11:58am, 14th September, 2016


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Just when you think about Baba Ramdev and his new line of products in almost every genre , this astounding news about “ swadeshi jeans” crashes in. Yes, babaji is coming up with fresh new apparel in the market real soon and he says youth asked for it. Imagine your friend asks you which brand are you wearing and you say “dude , patanjali.” And then the awkward dead looks follow.

How much will we have to pull out from our pockets for one pair of patanjali jeans is still a question, but not a lot of people seem to be excited to pull them up their knees yet.

On Monday , CEO of patanjali products, Acharya Balakrishna said, “ these jeans will be loose fit, comfortable for Indian women and similar to Indian clothing. If only babaji knew we already have such apparels in the clothing industry.


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According to baba ramdev, given the popularity of jeans, it cannot be boycotted but it can atleast be customized as par the standards of traditional Indian clothing ethics. Patanjali manufactures more than 500 products of everyday use under the FMCG plan . swami ramdev , patanjali’s back and bones, earlier this Sunday announced that patanjali will soon launch “swadeshi jeans” , thus venturing into the clothing business.

With the launch of swadeshi jeans by the end of 2016 or early next year, ramdev baba is ambitiously oriented for making patanjali a global brand, a worldwide sensation. Too much daydreaming apparently, eh ?


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Baba ramdev also claims this *swadeshi jeans* to be 100% made of cotton fabric and no other fabric shall be mixed with it. “we want to make sure that all the jeans we sell and people wear, is homemade.” he said. Evidently, a team of specialized designers has been called in, to design the perfect jeans swami ramdev have it pictured in his mind.

Well, we all can just hope that babaji doesn’t make us wear traditional bellbottoms and sanskari skirts in five years from now. Apart from that, the real question for now is , would you really buy patanjali’s “”swadeshi jeans ?”

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