BEFIKRE: An old school, Aditya Chopra, presents new Bollywood’s aroma.

YouTube and the entire Paris was turned on in the midnight with the ‘steamy’ take of an old school boy, Aditya Chopra’s BEFIKRE . The versatile Ranveer Singh and new hot chick of B-town, Vaani Kapoor are wrapped up to set the fire on the big screens with their latest way to express love: the BEFIKRE way!

Two strangers meet; fall in love, families clashes, lovers get apart, ideologies change, heart melt, and then what? Happily-ever-after! To keep waiting for her to turn toward you, standing on the balcony for hours just for his glimpse, staring each other from distances in public parks, if this is your memories of cliché Bollywood romance then brace your imagination for the brand new era of Bollywood romance. Ranveer Singh (Dharam) meets Vaani Kapoor (Shyra) on the streets of Paris and then the eyes open in the bedroom. The sizzling chemistry of both stars in its first official poster was enough to gather the publicity to make its trailer cross 10 million views! (within 24 hours)

The ‘Bollywood defining’ writer-director, Aditya Chopra, returns to the silver screen after a long period of absence from Bollywood with an entirely new aroma of the story line. Critics say the only reason DDLJ was one of the biggest success was; it was something new, new to the ‘theatre generation’ and same is the case with Befikre too. Long back Darwin quoted, “Survival of the fittest” and Aditya Chopra has done the same, after cliché stories like Mohabbatien, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and he is now all set to portray the ‘young Indian romance’ again.

The movie has been mostly shot in locations of France with some pieces in Mumbai too and carrying many reasons to gather the limelight. There are certain things you all can wait forward to;

Ranveer Singh has gone butt-naked for the first time, which gives his female fans another moment to take up the theatre with their hooting.

Censor Board is all set with scissors: reportedly, the movie has 23 kissing scenes, which is going to poke Censor Board for sure.

According to the sources, the movie has a stripping scene of Ranveer as well as of Vaani.

India loves the way Aditya Chopra portrays the story and with Befikre he is returning almost after 8 long years as a director.

To most of Hollywood lovers, it may memorize them of another movie, Friend with Benefits, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s take on young romance and was a big hit back then. Now Yashraj banner frames the same scenery with fresh faces and the Indian essence. There is a scene in trailer where Vaani sitting on Ranveer’s lap asks, “Why won’t we say I Love You, kind of stupid stuff?” and he replies, “Because it simply gets emotional, boring and then the whole fun goes in vain!” which clearly depicts the storyline and spirit of script.

The promises to never say I love you is nothing new in Bollywood reels, but the bold and sensible handling of sensual takes in Befikre are being appreciated highly around the globe. Trailer simplifies that this time YRF banner is targeting majorly the adult age group and it is going to be a high-trip for young couples. I know you were amazed as I was when the trailer ended; yeah! You got it right, the whole trailer had no scene of any heartbreak, sadness, tears and anything else but only FUN!

Being a visionary, Aditya Chopra, now decides to cater young India. So if you are waiting again for the girl to turn (PALAT!), to let the girl elope, to hear violin in background, to wait till oblivion and witness another ‘happily-ever-after’ then you better stay home this time, but if you are in to witness a totally different cocktail of romance, sensual scenes, fiery dialogues and many more then you should start to find a date for 9th December, because it is going to be something very hot!

5 Excuses to watch Rajinikanth’s Kabali

The dawn is upon us. Another Rajinikanth film releases and it is frenzy all over. And this time, it’s not only South India but even the north reckons Rajini’s film Kabali. Brace yourself, for this is Rajinikanth we are talking about.

The build-up and hype for the upcoming film Kabali is over the top crazy. When top Bollywood actors’ films fail to cross Rs 100 Crore mark, this Rajinikanth starrer has already raked in more than Rs 200 crore even before release. That, my dear, is a feat only Thalaiva can achieve!

But why are the fans going crazy? Why is such a buzz about Kabali? Should you be seeing it? Here are five reasons to consider.

1. For the only boss Rajinikanth!
No less than a ‘God’ to his fans, Rajinikanth is a phenomenon in himself. Since his debut in 1975 with a fifteen-minute role in Apoorva Raagangal, the star has had a career and mass support that can only be dreamed by others. From a bus conductor to the King of Indian cinemas, his legend is known to everyone.

However, the stint of two bad films – Linga and Kochadaiiyaan – haunts the star now and Kabali would be, Rajini reinventing himself. He is old, for the first time, in the movie. Yet, there are traces of all Rajinikanth mannerism everywhere. This should be an interesting watch.


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2. Based on a real life character of Kabaleeshwaran
Historically, Tamilians were part of Malaysia since 11th Century. Many have also settled there during the British regime. Kabaleeshwaran was a Chennai gangster who operates in Malaysia. He is a saviour of people, who fought for equal pay rights of Tamils in Malaysia.
The story definitely has an emotional punch needed to capture the audience!
Watch the trailer of Kabali here:

3. The direction of Pa Ranjith
Pa Ranjith has made quite a name for himself. His first film Attakathi earned the status of a cult romantic film. The second one, Madras, however, earned him critical acclaim. Madras starred Karthi and featured a plot that described the political scenarios of North Chennai. Both films had a knack and a style unique to themselves.
With a star like Rajinikanth, the expectation is very high from Pa Ranjith.


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4. Fresh cast and crew
Many of the regulars from Rajinikanth films are not in the Kabali team. S.P. Balasubrahmaniam, who sings the introduction songs for Rajini is not there. Music composer A. R. Rahman is not there. Instead, Santosh Narayanan is the composer. And going by ‘Neruppu Da’ he is fiery. But above all else, probably the most valuable addition would be the actress Radhika Apte
Watch the hit song, Neruppu Da, from Kabali here:

5. The film’s treatment
For the ‘Style-mannan’(King of style), Kabali seems to be promising. The teaser, the songs, everything points to a stylish gangster film. It’s probably going to be a fast paced action packed thriller, playing out in two time periods with a lot of Rajini special styles and effects. For fans, this might turn out to be a treat!


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Like it or not, Kabali might be the one to dethrone Bahubali!

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Celebrities who gave fashion a new meaning in the era gone by!

Bollywood has not only been the platform to showcase movies or stars but significantly has been the hub for fashion and remarkable style statements made by iconic Bollywood celebrities who caught all the eyes during the 1960’s-1980’s. Bollywood fashion community cannot do away with naming epic Bollywood fashionistas who swept the floor off with their appealing style statements.

Let us have a look at some of the most flamboyant female stars who made significant style statements in fashion during the late Bollywood era.


Having born on a Valentine’s day, Madhubala – The most beautiful actress of Indian cinema captivated the minds of many with her onscreen and off screen presence. Her ever innocent face and charming beauty could be compared to none. With fashion to have a limited platform at that time to be showcased during the 1950’s and 1960’s, the actress managed to inspire fashion in her own exquisite ways.

1. madhubala

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Some of styles that set the trend:

Whatsoever did Madhubala chose to wear added a new wing to the feather of fashion. Saree was the most commonly available outfit of those times and what made Madhubala to make it look different and a style statement was her unique style of draping it. She let the pallu of her saree tucked right at the waist or set it flowing free. Her sarees mostly had big floral designs printed on soft and light fabrics.

2. madhu saree

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Madhubala in the truest sense played a major role in setting unique fashion trends during the 1950s by bringing to limelight and attention of people the fashion of Anarkalis. You can actually visualize floor length Anarkali suits elegantly combined with netted dupattaz with short cholis worn by her over the Anarkali suit. Aren’t you reminded of the song ‘’Jab pyar kiya to darna kya’’ from her swansong ‘’Mughal-e-Azam’’

3. anarkali

Image Source:

The much talked about in fashion during the 1950’s and 1960’s were Madhubala’s flowing shoulder touching tresses that gave her a charming look that took away breaths of many. Her flawless curls supported her in setting a trend in fashion hair do’s perfectly suiting her English look. Shirts with trousers or even off shoulder dresses were well complimented by her tresses.

4. tresses

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With her magnificent style that dominated the 1960s, we imagine a young sleek woman beautifully draped in a body hugging orange saree and you say…There goes Mumtaz like a butterfly and the song ‘’Aajkaltere mere pyarke’’ automatically tunes in setting a benchmark to traditional fashion during her time. No one carried fashion the way Mumtaz did flaunting her iconic style wrapped in absolute panache.

5. Mumtaz

Image Source:

Some of her key style statements

Unique winged eyeliner:
The reason to making a million hearts flutter was her unique way of putting the impeccable winged eyeliner. Her jaw dropping appearance on the silver screen left a mark on many fashion followers she being a dynamic trend setter of her times. This super dramatic style of putting eyeliner continued to dominate fashion and become personal favorites of many actresses and girls even today.

6. mumtaz eye liner

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Puffed Hairdo:
Young girls following puffy hairdo to make themselves look eye catchy must not forget to thank and credit the paragon Mumtaz for setting this unique style trend of doing hair. Not alone Mumtaz, but in que to following this style would also include famous actresses SairaBanoand Sharmila Tagore who influenced fashion with this puffy beehive style hairdo. You also may try it for sure!!

7. mumtaz puffed haie

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Saira Bano
Holding uncountable eyes to the silver screen the legendary actress SairaBano has been a real beauty of her times who contributed in fashion with her defined and unique style during the early 1980’s. Her charming smile and deadly cute face magnificently complimented her fashion statements influencing many other actresses and her female fans.

8. Saira-Banu

Image Source:

Some of her noted style statements:

Figure Hugging Sarees
Beautifully tied below the waistline was SairaBano’s unique style of tightly draping sarees, setting a sultry trend in the fashion world. Her sarees were often peppy and bright in color too which perfectly suited her personality and gave a different style to the fashion industry.

9. Saira Banu hugging saree

Image Source:

Bun & Eye Makeup:
Adding to her bewitching beauty was the eccentric bun style hairdo she often kept. It made her certainly stand out in setting a fashion trend and dwell into the minds of people even today. Many prominent Bollywood actresses of the current time do not shy away from imitating the winged eye-makeup done by SairaBano.

10. Saira Banu eye make up

Image Source:

Jewelry & Accessory:
Saira Bano never missed to making it to her style statement. To accompany her dressing style and make-up was her unmatched style of accessorizing herself with brilliant necklaces, mostly pearl jewelry. Her flawless fashion did set a trend in fashion that is still followed by young ladies and Bollywood divas.

11. Saira Banu jwellery accessory

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Sharmila Tagore
Experiencing success at a tender age, Sharmila Tagore – The ravishing Bengali actress was touched by fame in Bollywood with her remarkable and glamorous style in the world of fashion. From sarees to body hugging suits the actress stunned fashion followers then and even now.

12. Sharmila-Tagore

Image Source:

Here are some of her epic style statements:

From a wide range and varieties of sarees to choose from, Shiffon and georgette were Sharmila Tagore’s personal favorites with floral prints in subtle and soft colors helping her flaunt her style and make her look simple yet stylish. The way she draped herself in her selected sarees was full of grace that accurately got along with her image as the trend setter.

13. sharmila saree

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Tight suits and curvy dresses:
Sharmila Tagore achieved much fame for wearing body hugging Salwar Kamiz and skin tight curvy dresses. During the 1960’s Sharmila Tagore flaunted her curvy figure much through trendy tight kurtas paired with tight churidaars which were perfectly combined with her range of bouffant hair styles. Giving a sultry touch to fashion Sharmila Tagore happened to be an epic trendsetter of her times.

14. dress sharmila
Image Source: 

Swim suit avatar:
“Taking the road less travelled”, Sharmila Tagore during the 1960’s made this statement true by choosing to make an onscreen appearance in a one piece swim suit in the film ‘’An evening in Paris’’ that caught all the attention in the fashion world at that time. She also wore knotted blouses that set her image as a strong and bold fashionista.

15 sharmila swim suit

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Shabana Azmi
The era of 1970’s and early 1980’s had fashion and style dominated by the famous and the most stylish -ShabanaAmzi. ShabanaAmzihad a perfect blend of carrying simplicity with rich style making her way through fashion and being an inspiration for fashion followers.

16. Shabana azmi

Image Source:

Some of her style highlights:

Yet again, the era of 1970’s marked making fashion of high importance. ShabanaAzmi made it to fashion with her poised way of carrying plain and subtle styled sarees. Her elegant way of carrying herself wrapped in simple sarees became her style statement.

17. shabana azmi saree

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The red or black round vermillion dot was often worn by ShabanaAzmi making it a fashion trend. No one did the way ShabanaAzmi donned it. This fashion accessory soon made an iconic remark in Bollywood cinema and ultimately influencing traditional fashion followers.

18. shbana_bindi

Image Source:

Zeenat Aman
When talking of fashion, you cannot afford to miss mentioning the very bold and beautiful of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s – Vivacious ZeenatAman. Full of charisma and extreme elegance ZeenatAman made a striking remark in Bollywood and the fashion industry with her dynamic personality. She had that aura to make people fall in love with her because of her distinct style of carrying herself in sheer grace. The diva still continues to be the style icon of many inside and outside the film industry.

19. Zeenat Aman

Image source:

Some of evident style statements:

ZeenatAman’s style was epic. She stole the show with her astounding appearance. Tinted big shades did all justice to the look she chose wear in the film ‘’Hare Rama Hare Krishna’’ and that made all the difference.

20. zeenat-aman shades

Image Source:

The hippy look:
ZeenatAman had set a fashion trend in Hindi cinema which none did. Huge bindi, bright orange colored kurta, big tinted shades, winged eyeliner, neck accessorized with rudraksh beads and you would very easily and quickly recognize ZeenatAmanin all her typical avatar making you visualize the song ‘’Dum marodumm’’.

21. hippe zeenat

Image Source:

Retro look:
The era that saw fashion at its peak was the late 1970s. The 1970’s was dominated by spectacular and typical retro look. This look adopted by ZeenatAman later was imitated by many actresses in the industry. Her retro look and style gained immense popularity during her time. High waist flaired pants matched perfectly with vibrant colored and large collared shirts made her a trend setter in fashion.

22. retro zeenat aman

Image Source:

Hema Malini

She is now 64 years old, the legendary actress Hema Malini who gained popularity as ‘’The dream girl’’ still continues to steal hearts with her enticing beauty. Hema Malini managed to justify fashion by setting various trends during the 1960’s and 1970’s by making appearances in fashionable outfits.

23. hema-malini

Image Source:

Some of her style statements in limelight:

The Trendy look:
You cannot do away with highlighting Hema Malini’s style that caught attention in her film ‘’Seeta aur Geeta’’. Flowery balloon sleeved shirts paired beautifully with bellbottom pants, accessorized with a broad belt gave her the trendiest looks of all times. The style dominated fashion as many of her fans followed this look thereafter.

24. trendy look hema malini

Image Source:

Beehive bun and winged eyeliner:
Her Scintillating eyes perfectly accessorized with winged-eyeliner added to her charming dream girl look. Also adding to her style statement was her beehive shaped hairdo that became talk of the town and made the dream girl an epic trendsetter.

25. behive look and eye liner hema

Image Source:

The Modern look:
Taking fashion to the next level in the 1960’s and 70’s, Hema Malini was seen stylish dresses combined with modern and eye catchy jewelry and fashionable hairstyles, with this she managed to be called an iconic and stylish diva of the 1970s. Her stylish way of presenting herself in this avatar made her an absolute trendsetter and brought fashion alive.

26. hema modern look

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Who’s fashion styles are you following?

5 Romantic Films About Love Between Strangers.

As Simon Van Booy said “Love between strangers takes only a few seconds and can last a whole life.” 

Here is list our favorite films which we think drives home the point. 

5. My Blueberry Nights

Directed by Wong Kar Wai, My Blueberry Nights is a romantic art film which tells the story of a young woman’s soul searching journey across america trying to resolve many questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way.


5 bnights


 4. The Notebook

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, this scintillating romantic movie was directed by Nic Cassavetes, It’s a memorable story about a couple who fall in love in the 1940s. The movie was released in 2004

4 note


3. Lost  in Translation
What happens when an aging actor meets a college girl in a Tokyo Hotel? Sofia Coppola, who also directed the movie, won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for this movie. It’s a romantic comedy drama released in 2003.

lost in translation (1)


2. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The master director of romantic films, Woody Allen brought us Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2008. The film is about two girls, on summer trip, meeting an artist in Barcelona. The artist is equally attracted to both of them but he has a history with his ex-wife who is about to reenter his life.

2 vicky


1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Love is not something that you can erase. In the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the couple erases each other’s memory when their relationship is not going smooth. It is a part science-fiction romantic film directed by Michel Gondry and released in 2004.


1 eternal

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