83 Children died in two weeks as the Bihar Government Sleeps!

The cycle of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome(AES) is back in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, claiming the lives of 83 children in just 14 days. AES or locally known as ‘Chimki’ or ‘Dimagi Bhukhar’ is not new to the Muzaffarpur region. Since 1995 the syndrome has hit the area almost every year. In fact, in 2014 it killed 120 children of the city. Surprisingly, the administration still does not seem to be prepared, neither it is an election issue for the state.

Around 288 children have been admitted in two major hospitals of Muzaffarpur since June 1, while 197 have been taken to state-run Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), 91 were taken to a private hospital (Kejriwal hospital). They were all suspected of AES.

According to a press release issued by Muzaffarpur district administration, 83 children had died till Sunday morning at the SKMCH and Kejriwal Hospital.

The attendees of the victims have been claiming that there are no doctors at SKMCH during the night. “My daughter is in the ICU room of SKMCH. The toll is increasing day by day. There were no doctors after, and only nurses are here. There are four bodies inside the ICU,” Mohammad Aftab told news agency ANI.

Another attendant, Sunil Ram, said, “My four-year-old daughter was admitted to hospital on Saturday. She was declared dead today. There is no facility in SKMCH.”

Meanwhile, CM Nitish Kumar has announced an ex gratia of Rs. 4 lakh each to the families of the children who died due to AES in Muzaffarpur.

Earlier this Saturday, Bihar state health minister Mangal Pandey visited SKMCH after 14 days of the epidemic and said, “We are trying everything and anything that can save children’s lives. Everything is being made available, from medicines to doctors. We have even called doctors and nurses from AIIMS in Patna.”

“There is a protocol regarding what kind of medicines and facilities should be given, and we are doing the same. We are monitoring things regularly and trying to save our children,” Pandey said.

However, a senior doctor while talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh claimed that “there are less medicine, lack of ventilators and doctors. We have mostly student nurses who are taking care of hundreds of patients.”

“There are four doctors that include one junior resident doctor and two interns with the senior resident doctor who is handling four ICUs in SKMCH” alleged the senior resident doctor to TV9 Bharatvarsh. He further added that “the ideal ratio during such emergency needs to be two patient per doctor.”

On Sunday Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan arrived at SKMCH to review public health measures for containment and management of the AES. Union Minister had previously said the Centre was continually monitoring the situation and supporting state health authorities to manage the encephalitis cases. The minister was greeted in the state capital with black flags displayed by workers of the Jan Adhikar Party Loktantrik who shouted slogans against him.

There has been a popular theory that connects AES with lichi harvesting. Let us find out what the researchers have found out.

The Bangladesh AES Outbreak

A similar AES outbreak has been reported nine times between 2008 and 2016 in Lichi harvesting area of Bangladesh. A research conducted by the team led by British Chemist Saiful Islam at the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research in Dhaka investigated the 2012 outbreak in Bangladesh that affected 14 children 13 of whom died within 20 hours of the onset of AES symptoms. Based on the epidemiological and clinical analysis, they concluded that it was triggered by the liberal application of multiple, highly toxic pesticides – including endosulfan that is banned in 80 countries – in orchards where children used to play and pick up fallen fruit to eat without washing.

The Indo-US based report Denies Islam’s conclusion.

An indo-us study that investigated Muzaffarpur’s 2014 AES outbreak ruled out pesticides as a contributor and blamed the outbreak on naturally occurring toxins, hypoglycin-A and methylene-cyclo-propargylglycine (MCPG) in litchi seeds and pulp. Its authors had claimed it to be “the first comprehensive confirmation that this recurring outbreak illness is associated with litchi consumption and toxicity from both toxins.”

However, a popular argument that questions the above case asks why doesn’t the outbreak reaches to different regions where lichi is consumed.

A 2017 report published in natureasia.com claims that both the outbreaks in India and Bangladesh are “two different diseases both associated temporally and spatially with the litchi harvesting season.”

There is a need to understand both the reports or a new study to find out the solution to the epidemic. There is also a need for better outreach program by the state Government, state health care units, and local citizens in order to not let the cycle repeat.

While writing this story, one more kid died in SKMCH.

If you are in Muzaffarnagar right now, TheMatchbox.co urges you to help the nation understand the situation. Use #biharmedicalcrisis and put stories on social media. If you can volunteer and help the administration, please reach out. We cannot let our children die, and they are more than just numbers.

Namo 2.0 or Hindutva 2.0

With election results on the edge today and Modi government on the rise already for the second term, what could be the possibilities of NDA this time? Time again and again in the past 5 years we have seen radical views on the rise of “Hindutva Raj” walking side by side on the streets while also witnessing infrastructural development on a wide scale.

2019 elections hold a really important place as it would decide whether BJP will rule again or Indian National Congress would come back in power.

Let’s have a look at the past and possibilities of Namo 2.0:


More of World tours?

In a news article by economic times, Narendra Modi has supposedly taken 165 trips in total and had a total expenditure of 2021 crores. Though the trips were majorly focused on Foreign Direct Investment which did increase in his tenure but do we really need more of FDI and less attention on the root problems of the country such as poverty, unemployment, gender inequality and others?

Compared to Manmohan Singh’s term the total expenditure of his trips were accounted to be 1346 crores in total.

Total number of countries visited by him throughout are as follows according to Wikipedia:

Visited once;

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Vietnam

Visited twice;

Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

Visited Thrice;

France and Japan

He has been to Germany, Nepal, Russia and Singapore four times in total and finally he has visited China and United States for a total of times.



India has witnessed almost 63 attacks done by Cow vigilantes which according to Reuters report came on the rise after the “Hindu Nationalist government” came in power in 2014. The report also states that a total of 28 Indians of which 24 of them were Muslims had been killed.

In 2014 itself we witnessed almost 4 violent attacks leading to communal tension from august 2014 to October 2014.

It only kept increasing and the numbers came up to 6 in total where individuals were beaten to death, it led to the extremes where a right wing Hindu mob in Jammu Kashmir “incorrectly” suspected that an 18-year-old had been transporting beef and had to suffer injuries due to gasoline bombs bring thrown at him.

From 2016 to 2017, India had already witnessed 16 attacks resulting from mob lynching due to alleged suspicion of cow smuggling and beef selling. The frequency of the attacks took a different turn in 2017 where the attacks rose up to 11 from 5 in 2016.

From 2018 to 2019, the attacks decreased down to 9 but still had some gory news to it where individuals aged 50 were shot in head or thrown in gutter.


Twenty-one parties accused Bhartiya Janata Party of “blatantly” politicizing armed forces for vote bank. The joint meeting of the 21 parties equally criticized how the Modi government had been dealing with national security and failing at it.

“National security must transcend narrow political considerations. The leaders observed that the Prime Minister has, regrettably, not convened an all-party meeting as per the established practice in our democracy.”


On November 8, 2016 Prime minister declared a possibly beneficial decision for the country to get rid of black money and corruption, Demonetisation. This impulsive decision was not even discussed with the RESERVE BANK OF INDIA and RBI itself was made aware of the decision 2 hours ago before it was announced.

Later in the report released by RBI annually announced that our economy lost 1.5 percent of GDP in growth terms which was near to 2.25 crores a year.

Apart from the “Monetary aspect” to it which apparently failed majorly, this decision took 100 lives.


The country saw the rise of infrastructural development on a wide angle, the rise of metros, cleaner cities, our apparent “ache din”. All these came with a cost of lives especially in the north and rural areas of the country.

There was a 28% rise in communal incidents under BJP rule. Statistical data collected by IndiaSpend showed an increase of 47% communal incidents in UP itself from 133 in 2014 to 195 in 2017.

According to RTI in 2017 itself 822 cases of communal violence were reported in which about 111 people were killed and 2384 were injured. Wherein 2016 702 cases were reported in which 86 people were killed and 1921 were injured.


The Hilarious Trump of the US Elections

Everyone by now must have read all the statistics and post-election analysis of the US presidential election. If not you are probably reading just the right one right now cause I’m about the rip the elections apart and how!

The USA is a Democratic Republic which implies that the people of the country indirectly vote their representative to be the supreme power and the latter does not rest with a monarch or a ruler. So arguably what has happened in this election is entirely what the people of the United States wanted and have voted for. Although most of us watching the continuous ongoing debates and ugly use of words between Hillary and Donald (I am going to address them by their first names as this is common practice in work environments these days – which also has been taken from the US)  were convinced that US is not going to vote for Donald for his words and ideologies were spiteful. We have all created a beautiful image of the West, particularly the United States, which has no place for words like racism, gender discrimination, irrational behaviors and represents the most progressive thinking societies in the world. This beautiful image made us believe in their ability to vote for the more ‘rational’ and ‘liberal’ of the two candidates that were running against each other. I mean I agree that they hardly were given much choice when it comes to presidential candidates, and yet I believed that US could not vote for Donald. But they did! The Hilarious Trump of the US Elections

Donald didn’t just get a majority his number ‘290’ is way above the majority of 270  required. It was a clean sweep.



Ashutosh Varshney, Professor at Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University has really made it crystal clear in his article in  Indian Express (http://bit.ly/2geTRAZ ). As we all know Donald’s campaign was hostile towards the ethnic minorities of US as well as towards women and hence these candidates were expected to vote against him. Given the demography of the country Ashutosh has clearly shown a 5 major voting arms – The Black (12% of the electorate), the Hispanic (12%), the Asians (5%), the college educated White community (25%) and the non college educated White community (45%). Now women across all communities were expected to vote for Hillary due to sexist comments from Donald. All minority and ethnic communities were expected to vote for Hillary again due to scornful attacks on them by Donald and the college educated Whites who are the privileged members of the society were expected to vote for Hillary making the predictions tilt the scale towards Hillary.

What happened was an eye opener of sorts. The women across communities did show a common voting preference to Hillary over Donald but most still stuck to their community trend – which means White women stood by Donald despite his derogatory comments. This goes to show the human tendency to remain in groups and communities and conform to the social expectations and trends of that community. Whether a man or a woman, one would not go against a common good of your community however globalized you may be and that is what is also reflected in the White community’s vote. Against the expected vote to Hillary by the college-educated White community, the entire White community in US whether college educated or non-college educated has voted for Donald! These two factors are exactly what has changed the entire dynamics of US elections. It has turned the table for Donald.

This episode of US elections should be a revelation of human behavior for all of us and break our stereotypical fancy ideas about the West. Human race as a whole is racist without exception whether it is the West, the Middle East, Africa or East. It comes out of the fear of losing ones own kind and being a minority among people of other race. Its a fear of losing power.

I read an opinion somewhere about women not being able to break the ‘glass ceiling’ of being on the leading positions anywhere after Hillary lost the elections. But I feel it was not the gender bias but a mere human sentiment which floats across all continents that did not allow her to rise to the pedestal. Think about it… In the past century or more the US has had open doors for immigrants and so have other western countries in Europe, UK, etc. It is only now after so many years of allowing immigration that they have realized the dangers of a propagating races and the effect of them overpowering their own communities. UK has removed itself from the EU and restricted all immigration for reasons of losing jobs to immigrants and impending ‘safety’ hazards being faced by the ‘locals’ or the ‘natives’. EU is closing doors to refugees and making immigration laws stringent out of fear of their own safety. It is this basic human nature that is resurfacing after a century of so called ‘globalization’. Let’s face it, we are certainly globally connected due to technology but we are not globalized as a human race or else boundaries wouldn’t have mattered when it came to employment. So we have come full circle with the concept of globalization and we no longer want encroachment into our personal territory. We are tired of the effects of globalization and want radical changes to bring about a revolution that will change the way we live. This is why everywhere in the world we are seeing a common trend of extreme politics and decisions.

The US elections have opened doors to a new era in the history of mankind certainly that will change the way things are done and drive a new global culture. This global culture would be defined by the way ideologies propagate in the world – whether it propagates from West to East or vice versa. What needs to be seen is which country is the stronger player and what becomes the driving force. That will define where the weighing scale tilts on this side of the millennial timeline. The country that plays the ‘Trump’ card will take it all! What a ‘Hilarious’ twist in the first half of a galloping century, isn’t it!

Watch: Hitler’s Hilarious Reaction to Modi’s Demonetisation

Whether you are supporting or against Modi and demonetisation, this video of Hitler reacting to the scheme is simply spot on and captures the sentiments of the populace rather perfectly.

The abolishing of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes and the subsequent rules regarding withdrawal of money has seen the entire nation line up outside banks and ATMs. It has also triggered a nationwide mania of memes and videos praising and trolling the move.

This is one of the latest in this trail of extremely hilarious videos that have sprung up and gone viral.

The clipping used in the spoof is part of the Austrian film – Der Untergang (Downfall). In the original film the sequence depicts when Adolf Hitler is informed by his troops about their loses during the Second World War. Knowing about the ground reality, the Nazi commander asks his men to leave except the top officials. This in the parody video is brilliantly used to demarcate those using ‘debit cards’!

So, how was it? Didn’t you enjoy Hitler being helpless like that in front of Modi?


Image Source: Pahe.in

Excerpts from: IndianExpress.com

A Middle Class Man’s Honest Open Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi sir,


My name is Prasad. I have a small industry in Balanagar Hyderabad. My industry turn over is about 2 lakhs per month. This means per year it is 24 lakhs. Honestly and truthfully with all the exemptions I should be paying about 3 lakhs Income Tax to Government. But I just pay 30,000. Why?

I was born in a middle class family and with hard work and studies I came up well. Initially I did some job for a living but after saving every paisa I have grown to the level of having my own start up industry. About 1 lakh is enough to take care of my family’s needs and other 1 lakh I invest (either in gold or shares or buying lands).

In the one lakh I spend for family, about 30000 is going indirectly in some form or the other to the government. From groceries to TV to mobile I am paying 20 to 30% of spending in tax only. If I enjoy a small party of say 3000 on drinks about 60% is going as tax to government.

Buy a car, there is road tax, get on road there is toll tax. Are we not ripped off sir?
Even for a liter of petrol I am having pumped about 30 rupees is going to government as tax. When I bought the car in form of taxes alone I paid about one and half lakhs. For a plot I paid 1 lakh as registration fee. The colony I am residing does not even have a road of any standard and hence I paid 50,000 as development fee.

After seeing the plight of patients in government hospitals and knowing well the looting well the looting nature of private hospitals, I took a health insurance policy for my family members and shamelessly even on that I am charged a service tax.

Like robbers every where I am taxed. Even in graveyards government is taxing people. But what is this government doing to us in return?

Do we have confidence that our children will learn anything if joined in a government school? Are we assured to come home alive if we go to a government hospital? Other than country’s defence and laying roads we are not understanding where the developments works are going. Buy a car, there is road tax, get on road there is toll tax. Are we not ripped off sir?

Where is the money we are paying in taxes sir? If I have to raise salary of the employees in my industry I appraise their work and give an increment. But what are the governments doing? Even if a government employee works or not they get the same salary and same increment. Why is it that our money is so cheap, sir? On top of it taking our tax money as salaries people don’t do our work. If office is at 10 people come at 11 and wont move a pin without bribe. So, tell us sir, why should we pay taxes? If my industry has to get uninterrupted power I need to pay bribe. In all I pay around 10000 as bribe per month. How can I show this bribe in white, SIR??

Simply for this reason we hate to pay tax to governments sir. That does not mean I have no social responsibility, sir. I gave 10000 when you have appealed to help for the army fund. I give 20000 a year to an orphanage in my neighbourhood and gave a donation of 1 lakh in the name of my father when people of my village said they will uplift the school. But sorry, I don’t have same heart to pay tax to government, Sir!

Anyways, this is past. Now we will see everything in white. Since you have taken the call, I will pay 30% tax in the 10 lakhs I have and change it to white. But can you guarantee me that I don’t have to pay the 10000 bribe I need to every month? Or will you permit people to take bribes too in the form of cheques?

And I did not talk about leaders…from street leader to MLA for all the elections for all the parties I should give funds. If not I am doomed. Will you bring an act to such people to accept funds in the form of cheques? Will the party funds be revealed to public?

Already we are paying so many taxes and tell us how is the government serving us. We wont pay taxes for the luxurious life of politicians or for salaries of government employees sir. We will try to not pay as much possible.

In another 10 years the country will see again a huge rise of black money. Will there be demonetization even then? This is not why we have elected you sir. Win our trust, do justice for the taxes we are paying first, then people will repose faith in the governments. We are ready to support you, and waiting to see you act!


Fan, and a voter



This article was first published by AndhraHeadlines.com. You can read it here.

Image Source: Indiawest.com

The Ban on NDTV India Is Nothing But Absurd!

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win,” said Mahatma Gandhi. And this observation of the father of nation stands true for the secular and straightforward voices of our country today, which are constantly being kept under pressure through a lot of methods by the political party – or ideology – in power.

From the chain of events which is flaunting the paranoia of the government and its level of focus on absurdity, the one-day ban on NDTV is probably the most shocking one. NDTV, as we all know, is one of those few news channels in India which remains critical towards the establishment. And now, with the ban put on it for a day on 9th of November, the channel will definitely come out as a symbol of fearless journalism.

Okay, there is a reason given by the government for which it is putting the one-day ban. The alleged reason is that it telecasted live the operation on Pathankot airbase revealing ‘strategically-sensitive information.’ However, if we look at the particular clip, we find it not like what it is being alleged it is. During coverage the reporters try getting as much information as they can to make the report more informative and reliable.  The truth is that NDTV has always been a challenge for the establishment at Center and State because of its daring criticism towards Government policies . The ban appears as if the present government had been looking for a chance for a long time, and finally the drowning got a straw to hold on to.

When the issue of one Pakistani journalist, Cyril Almeida of Dawn newspaper came in the limelight, the government as well as all the right-wing organisations were going ballistic in cursing Pakistan and its government. Now, that the issue has dried down, our very own government – the same government which was speaking so negatively about Pak govt. on Cyril Almeida’s issue – is doing the same with our very own media house.


The ways and the ‘reasons’ behind these two issues may look different, but both Ravish Kumar and Cyril Almeida have become victims of the same predator in different avatars.

It is quite ironic how a government which is so very proud of carrying the information of military’s achievements and planning to the public got offended because a reporter spoke about what was worrying the jawans during one particular operation.  Actually, the present central government has adopted the policy of demonising anyone who becomes a challenge to them. The BJP government definitely is putting itself in danger by attaching negativity with it by putting democracy and freedom of speech and expression in danger.

This Video of Trump Copying Modi is Going Viral

For Donald Trump, the Indian Hindu community in America is very important. Many of his recent speeches has been trying to woo the Indian voters through various media.

The latest of this attempt is, probably, this video that went viral on social media. In the video Trump copies and modifies Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous tagline to ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkar’.

The authenticity of the video is, however, questionable. It begins with wishing all Indians a Happy Diwali and then goes on to how Trump values Indians in America. It shows how he is interested to work with PM Modi on many international issues. While all this might be true, the audio is out of sync when he is pronouncing the tagline.

The Republican party candidate had recently praised Indians for their fantastic contributions to the world and America. The Hindu community has made fantastic contributions to world civilisation and to American culture and we look forward to celebrating our shared values of free enterprise, hard work, family values, and a strong American foreign policy,” Trump said in a statement.

Further, he declared that, India-US would be best friends if he came to power. “We love Hindus and we love India”, he had said in a statement on October 16. 

India needs to burn effigies of these 10 Ravanas this Dussehra

Dussehra is a time when we celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

While we burn effigies of Ravana this year, we must also burn effigies of evils that we need to rid the country of forever

1. Poverty-

172 MN People live below the poverty line- that’s 12.4% of India’s total Population

 [Source: – World Bank estimates for 2015]


2. Hunger-

195 MN People are undernourished-that’s 15% of the total population

[Source: – UN Hunger Report 2015]


3. Rape-

Every hour 4 Women are raped. In 2015 34,771 Women were raped

[Source: – NCRB 2015]


4. Illiteracy-

287 MN adult illiterates in India- That’s 37% of the Global total

[Source: – UNESCO Report 2014]


5. Corruption-

We are 76th most corrupt country in the world. An average India household pays INR 4,400 as bribe every year

[Source: – Transparency International, National Council of Applied Economic research survey]


6. Black Money –

152-181 BN USD of Illegal money is hidden in foreign tax havens

[Source: – Bank of Italy estimates, 2016]


7. Lack of Sanitation-

595 MN people in India don’t have access to toilets: 2.44 Trillion USD a Year is what inadequate sanitation costs us

[Source: – UN, World Bank]


8. Pollution-

1.4 MN people die prematurely due to Air Pollution, which also costs India 8.5% of its GDP

 [Source: – World Bank, American Association for the advancement of Science]


9. Communal Violence-

During 2005-09 648 people were killed and 11,278 injured in 4,030 incidents of communal violence. Since then, there have been more than 650 Riots every year.

 [Source: – PRS India]


10. Bigotry

123 Cases of crimes committed against Dalits every day.

[Source: – NCRB 2015]

Article Source:-  IndiaToday.in

Will the Surgical Strike have any Effect on UP Elections?

UP elections have always been interesting. Every party leaves no stone unturned to take an advantage of each and every issue or an event.  Every leader tries hard to influence the voters and boost the image of his party by any mean , be it Ayodhya, Muzzafernagar or Ram Mandir. The most recent talked-about incident is the Surgical Strike conducted by Indian Army along Line Of Control (LOC).

This incident will definitely boost the image of BJP and it will help the party in assembly elections in UP. As right after the Uri terror attack, the BJP led government was criticised by the people on social media.PM Narendra  Modi was specifically ridiculed  by referring to the delusion of 56” chest. But, as soon as the surgical strike was conducted he got his place back, which is on the top.


Image source : ibnlive.in

PM Narendra Modi will lead the election campaign in UP and he will definitely add National Security to his agenda for the campaign. On this particular front, no other party seems to deal with BJP. Sending a clear signal to this effect, party president Amit Shah said; “It is for the first time, in this frontal fight against terrorism, India under the leadership of prime minister Modi is feeling secure.”


Image source : orangenews9.com

This will help BJP a lot because the surgical strike has added a unique agenda of National Security to its electoral campaign. Besides, they already had development and good governance as their agenda. This incident will be glorified by BJP leaders because now they have a copy write to attract UP voters by milking this incident as much as they can and other major parties like SP, BSP and Congress seem to be on back foot as they have no such agenda.


Feature image source : gujarat-samachar.com

Can Rahul Gandhi’s Kisan Yatra Bring Glory To Congress ?

Congress is trying its level best to regain the face it lost in UP, almost three decades back. Kisan Yatra is a tried and tested method that they are bringing to the menu again.


Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President of Congress indulged himself in election campaign . Once again, he has taken the charge, this time to conquer the largest state of the country.  He had launched Kisan Yatra his party’s  election campaign at Deoria, a town in eastern UP on September 6 ,by conducting a khaat Sabha. But, as soon as the meeting was over, the public created a chaos to collect the Khaats present over there . There were around 2000 khaats and the aim to arrange such campaign was to listen to the problems of the farmers. But, the public wanted at least some benefits from congress. This attitude of public questions the image of Rahul Gandhi.


Pic Credits- The Quint

In a TV interview with Rajat Sharma, Raj Babbar , Chairman of UP congress said “ Rahul Gandhi is being taken seriously by  the farmers of UP. Rahul is talking about their problems. “ when a woman present in the TV interview asked  about Rahul’s image as according to her no one takes him seriously now. His stand on Gandhi proves that every time Rahul does something he needs to be justified by his party members. It seems all his tactics are now overrated like eating at a farmers house. Day by day it is becoming tough for Rahul to relate himself to the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi’s Kisan Yatra had begun from Deoria and will conclude in western UP on October 5. Yesterday, he conducted a rally in Allahabad, where he was talking how Modiji is underestimating the farmers. .Rahul had undertaken similar campaign before 2012 assembly elections which covered around 15 districts. But, the party managed to win only 28 out 403 seats. Prashant Kishore, political strategist of UP congress is trying hard to increase the party’s vote percentage as the party is already comatose in the state.

Prashant Kishore has proved himself in 2014 and 2015 . But the year 2017 seems tough for him with Congress.