 2 minutes.
Instead of pouring all the contents in a mixture, try and place the pack of juice into a sealable bag and close it. Place it into a larger bag with 2 cups of ice, a cup of salt and a cup of water. Shake well before indulging.


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6. Irritated with tangled headphones?
Here’s the rescue path.
Make a loop at one end of the earphone wires. Wind the rest of the wire around your player over the top of it.
Make a loop at the other end, and pass it through the first. Draw the wires together.


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7. Egg lovers use your energy!
To peel the eggshell, break the shell at both ends. Blow on it forcefully while holding it between your fingers.
The egg will fly out of the shell. As ONE.


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8. Cool down a soda can in just two minutes.
Add 2 cups of ice and a cup of salt into a bowl with water. Place the can in it and stir it forcefully until it goes cold.


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9. Peel a pomegranate without a mess?
Here’s how.
Cut off the top, and make incisions around the surface of the pomegranate. Turn it over above the plate, and tap it with a spoon. The granules should come out quickly without any mess.


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10. How to freeze mincemeat?
Place the meat in a sealable packet, and flatten it out using a rolling pin. It should be completely flat, okay?
Make some furrows on the surface using a ruler, pencil, or chopstick. If you then freeze the meat in this way,
you’ll be able to break it into pieces and easily thaw it out when required.


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So, didn’t I make your life a bit easy? Didn’t I? Oh, don’t mention, reader!

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