1:12am, 4th September, 2016


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Solidification of a process which requires strength, talent, labour and hard work doesn’t work out the easy way. Anonymity is what that person does not want when he is in that process.

It is said that a person is defined by his personality, decency and Struggle. What I find interesting in that man is his struggle. The reason is that it varies from person to person that what has he been through. It defines the dedication of that person towards his goal.It’s a neanderthal that those who struggle, achieve. It can be said that Luck is the step-brother of struggle. There is a thin line between them in terms of synthesis and scrutiny. Often a diplomatic question is asked that if so many people have to reach or acquire a single destiny then why every single one of them have a different approach or I may say a different way of struggle for that particular goal. At times, this, people consider it to be an unfair means or insatiable approach for certain people. But what can one do with this situation?


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Diversity plays a crucial role in this denomination. What’s important is that there’s a certain demeanour which needs to be maintained by that particular group because this is how we will be able to devise this whole struggle scenario. It will make the struggle part easier if there’s a more mutual understanding between them.It’s very important for the lot to understand that only born talent is not the way to achieve in which we feel we are good.

I am stating the obvious that we live in a competitive world where emerging out as a healthy competitor from that handful of people has become like finding a needle in a haystack. We often console ourselves from the so-called fact that if we went through the same phase, did the same hard-work, suffered the same drawbacks then why has he/she achieved more than what we have currently. Some say it was that extra tinge of hard-work, drawback and abomination which made that guy more than what we’re today. Some say it was a fluke. Well, we always find it easier to cover our mistakes with this very dogma to makes ourselves believe that we stand somewhere.


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But actually, this is not the way how it should work out.It’s important to know there’s a time for a struggle. What’s the point in struggling your entire life and reach a certain age where you have the amenities but not the zest and power to do what you wanted to?

This is where wisdom dives in. One has to be certain about the way they struggle. Just doing it day and night will lead you nowhere and surely will divert you in that dilemma that why hasn’t my hard work paid off. It has to be understood that there are certain areas where one needs to improve such as planning, execution and analysing it. Surprisingly, these all are a sub-set of struggle and they need to be kept in a nexus because one gets gruesome by the amount of work they do and end up leaving it.

What I find amusing is that there are people who change their way of living and working because their goals keep changing. But when the same Aaron achieves his goal he would definitely look at his past and would imagine ” What the fuck was I up to ?” and would laugh at the same man he was when he was learning. The best part about struggle is that you learn things which you thought you would have never have imagined of. It could be the smallest things like being punctual, giving time to your family, helping your colleagues and many others which he would not notice but he would have inculcated that in himself which made him a better person and more importantly, a genial gentleman.


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I feel that India is the perfect example of how one suffers but yet reaches out to the top with nothing in his pockets but just an Idea and sheer determination. We have some phenomenal people who prove my point here. Not to mention we must consider ourselves one.

Well, this is that 0.00001 share what I feel epitomises our success with great leaders. So to be in the race, one has to know and transcend that race in order to win it.
Take it from an inexperienced person or don’t, but that’s how we grow and learn with the possibility of a cornucopia of opportunities.

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