Love’s labor lost in technology

Being a kid transforming into adolescent in the 1990s could be considered as the best phase humans could have witnessed in India. Being at the cusp of offline to online transformation helped us get the best experiences from all possible angles (high, low, zoom-in, zoom-out). Life was transforming around us, so why would love stories be left aloof. They too joined the bandwagon and all of a sudden love sagas got ensembles in the form of gadgets which kind of took the charm of old-world away from the uncertainties and anxieties of the urging lovers.


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Lying on my bed last night, my thoughts got lost in those olden days and it all seemed like a kitschy flashback interspersed with hues of the Chopras, Johars, Gulzars and not to forget all those cute and cuddly pop video songs which became an overnight rage and every other week you would discover a peppy song, good enough to fill your mind & heart with sweet nothings. Milind Soman’s head tilting character found his long lost childhood friend transformed into lady love on a monsoon ride in a bus with the background score of mellifluous Sonu Nigam singing ‘Is Kadar Pyaar Hai’ while taking us back to their adolescent journey as school-children. The excitement which enveloped this chance meeting was nothing less than magical. Or for that matter, a pop video shows a boy visiting his sister on Rakhi and as soon as he reaches there, he gets a showery welcome from a beautiful and petite neighbor who is beautifully described as ‘Chhui Mui si tum lagti ho’ by the smitten boy.

Is Kadar Pyaar Hai

Chui Mui Si Tum 

Deewana Tera 

There are many such moments which replayed the real life enigma, anxiety, longing and dew-fresh love stories with elan in those 5 minutes videos. The old world charm and simplistic story-telling seems to have gotten lost in a wired world where everybody is connected and researches about a person before meeting, through web resources. The world is getting connected but people are getting disjointed.

The blank calls have lost out to true callers of today’s world. It used to be an out-of-the-world pleasant experience to hear a loved ones voice on the other side of circular dialing landline phone, which was a genuine surprise. This surprise had a devilish angle as well – what if the person I am calling does not pick up the phone and all of a sudden, a heavy baritone responds with a grumpy Hello! You realised, oh! it’s her dad again.

How I wish I were back in the 90s, wandering aimlessly on my Hero bicycle, wearing those so over-the-top baggy pants with sneakers and wooing that beautiful girl singing – ‘Deewana, main hoon Deewana tera’. If only!

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