On June 3rd this year, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, announced free metro and bus rides for women. While this is a new initiative by the Delhi government, it did spark some debate. After a few days of announcement of it, when Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia took a bus ride, enquiring with approximately fifty women regarding the government’s novel initiative, none of them seemed unhappy about it. A strong wave of women, all over Delhi, expressed their ire over the “freebies”, and stated that they can afford their travel expenses. While this surely shows how independent and self-reliant women are, it simultaneously echoes their already privileged position.

The initiative will prove to be a major leg up for women who are poor and underprivileged, who hail from the lowest rungs of the strata of society. These women work as house-maids, labors, sellers of various items on the bursting streets of Delhi, and are engaged in some other petty work of the same ilk, to earn a living and make both ends meet.

Their monthly income nears somewhere to seven to eight thousand, of which they unfortunately spend two to three thousand on travels, either by e-rickshaws or on foot. Metro, to them, is a luxury.

Added to this, metro is also a relatively safer means of commute system when compared to auto or bus rides. By making it free, not only women from deprived classes will be able enough to save some money, but their safety, which else compromised, also shall be guarded. The safety issue springs up for women of all classes, who are a part of late night commuters by metro.

The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) will incur no losses. The funding of the entire initiative is entirely under the ambit of Delhi government. The mere presumption of tax hike and the skepticism that male citizens will eventually have to bear its brunt holds no solid grounds.

Many critique its underpinning, knotting it with a move to bolster AAP’s vote bank for the upcoming Assembly elections which is due for the year 2020. But again, if at all it is a  ‘poll plank’, it is a better strategy than fomenting religious or communal hatred, or hinting at majoritarianism, or disseminating disinformation to the masses through the sheer power of rhetoric.

This maneuver is one of the many affirmative actions that should be taken to empower women, since centuries of neglect and discrimination. Since it came to power, the Delhi government has taken many steps for the overall public welfare of the city.  This new undertaking should not be leveled with gender equality. It is primarily about empowerment; because, say, have we ever seen men get uneasy with or question the unequal pay to women for the same job?

Even when a woman carries the same number of bricks as that of a man, she would be paid less because of the entrenched, stereotyped dynamics that are still linked to gender. So, free metro and bus travels are rather related to emancipation, than equality.

This inventiveness forms a part of a larger framework of enterprises needed to give freedom to women and enfranchise them.

Namo 2.0 or Hindutva 2.0

With election results on the edge today and Modi government on the rise already for the second term, what could be the possibilities of NDA this time? Time again and again in the past 5 years we have seen radical views on the rise of “Hindutva Raj” walking side by side on the streets while also witnessing infrastructural development on a wide scale.

2019 elections hold a really important place as it would decide whether BJP will rule again or Indian National Congress would come back in power.

Let’s have a look at the past and possibilities of Namo 2.0:


More of World tours?

In a news article by economic times, Narendra Modi has supposedly taken 165 trips in total and had a total expenditure of 2021 crores. Though the trips were majorly focused on Foreign Direct Investment which did increase in his tenure but do we really need more of FDI and less attention on the root problems of the country such as poverty, unemployment, gender inequality and others?

Compared to Manmohan Singh’s term the total expenditure of his trips were accounted to be 1346 crores in total.

Total number of countries visited by him throughout are as follows according to Wikipedia:

Visited once;

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Vietnam

Visited twice;

Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

Visited Thrice;

France and Japan

He has been to Germany, Nepal, Russia and Singapore four times in total and finally he has visited China and United States for a total of times.



India has witnessed almost 63 attacks done by Cow vigilantes which according to Reuters report came on the rise after the “Hindu Nationalist government” came in power in 2014. The report also states that a total of 28 Indians of which 24 of them were Muslims had been killed.

In 2014 itself we witnessed almost 4 violent attacks leading to communal tension from august 2014 to October 2014.

It only kept increasing and the numbers came up to 6 in total where individuals were beaten to death, it led to the extremes where a right wing Hindu mob in Jammu Kashmir “incorrectly” suspected that an 18-year-old had been transporting beef and had to suffer injuries due to gasoline bombs bring thrown at him.

From 2016 to 2017, India had already witnessed 16 attacks resulting from mob lynching due to alleged suspicion of cow smuggling and beef selling. The frequency of the attacks took a different turn in 2017 where the attacks rose up to 11 from 5 in 2016.

From 2018 to 2019, the attacks decreased down to 9 but still had some gory news to it where individuals aged 50 were shot in head or thrown in gutter.


Twenty-one parties accused Bhartiya Janata Party of “blatantly” politicizing armed forces for vote bank. The joint meeting of the 21 parties equally criticized how the Modi government had been dealing with national security and failing at it.

“National security must transcend narrow political considerations. The leaders observed that the Prime Minister has, regrettably, not convened an all-party meeting as per the established practice in our democracy.”


On November 8, 2016 Prime minister declared a possibly beneficial decision for the country to get rid of black money and corruption, Demonetisation. This impulsive decision was not even discussed with the RESERVE BANK OF INDIA and RBI itself was made aware of the decision 2 hours ago before it was announced.

Later in the report released by RBI annually announced that our economy lost 1.5 percent of GDP in growth terms which was near to 2.25 crores a year.

Apart from the “Monetary aspect” to it which apparently failed majorly, this decision took 100 lives.


The country saw the rise of infrastructural development on a wide angle, the rise of metros, cleaner cities, our apparent “ache din”. All these came with a cost of lives especially in the north and rural areas of the country.

There was a 28% rise in communal incidents under BJP rule. Statistical data collected by IndiaSpend showed an increase of 47% communal incidents in UP itself from 133 in 2014 to 195 in 2017.

According to RTI in 2017 itself 822 cases of communal violence were reported in which about 111 people were killed and 2384 were injured. Wherein 2016 702 cases were reported in which 86 people were killed and 1921 were injured.


5 Places in Delhi for an Affordable Weekend

So the weekend is here, you all must have had a very busy week. After such a tedious week, you must be craving for a good place to chill. Delhi offers a number of places where you can have a nice time. But all the places may not be equally affordable. So here I present you guys a list of the top five places in Delhi where you can spend your weekend at affordable prices.

Majnu ka tilla

Majnu-ka-tilla (MT) could be a Tibetan colony in Delhi, Asian country that was established around 1960. Majnu-ka-tilla is formally referred to as New Aruna Nagar Colony, Chungtown, and Samyeling.
It’s a part of North Delhi district and is found between the Yamuna watercourse and Delhi’s Outer circumferential (NH-1) close to ISBT Kashmiri Gate. This is a very happening place. You can walk around , visit the Monastery there or just visit any café and enjoy nice Tibetian Food..


Image source : dfordelhi.in

Delhi Haat

Dilli Haat is an open-air food plaza and craft bazaar placed in Delhi, run via Delhi Tourism and Transportation development enterprise (DTTDC). In contrast to the conventional weekly marketplace, the village Haat, Dilli Haat is everlasting. It’s miles positioned in the industrial centres of South Delhi, contrary INA market. It has a very vibrant market. You will feel like it is a market of colours and  a perfect place to spend your weekend.


Image source : makemytrip.com

Delhi Eye

The Delhi Eye is a transportable Ferris wheel installation at Kalindi Kunj Park in the Okhla neighborhood of Delhi, India.The wheel has 36 aerated and cooled lodges, each ready to convey six travelers, from which Akshardham Temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, Qutb Minar and Red Fort are unmistakable on a sunny morning. It was developed by Dutch Wheels BV, a division of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, and is worked by Izara Entertainment. If you want to take you partner in a real romantic ride and you are having a tight pocket then this is the perfect place to visit.


Image source : the hindu.com

Lodi District

Lodi District is again a very happening place where you can enjoy you evening and have good food. Well it’s a big place so there is a lot of scope that you can explore the place and visit a lot of restaurants.


Image source : thebetterindia.com

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is the best place if you are a chicken or mutton lover. You will find all types of mughlais and chicken and mutton preparation that you can dream of having. Chandni Chowk is one of the most established and busiest markets in Old Delhi, India. Chandni Chowk is found near Old Delhi Railroad Station. The Red Stronghold landmark is situated inside the business sector. It was implicit the seventeenth century by Mughal Head of India Shah Jahan and composed by his little girl Jahan Ara.


Image source : wordpress.com

Here are all the places where you can find good ways to spend your weekend after having a heavy and busy week. I hope these places will be helpful to have an affordable yet happening weekend.

Feature image source : shivsharmaphotography.com

Ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay this monsoon

Nearly 30 deaths in Delhi have been linked to dengue and chikungunya and over 2,800 people are reportedly infected. If you’re reading this, chances are, one of your kith and kin or an acquaintance has been hit too. As they say, ‘Better safe than sorry’. So here we present you with seven ways to protect yourself and your family from the mosquito mayhem

1. Have a mosquito repellent on at all times: They come in all forms these days- creams, sprays, patches, bands, you name it, they have it. Use it religiously and be prepared to fight the felon round the clock.


Image source : newshunt.com

2. Wear light coloured clothing: Dark colours tend to attract mosquitos. Wearing full sleeved garments and reducing the skin exposure also helps.

3. Make your home mosquito-free: Especially when the dusk sets in, use mosquito racquets, plug-in repellents, coils or the flashcards. Burning citronella or lemongrass essential oils in a burner, lighting scented candles of the same is a good alternative if there is a baby in the house. Ensure that your meshes around the house are hole-free and are closed throughout the night.
Don’t leave stagnant water around: This is the root cause of the problem since stagnant water provides the mosquitoes with breeding grounds. Turn all the pails over so as to prevent the collection of excess water, make sure no rainwater is collected in the house, clean out the trash frequently and make an attempt cover all utensils and empty buckets filled with water when not in use.


Image source : kinja-img.com

4. Stay away from the bushes: Keep yourself away from the hedges and bushes when outside as these are known to be mosquito havens during this season.

5. Plant a tulsi outside your window: Research shows that Tulsi has properties that can largely help control the mosquito menace by preventing them from entering your house. Camphor, lavender, tea-tree oil, mint and neem are among other natural repellents.


Image source : wellnessdose.com

6. Avoid strong fragrances: Refrain from using your favorite floral scents in the form of perfumes, lotions or soaps this monsoon for strong scents are mosquito magnets.

7. Groom your immune system: And lastly, eat healthy. Be conscious of what you’re putting in your body and prepare it for the worst, after all, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and eat plenty of greens now to avoid eating all those medicines later.

Feature image source : sitata.com

Best places to eat in North Campus

Looking for the best places to eat in North Campus? Here’s your guide to the gateway of Dillogical Scenes. Go ahead.

1. Big Yellow Door : This yellow-doored restaurant will always disappoint you. Not because it has spice less food, but because it always has a long waiting line. Do you want a free tip? Well, I am an expert in giving one. So, if you want to hang out at BYD, pre-book your table!


Image source : strollup.in

2. For God’s Cake : Relish the aroma of baked bread topped with delicious cream tickling down your curved mouth and giving you the pleasure of a Heaven on Earth. For God’s Cake is the place for people like me who can go to any length to have a Red Velvet Doughnut even at 12 am. Plus, you get delicious spaghetti here too.


Image source : loofre.com

3. QD’s : It is the place where you can fill your tummies to the extent where they might explode at a price which is friendly to your wallet. After all, we are all unemployed kids here, aren’t we?


Image source : rediff.com

4. Phirangi : Ever tried momos? Don’t think I’m asking a stupid question. Okay, let’s rephrase it. Ever tried Hot Garlic Sauce Momos? Yes. Momos with gravy. Trust me, it’s worth a try.


Image source : mereexams.com

5. Taxi : Want to get a feel of sitting in a Taxi and having a sumptuous meal? This is the place to make you feel at home. Plus, the little, red, welcoming door adds to its magnificence.


Image source : outlooktraveller.com

6. Chache Di Hatti : Even when I have a class at 9, never a day has gone when I haven’t seen a long line in front of this tiny shop stretching till the end of the main road. The best, let me repeat, the best Chhole Bhature can be grabbed only here. But, you’ll have to rush otherwise it would get swiped off the store!


Image source : dubeat.com

7. Sudama’s Chai : Sitting outside Hansraj Hostel for like years, Sudama’s Chai hasn’t witnessed even an iota of a difference. It still is served in small cups and it tastes like hot ice cream.


Image source : wp.com

8. Shawrama Wala : Shawrama Wala, being a neighbour of McDonalds stands in the heart of Kamla. With the most mouth-watering chicken and mutton rolls it serves a good place to hang out with friends!


Image source : universityexpress.co.in

9. Anna da Dhaba : Want a bite of the best South Indian food in North Campus? Anna da Dhaba is your place. With the quantity, it provides you with ‘sasti masti’ in the actual sense.


Image source : tripoto.com

10. Bistro : This is my place. My place for the best shakes, coffee, mojitos and what not. It is a shake corner that will make your taste buds shake with vigour and thrill! Don’t forget, ‘Bistro is the love of every student in North Campus’.


Image source : zmtcdn.com

Feature image source : tripzolo.com


Government tries to appease the labourers with a wage rise, but the Unions in Delhi are not satisfied. Why? Read on.

The labourers, On Wednesday, took a sigh of relief as the government approved the proposal for a hike in the wages of the daily-waged labourers. Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal was quite happy with the government’s decision. On the contrary, the trade union representatives couldn’t disagree more with this scenario. They along with several Industrialists complained that the business would shift drastically as the manufacturing costs will rise in Delhi.


Image source : financialexpress.com

A despicable fact was noted that the last minimum wage hike which took place in Delhi was in 1994 which is a pretty astounding stastics because a dilemma such like this needs to be taken care of beforehand and be of certain priority.

Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal after the decision of the cabinet was certainly poised and appealed to the traders to support their decision so that the inferior sections of the society have better amenities and standards of living. The minimum wage of unskilled labour has gone up from Rs 9,568 to Rs 14,052, for semi-skilled it has been revised from Rs 10,582 to Rs 15,471 and for skilled, from Rs 11,622 to Rs 17,033.


Image source : ndtvimg.com

The Capital reinforced officially that it is the highest paying city in the country.However, when it comes to the traders and Industrialists, they have threatened for their needs a Delhi Band, but instating the legality and depth of the matter, they have submitted a memorandum to the CM to meet him and discuss about the issue.

Unfortunately, the problem at the domestic has remained stagnant for quite some time. The government has to look for a neutral way to which satisfies both trade workers and daily waged labourers which, as a matter of fact is a decision which comes down with mutual consent and revised measures.

As Likely as it seems, The balance of this case will surely hit the political stands and as always will become a Two-Party Conflict.

Feature image source : india.com

John Kerry Bows Down to Rain and Traffic in Delhi

“Atithi Devo Bhava” . Well, tell that to the heavy rains in Delhi. The heavy downpour and vehicular congestion in the national capital spares no one. Not even the VVIP’s like John Kerry. As troublesome as it gets for him , it’s about time we question a lot of things.

With the climate change high on the  agenda for US State Secretary John Kerry ironically on his fourth visit to India, his motorcade became the victim of Delhi’s rain-induced traffic  jam.   

US secretary of state John Kerry arrived in New Delhi on 29th August to participate in the 2nd  Indo-US strategic and commercial dialogue ( S & CD’s ) which was held on Tuesday for the first time in India .  

Indian External Affairs minister, Sushma  Swaraj and Commerce and Industry Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman along with  John Kerry co-chaired the  second  strategic and commercial dialogue and discussed upon our nation’s shared priority issues like generation of sustainable economic growth, creating jobs, climate change, betterment of livelihoods, business improvement, taking into account the rules sustaining the global order.

This was the last time John Kerry had the privilege of leading the dialogue and he left no space for doubt when it comes to his confidence on battling the issues that can bring changes like never before, with climate change topping the list.

“US stands with India on terrorism no matter where it comes from.”

India and US signed a significant landmark agreement to share military bases for research and repair and decided to resolve the issues on terrorism  and other issues of national and international concern with Sushma and Kerry leading their respective sides at  the annual dialogue. Further, Mr Kerry vividly mentioned, “US stands with India on terrorism no matter where it comes from.”

However as ironic as it gets, on the day of his arrival in new Delhi, John Kerry faced a massive rain-induced traffic jam near the Delhi airport.

Heavy downpour in the national capital spared no one and lead to water logging in most of the areas thus causing the roads to flood with vehicles, Kerry’s motorcade being one of them. Instead of driving smoothly on roads, he got delayed in the traffic crawl after he landed. Delhi police had to be called in at this choked rush hour given the VVIP stuck in the jam like everybody else.

Waterlogging has always hampered Delhi in ways worse than the downpour itself leading to hours-long traffic jams. Journalist Nicholas Wadhams, travelling with John Kerry even tweeted the Delhi  police whilst stuck in traffic. This affected the nation’s awareness and concern about climate-related issues obstructively since waterlogging and traffic jams are problems that can be solved if the administration knows how to set the rules and play the fair game.  It was highly unusual since the VVIP’s are given a clear passage.  

With the media having fun at the cost of Kerry’s nightmare, it’s high time they also think about shedding some light on the actual problem .


Feature Image Source: NYDailyNews.com 

All You Need To Know About Fashion at Delhi University

Delhi University is the heart of all the fun and frolic that surrounds the inhabitants. We as students encounter so many different styles to dress each day when we move out.

Someone with a palazzo and hair tied in a bun and there you see the other with a trouser and a shirt sitting and indulging at McDonalds! From Kamala Nagar to Hudson to Chhatra Marg to Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station, we find groups of people in their teens or early twenties having the time of their lives.



Image source: im.hunt.in

Delhi University has become a hub where people eat for themselves, dress for themselves, dance or sing or drive. They have seen life in a way no one else has. People from all over the country are bound by a university, a university that is more often a culture, a tradition that we follow. This culture, I bet, cannot be found in any part of India other than the colleges here. We revel with each other, survive the harsh realities of life and surrender to the bounty of what might come next in the roller coater.

The fashion trends change like day and night. Delhi University is a place where whatever you wear becomes a trend, only if you’ve got the knack to carry it well. You might have hair till your knees or you might just want to chop it off. If you are confident of your looks, it becomes something everyone admires. This place has so much to offer, such a wide arena of thoughts and societies and events to invest your time in that you forget about the hardships or the academically inclined worlds you might once have been a part of.


Image source: newindianexpress.com

Been at Sudama’s? No, it’s not a five star hotel. It’s just a tea stall outside Hansraj Hostel. But there lies the fun! Be it any time of the day, students are littered around the campus and found dunking in a food stall or casually roaming with friends, window shopping, increasing book collections or shouting out with fervour. May be the drama lies much ahead.


Image source: fuccha.in

Fests come next. But before they come, they bring with themselves so much of entertainment. All the colleges are stuffed with students, activists or DUSU members (who just have to be everywhere). Elections are another phase in Delhi University. The other day I was walking by the campus and a group of a particular party came, shook my hand and handed me a pamphlet asking me to vote for their candidate. And you know what the funny part is? Elections in DU are scheduled to be in September! It is another mad period.

NEW DELHI, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) candidates for the Delhi University Student Union elections Satender Awana, President, Sunny Dedha, Vice President, Anjali Rana Secretary and Chayrapal Yadav, Jt Secretary celebrating after winning all the four posts in the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections, at Delhi University on September 12, 2015 in New Delhi, India. The polling was held in two phases on Friday and it saw a turnout of over 43%, a slight dip from last year's 44%. A total of 1,35,298 students were eligible to exercise their franchise. (Photo by Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Image source: huffpost.com

It is said that once you come here, you just belong here. You might not enjoy anywhere else. You have not connect to any other place.

Delhi University gives you an identity, an identity that will stay with you till you are, till you fit in. How can you just let go of it?

Ladies coach of Delhi metro is not always smooth: read here.

Feature Image: hindustantimes.com/photo-Vipin Kumar

Everything you need to know to set foot in DU!

The Big Indian Family Tradition goes back to the days when marks were categorised in divisions. Though we seldom hear people these days saying “Hey! I passed with a first division.”, the tradition of family happiness and prestige associated with the marks of the ward has undergone no significant change. Ask a child who just entered the plus two section as to what is called pressure. He could provide you with the most appropriate answer, may be something more pragmatic than what even the Oxford dictionary could! The pressure to score a good percentage in boards is not enough. Don’t be blindfolded to think that the rat race ends after securing a 94 or 95 percent. Then comes the pressure of getting into a good university.

The University of Delhi, being one of the most prestigious universities in India is the abode of students from all over the subcontinent and even beyond. Every year after the board results are announced, the rush in trains and flights heading towards Delhi is a trademark of its grandeur. The University was established in the year 1922 with only three colleges being affiliated to it namely, St. Stephen’s College, Hindu College and Ramjas College. The growth of Delhi University has been commendable as presently it holds 16 faculties, 86 academic departments, 77 colleges and five other recognised institutes spread all over the city, bustling with more than a million students who proudly call themselves DUites!


Image source : du.ac.in

Admission to the University of Delhi was a simple affair till the previous year. This year, 2016, owing to the Digital India campaign, most of the process is online. This proved to be a cumbersome task. After the announcement of the first cut off, students had to update their college and course on the online portal where they had already created an account during the time of registration. The problem arose when the site could not function effectively due to the mass of data being changed, rectified and printed every second. The students were seen running from one cyber cafe to the other all over the campus. This was because the change in the process was never explained beforehand.

The original documents were submitted to avoid multiple admissions. This was a prick also, as the cancellation process turned out to be another Herculean task. First the admission had to be cancelled on the online portal, its hard copy to be shown in the college concerned and finally, after its verification, the original documents were returned to the student. And then again, back to square one! The other college required the same processes to be conducted by the candidate all over again.


Image source : wp.com

The newspapers were filled with students complaining about the intricate system of admissions this time, about the rush and the delay. Even after having sky-high cut-offs, every college, be it in the North Campus or the South, saw a never ending line of thirsty, perspiring students waiting for their turn to be admitted into the University.

Three cut-off lists are already out, two more to go and seeing the fall in the cut-offs, many cancellations and admissions would be done! What is to be kept in mind is that the entire process should be crystal clear before a candidate goes for admission into any of the colleges. This would save time and energy as they won’t have to be running after people sitting on Help Desks (though the people at the Help Desk were really really helpful) to ask what to do next.

Many students face a dilemma when they get a better college but not their choice of course. In a battle between a college and a course, one should always prefer the course. The college’s name would be there just for the next three years with you, but what you study now would remain with you for a lifetime. After all, it’s Delhi University! Who cares?

And, one reminder, DO NOT cancel your admission in a college before confirming with the other college regarding your eligibility. Some subjects like Physical Education, Fine Arts, Informatics Practices, Painting etc. are not included in the Best of Four aggregate. There were students, I saw, who were denied admission because the college did not consider their choice of subject as a legitimate one. Also, if you have to do Honours in a subject that you haven’t studied in class 12th, Delhi University deducts 2.5% from your aggregate. Keep that in mind!


Image source : indianexpress.com

Finally, YOU are the creator of your journey. No one knows the destination. But the journey has to be worthwhile, isn’t it? So, a hearty congratulations to all those who got admission already and good luck to the ones who are still waiting for their turn! To the students of 11th and 12th, all I’d say is that concentrate on your boards right now, for the University’s cut off lists are in to give you the worst nightmare of your life! All the best!

Feature Image source: pexels.com

Ladies coach of the Delhi metro is not always smooth ! Read out how

The Delhi metro has a railway track extending on 213 kms across NCR. Proudly it makes around 2000 trips daily from morning 5.30 to 12 midnight. Each trip has only 1 ladies coach allotted specially for ladies. And the total population of Delhi is approx 1.7 crores whereas the population of ladies only in Delhi is 80 lakhs. Calculations states about 50% are ladies across NCR. Read out what happens when the metro is delayed and how it adjusts such a number in its ladies coach.


“When I think about life I think of – Life is not in the destination. It is in the journey.”
Well, not anymore… Journey my foot!

The other day I walked into a overcrowded platform on a metro station seven stations away from my place in Delhi. Normally a journey from there to my station which is Mayur Vihar Extension would take not more than 20 minutes. But today it seemed like there had been no metro for a long time. The platform was so crowded that people had now begun to queue down upto the staircase leading to the platform. Clearly there was a technical issue with the metro. I waited for another 10 minutes before the train arrived.

Scene I

As soon as I got in they started playing a pre-recorded announcement in the metro …
Male Voice (In Hindi): ” Is seva me thoda vilambh hoga. Asuvidha ke liye khed hai. “
Immediately followed by the same in English –
Female Voice (In English): “There will be a short delay in this service. We apologise for the inconvenience.”
I parked myself next to the door right in front of the one I came in from. The platform for my station arrives on the other side so its convenient to already be next to the door when it opens. That’s about my destination which apparently is not important! What’s important is the journey… but my journey refused to begin. So the doors of the metro remained open. All the possible crowd on the platform, beyond the platform and on the staircase had now boarded.
Me (thinking): What the hell are they waiting for ?
After 5 minutes in the stationary metro… Again …the pre-recorded announcement-
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Female Voice: “There will be a short delay…”
Me (thinking): Fineeee… Now move…
It finally started moving after another 5 minutes. It only managed to pull itself upto the next station. Obviously, when the entire nation is inside one train how can it move faster than that? We’ve not developed that kind of technology yet. As if one nation was not enough as soon as the doors opened another nation-full of people barged in.
Me (thinking): Hahaha… Somebody tell them the train is not moving. They look so happy to squeeze in!
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Female Voice: “There will be a short delay…”
The same repeated from station to station. The announcement kept coming at periodical intervals pissing the hell out of me and everybody around me.


Image source : oneindia.com

Scene II

By this time I could hardly move. The crowd was overwhelming. Moreover I was in the Ladies’ coach – a no mercy zone for girls. Normally one would get breathable space in a general compartment becuase they are cautious of a lady being around. In the ladies coach the only mercy is when men enter the compartment and refuse to leave. One can call the women safety number and register a complaint.
Here it was bad. Overcrowded. Can’t move. Can’t breath. Some girl behind me broke the ice …
Damsel-in-distress 1: “Someone please call the women safety number.”
Damsel-in-distress 2: “And say what?… There are too many ladies in the ladies’ compartment?”
Silence… Announcement :
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Me: “Somebody punch this guy who is announcing”
Chorus from the ladies: “Yeah… Yeah… Punch him man! Just shut that thing!”


Image sorce : urbannewsdigest.in

Scene III

Next station: More ladies try to push themselves in.
In general from the metro crowd: “There is no bloody space in here. Don’t … Ohhhhhh… Ohh… Damn”
We are squeezed into each other’s faces. Two friends standing together got separated inside the metro because of the crowd.
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly to her friend): “Monaaaa…”
Damsel-in-distress 2 (a.k.a. Mona): *No response*
Everyone in the metro is looking for Mona now.
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly again): “Monaaaa…”
Me (thinking): Where the hell is this Mona?!
Damsel-in-distress 2 (a.k.a. Mona) (very lovingly): “Yeaaaahh…”
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly again): “Monaaaa…”
Fists tighten in the crowd.
Me (thinking) : Punch her!
Damsel-in-distress 1 (continues): “How long until Yamuna Bank Station?”
Sniggering in the crowd. *No response from Mona* … More sniggering.
Announcement- Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “


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Scene IV

One station away from my station.
Me (to those closer to the door) – “I’m getting off at the next station. Do you want to reshuffle so that I can come in the front? “
Girl-in-the-front: ” Umm… I prefer breathing at regular intervals. It’s my hobby. Do you mind adjusting next to me instead?”
Me (Moving next to her) : “Yeah… I’d like to breath too…”
Now a girl two rows behind me wanted to get off as well. She was trying to make her way closer to the door in turn pushing all of us forward. Then as she failed miserably –
Pushy Girl (to the girl right behind me): “Are you getting off at the next station?”
Girl-behind-me (As rude as possible): “No. But you please get off!”
Pushy Girl: “How can I get off if you don’t let me move forward.”
Girl-behind-me : “I don’t know that. But please do get off.”
Finally when my station arrived and the train came to a halt I saw that there were more ladies waiting to board the only train that had arrived on their platform after ages. I announced in general to the girls around me:
Me: “I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’m getting off.”
They all glared at me. Fists tightened. Before I could get punched the doors opened and I leaped out in relief. Destination sweet destination!


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