Atal Bihari Vajpayee- Remembering the Statesmen

A writer, a leader, a verbal brilliant and the soul that no one could ever hate. These things not only define Atal Ji but they have been tremendously trying to cope up with the pace that Atal Ji sped in his life. It all started around late of the 1920s when India was struggling to crawl ahead of the Britishers that one of the most efficient child was born. It’d rather become a vague write-up of why and where did it all began, so I will prefer jumping over these precise history facts. There are a few things that Atal Ji taught us and left us with the opportunity to make the angel proud of us. Here, I list a few of those things:

His obnoxiously convincing speeches.

Atal ji was very well known as a versatile speaker who’d rather say his heart out than to speak something that came in protocols. He was known for his brilliance in speeches whenever he grabbed the mic. The opposition parties and others who ever became subject of Atal Ji’s speech knows on how to question himself/herself to deserve it. He once stated his determination and potential to drive the nation with one of his most famous poem “Haar nahi manunga!” He used to speak everything with so much of depth and at the same time introduced wit that the audience went dumbstruck of what to reply first. If you listen to his speech in Loksabha when he was about to resign on his 13 day coalition government, he stated his patience in his long run for the nation. But at the same time, he declared that for the another time, he won’t miss it.

His determination and strength to solely stand against evils.

It was the Pokhran tests that made Atal Ji stand out of all the odds in his own government and tell the world that how important country was to him. Having been threatened to war by one of India’s ally nation, Atal ji didn’t only allow the tests but personally kept everything beneath his desk. He took care of the civilians prior to the testings and with the most feasible approach, carried out everything in precision. The moment that he announced the successful tests, India was already one among the nuclear countries. The scientists and engineers were rewarded for their unimaginable work in the field.

His positiveness towards the facts that could have probably break other leaders.

To explain this, let’s just only remember the famous and decisive Kargil War of 1999. Atal ji didn’t only perceive the threat coming onto the nation but also led the army forces to victory. He then went on to diplomatic wars with countries and single-handed warned our friend neighbor to stay as far as they could from our side of brave arms. His speeches then, are a gem for ears now.

The Poet .

 His dedication, his wit, his patience and his philosophy; everything was very clear in his pages that he too often took to his speeches and readings. He was one of the finest explanatory people that didn’t only explain scenarios but also explained how it was to live life according to him. Been a master of words and expressions that no one could ever teach in any workshop, he solely led victories of debates and diplomacy with his pen and words. He said that to convince people of their aim, he had to be meticulously vicious of the evils that he was working against. 

These things not only explain more about our beloved leader but also tells more about how a person he was. He was more of a soul that cramped the humanity with his goods and left us with a question on how far have we lived on his expectations. We owe you sir and the nation shall never write its history without mentioning you as one of the leaders in dragging the cart of India out of the mud of nepotism and ignorance.

10 Best Poems Of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Available On YouTube

The death of the legendary Poet Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee came as a shock to all of us. Here we bring to you some of his most famous poems written and recited by him that are available on YouTube for you to relish one more time, or again and again, the beauty of the master orator .

1. Geet Naya Gata Hun

2. Aao Phir Se Diya Jalayein


3. Aaye Jis Jis Ki Himmat Ho

4. Doodh Me Darar Pad Gai

5. Sheesh Nahi Jhukega

6. Bharat 

7. Gunji Hindi Vishv Me, Swapan Huaa Saakaar

8.  Maut se Than Gayi

9. Kshama Karo tum Bapu 

10. Unchai

Don’t you agree he was one of the best? Watch below, Why we miss him, our obituary for Atal Bihari Vajpayee here.