Game of Thrones- DRACARYS: Fear It Is!!

Episode five of the final season of “Game of Thrones” was carnage from beginning to end. 

Danaerys follows the last words of her best friend and confidant: “Dracarys” and goes to town literally burning everyone.

Here is a summary of what happened through the episode.

Lord Varys Gets Roasted

After so much scheming, plotting and general back-stabbing, Varys met his end. He though whispered about Jon on to the Iron Throne; Daenerys found out; he is burned. 

The end of lord of whisperers was much predicted by Melisaandre in season 7 and we saw it coming.


Tyrion pays his Debts

Tyrion not only betrays Varys but also the Dany. He sets Jaime, captured by Dany’s army, free. 

“If it weren’t for you, I never would have survived my childhood,” Tyrion Lannister tells Jaime in the calm. “You were the only one who didn’t treat me like a monster. You were all I had.”

It’s a touching scene between these two survivors of the dysfunctional Lannister family, and it’s shot beautifully, Tyrion standing above the brother who loomed over his childhood in so many ways.


Mother of Dragons 

In about five minutes of pure decimation, Daenerys, riding Drogon, made the Iron Fleet go up in smoke and blasted the Golden Company. All the gold by Cercei was for nothing. Maybe the elephants could have helped.


Jaime and Euron 

The Lannister used his golden appendage to his advantage in taking out the petty, narcissistic Euron. 

The fight didn’t last long, and Euron managed to get a couple stabs in, but ultimately he should have probably sailed back. Euron dies at the hands of the Kingslayer, who walks on injured into the Red Keep.


Cleganes Ball

The fight that we had been hyping for years finally happened. In a back and forth match, which began with the Hound revealing the Mountain’s face. The former realized that the only way to kill the latter was to take him down with him into the dragon fire, which was all over courtesy the Mad Queen.


Jaime and Cersei die as Lovers in Arms

When the brother and sister fled to the crypts of King’s Landing, they discovered that their final escape route has been blocked by the rubble caused by Daenerys and her dragon. 

As the ceiling crumbles around them and Cersei suddenly realized that bending the knee might have been a safer bet, Jaime takes her into his arms for one final embrace.

Last words of Cersei being “I don’t want to die”. All her life she battled death to prove the prophecies wrong and she got scared of dying which in a way is inevitable. 

My disappointment lies in her death. Cersei deserved a better death, a death like a queen. how we miss Mr Martin at this point. 


Jon Aka Aegon Targaryen & Arya Stark

Walking through the streets Jon and Arya witness the wrath caused by the mad queen. Jon sees the madness of men even after the Lannister army surrendered and the bells were rung.

Both the Starks were just probably flabbergasted at the carnage, which was shot really well. 


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Targaryen Tree

In the end, Daenerys proved to be just as mad and cruel as her father. The Queen that had been promised indiscriminately butchered the innocent people of King’s Landing for what seemed like half the episode, leaving very little of a kingdom to rule over.

The Mad Queen thing in itself isn’t shocking, nor is it a bad storytelling move. What we take issue with is how clumsily Dany’s transformation was portrayed—and that clumsiness, at this late stage in the show, with the stakes so high, feels unforgivable given how avoidable it was.  But most frustrating is the fact that Daenerys, a character whose many virtues and moral blind spots Game of Thrones so skillfully sketched out over the years, suddenly lost her mind within the last couple episodes because of the Targaryens’ well-documented predisposition to mental illness, the death of her best friends, and the fact that her nephew no longer wants to sleep with her. In its rush to deliver a wild reversal—or if you want to be charitable, subversion—of everything the show had established about Dany’s deep-seated goodness and sense of justice, Game of Thrones all but destroyed her character. Where some viewers might see a satisfyingly awful upending of expectations about Dany’s supposed goodness, We see the tragic downfall of the identity she had spent years building for herself.

We are sad, disheartened and this a perfect example of how a TV show decimates a powerful character from a book so well written.

Season 8, Episode 6 preview


With Winter Came the Reunions!!

Spoilers are here!

The episode 1 of Season 8 premiered on 14th April in the US and 15th April in India.

The episode, named Winter fell, begins with the same old tune but new wooden miniatures where the pieces roll over white & blue from brown, bringing in winter. Elaborate titles in Winterfell castle make way for the upcoming war in the region around the castle.
This leads to the citadel and then kings Landings, where the first time the iron throne takes form.But on to the drama from the season premiere itself.

There were reunions, introductions, dragons, Swords and a little bit of cheese.

The journey to conclusion kicks off with a boy running and making way through the crowd, Arya style from season 1 episode 1, in Winterfell to get a glimpse of the Unsullied and Dothraki entering Winterfell for the first time.
Arya makes way for the boy, as Jon aka Aegon enters with Queen Khaleesi & her 2 dragons by his side.
Renuion of the Starks is hurried through with Bran informing about the wall being broken and Night king riding the dragon.

Flattery doesn’t get you anywhere in the North. Sansa greets Danerys with Ned Stark’s words “Winterfell is yours, your Grace” welcome to King Robert Baratheon back in season one.
Sansa, like all of the other Northern Lords and Lady Mormont, is sceptical of Daenerys and displeased with Jon’s decision to bend the knee and give up his title as King in the North.
The episode makes way clearly to pitch the Stark and Targaryen women against each other, with mistrust on both sides and Dany being smart senses that.

Sansa is probably the new Cersei in Westeros.

Sansa is reunited with Tyrion, they speak about Cersei sending her army to help their cause and she is shocked that he actually believes that his sister would do that.
Perhaps Sansa’s below the belt “I used to think you were the cleverest man alive” comment will make him question himself. Sansa is dead right, we know that as Cersei has absolutely no intention of doing such a thing, Sansa also calls into question whether Jon was swayed by his love of Daenerys in his decision to bend the knee. She has learned a lot from the masters of manipulation and deception, Little finger.

Jorah brings Daenerys to meet Sam, the man who cured him of his greyscale

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During the episode, Daenerys meets Sam and what started out as a lovely first meeting turns bitter when he learns that she executed both his father and brother as they refused to bend the knee to her.
He later questions Jon on whether he would’ve shown them mercy had it been his decision. He also reminds Jon that he gave up his crown to save his people, but would she do the same? Doubtful.
Clearly Bending the knee is not getting Mother of Dragons any respect.

Sweetest reunion of the episode, Arya and Jon hug and compare swords – he is moved to see she still has the Needle, he gave her.

Image result for Arya and Jon hug

There is a touching moment between the siblings. Jon asks her to help with Sansa and Daenerys, but Arya has her loyalties with the starks. She reiterates that the Starks loyalties lie with the Starks and Jon is one too. Laying base to make Jon question his sides when the right time comes.
Arya is reunited with key figures from her past with Arya coming face to face with The Hound and Gendry again. She has a special weapon request from Gendry too.

The reunions were really well done; there was warmth, emotion, humour, and Surprise
For me the mother of all reunions was: Bran meets Jaime at the episode’s close, the old friend he had been waiting for. Because it all began with them in season 1 episode 1,
when Jaime pushed Bran from the tower when he had seen something he should have not. Possibly an indication that Bran will see things and we did not read it back then.

Image result for Bran meets Jaime

Jon and Daenerys go on a dragon date. It felt a bit cheesy to have a big romantic kiss by a waterfall thrown in the mix. The protective looks from her dragons was also a bit of an odd. It was refreshing to see Jon riding Rhaegar, especially considering his Targaryen bloodline, probably the only thing that the scene established in the minds of the viewer and Tyrion & Varys.

“Never been a Bastard… But the true heir to the Iron Throne”
Words which made me teary-eyed in season 7 are uttered again.. by Sam.
Sam, at the directions of Bran, tells Jon the truth about him being the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, and that his real name is Aegon. Jon is left confused, and in true Jon Snow style, he seeks refuge in Ned Stark’s Honor.
The scene focuses on Jon, but I think it could have been better executed.

White Walkers make conquer their first house.
A message from the dead brings us back to the horrors that are coming when Tormund, Beric and co. find the young Lord Umber left for them with body parts of his men placed around him in that familiar shape the Night King has used before.

Image result for Lord Umber

Another warning sign ?? and another sword to our fancies. The humour about Tormund’s blue eyes makes the horror later further scary.

Reunions in North but Introductions in the South
King’s Landing Cersei has been busy.
She meets the captain of the Golden Company, an army of sellswords founded by Ser Aegor Rivers, a ‘legitimised bastard’ of King Aegon IV Targaryen, who was brought to her by Euron Greyjoy.
The Lannister Queen is left annoyed by not receiving elephants in return of the gold. Does she think elephants are her reply to Dany’s Dragons?? Errr I don’t think so.

Image result for cersei and euron

She gives in to the private meeting request of Euron after her classic Cersei style banter: ” You buy a whore… A queen is earned”. Maybe she is too desperate to win and scared that Euron might turn against her if she did not give in to his demands. The scene ends with her drinking again teary-eyed … Miscarriage, as expected by fan theories, has already happened ??
The Queen has sent Bronn to kill Tyrion, with Qyburn handing him a crossbow to do it with as revenge for killing their father, Tywin with one.Finally maybe Bronn rise to honour than gold.

Theon and his remaining Iron Island brothers sneak aboard the ships and rescue Yara. Yara goes back home, but Theon heads North to Winterfell. Probably the words from Jon from last season have left a lasting impact.

Image result for theon and yara

It was a good episode with a couple of great scenes, but I had hoped that all six episodes to be like the Winds of Winter or Rains of Castermere – Kinds.
The episode establishes the season neatly making way for the greatest battle of Westeros.
Till then I take leave with finally Winter & Warmth in Westeros.

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Everything Explained about Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

So, the Game of Thrones Season Finale is finally out and has surely ignited a fire of cravings for more of it.

The Finale is a pack of lots of Shocking deaths i.e. more or less the beauty of the season, Vengeance acts, Memories, Revelations, Revolutions, Thrones and the Queens. George has truly done more than what we can call justice with the Finale. If you haven’t seen the Finale yet, trust us, reading this article will help you to sustain your position as a Game of Thrones fan.

1. For peace or not, but The Sept rests now… Forever

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6

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The episode starts with Loras’s trial, which doesn’t take too long as he confesses to all his crimes and agrees to join the faith militant. It was now time for Cersei’s trial except she wasn’t there nor was The King. Shady, right? Well it was. A major explosion happened then and there. It created the largest death bed after The Red Wedding, with the ashes of Margarey, Loras and Mace Tyrell, Lancel and Kevan Lannister, the High Sparrow and all his little Sparrows.

2. House Tyrell left of no heir

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 1

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The death of Margarey along with her Father and Brother left House Tyrell no heir. Olenna Tyrell is full of vengeance and she joins hands with House Martel.

3. The fall of King Tommen

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 2

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Margarey’s death and her blood on his mother’s hand left Tommen of no choice other than opting for a peaceful death. The beauty of the scene lies in how complementing the silence was with the way Tommen chose to self-murder i.e. not uttering a word and jumping from the window of the King’s Landing in his grief.

4. Iron Throne gets a Mad Queen

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 3

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For those who haven’t guessed it yet, the explosion that consumed the Sept was of the wildfire. Cersei chose to burn thousands of innocent including the Tyrells to burn alive in order to avenge the pain and disrespect few gave her. She has also kept the Septa – The Shame Nun captive. After Tommen’s death she’s the only one left alive near the throne and so she now sits on the Iron Throne as the Queen. Jamie reaches King’s Landing at the time of crowning ceremony and the glances exchanged between him and Cersei showed how lost they both were now. After all of this, it won’t be wrong for people to see her as a Mad Queen just like the late Mad King. Would it?

5. Arya back in game, working on her list

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 4

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At the Twins, Walder Frey is celebrating over his victory over the Starks. When in next scene he has been served a pie by “a girl”.  Anything more needed to say?

6. The Red Priestess banished from the North

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 5

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Ser Davos confronts Melisandre, with the toy that he finds in burnt state, in front of Jon. She confesses her act but also she believes it to be just the will of the Fire God. Jon banishes her from the North and promises to execute her if she’s ever seen in North.

7. Tyrion rightfully the “Hand of The Queen”

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 6

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With Daenerys having her army and ships, she is all set to sail to the Westeros. But, Tyrion makes her realize the liability that her love for Daario might become in future. She not only takes his advice and breaks up with Daario, but also names Tyrion, The Hand of the Queen just as his father was to hers.

8. Littlefinger’s dreams… Iron Throne and Sansa

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 7

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Well the man who is the foundation of all the wars for Iron Throne couldn’t be expected to be not mesmerised by the thought of conquering it. But, as he tells Sansa, he wants it along with Sansa and offers her to sideline Jon whom he calls the Bastard not for north.

9. Revelation of the Third Dragon i.e. the R+L=J code

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 8

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Brandon Stark, now the third eyed raven goes into his vision where he saw his father at the Tower of Joy (in Episode 6). It is finally revealed that the screams that Ned heard were of Lyanna Stark. She is seen in a state of heavy bleeding, the brother-sister bonding shown in the scene touches one’s heart deep. The biggest highlight of the scene is the moment when Lyanna hands over a child to Ned and asks him to Promise her to protect the child. This in fact is the revelation of the biggest and oldest fan theory R+L=J which means Jon Snow is not Ned’s son but in fact Mad King’s and Lyanna Stark’s son, which makes him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

10. Jon Snow– The King in the North

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 9

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Jon and Sansa’s homely comfort could be easily sensed in their small conversation about trusting each other and how “Winter is here” and how Ned always promised it.

Our favorite Lyanna Mormont shows a classic example of how The North Remembers and declares Jon Snow her king which leads to a wave of shame in other houses of the North. All the warden pleads for Jon’s forgiveness and reunites the North by declaring him The White Wolf- The King in the North. The fierce chanting did make our heart go away.

11. Khaleesi sailing to Westeros with the Tyrells, the Martells and the Greyjoys.

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 10

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Khaleesi has set a classic example of a true queen by uniting The Tyrells, The Martels, The Greyjoys, The Unsullied, The Khalasar and of course her Dragons. The ending couldn’t have been more perfect with Khaleesi, her dragons and her massive fleet, all ready to crush the Seven kingdoms and with all having their favorite ones for all the different reasons.

The words before the release of the Game of Thrones season 6 Finale were all about how it’s the longest episode in the season’s history. It diverted the audience’s minds from all the events that may take place to the quantity of content that the longest episode might hold.

But, those who have seen the season finale must know how captive the Finale was, that even the increased length couldn’t satiate our hearts.

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