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We fly unfettered. We fly with an aim. How come we happen to trust individuals whom we do not know, we haven’t ever seen? How come to bring ourselves to the conjecture that the pilot who is flying the plane is the safe bearer of our lives? We have seen cases of hijacks, casualties and unintended disasters. But we have also heard the successful tales of evacuation and rescue operations in times of dire needs. May be these instances ignite the flame of hope. What do you think?

1. Libya

March 2011 saw the safe evacuation of 16000 Indians from the parched and grief-stricken land of Libya. This came to be known as Operation Safe Homecoming. The crisis was so severe that it involved a total of 47 air charter sorties and Indian Navy ships.

Operation Safe Homecoming.

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2. Yemen

Operation Raahat, a well known step taken to save the left life in the victims who were stranded in the devastated Yemen. Indian Navy and Air Force were heeded to help almost 4000 people. This operation set a benchmark for India as 26 countries asked for its help in evacuating their citizens.

Operation Raahat,

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3. Lebanon

The well known operation Sukoon included people from Indian, Nepalese and Sri Lankan origin. During the Lebanon war, 2280 people were evacuated with the help of the well established Indian Navy.

operation Sukoon

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4. Sudan

2 C-17 Globemaster aircraft were used under operation Sankat Mochan. A total of 600 Indians were evacuated from the war-torn region of South Sudan. Also, under the aegis of UN 2500 Indian armed personnel were landed in South Sudan.

operation Sankat Mochan.

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5. Uttarakhand 

The stories of our motherland can never make us prouder. Coming back home we find that approximately 10 lakhs were evacuated in 12 days during Uttarakhand flash floods of June 2013. And then again in October during Cyclone Phalin., 8.5 lakhs were evacuated in 3 daysfrom Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Not only this, 1.5 lakhs in Andhra Pradesh were secured during Cyclone Hudhud in October 2014.

Uttarakhand flash floods

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6. Kuwait

A World Record was created when a total of 1,11,000 Indians were evacuated during 1990 Gulf War from Kuwait and Iran. Air India and Indian Airlines together undertook the charge of 488 airplanes. This cosmic operation lasted for 59 days!

Kuwait and Iran.

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India, the land of millions of dreams has created landmark in world politics. These successful operations are the diplomatic milestones that it creates for the flexibility in future relationships with the great powers of the world. It gives its citizens security, but on top of that, the pride to call themselves Indians and the faith to rely on their motherland during times of grave danger!

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