The Canadian PM did not only lose a great opportunity to strengthen ties with India but he missed out on warm Modi hugs too!!

The long awaited India tour of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family came to an end this Saturday. Despite trying hard to the point of desperation, Trudeau’s visit could not make any positive impact on the Indians. The viral memes made on him managed to impress India more than the entire ‘Mimic the Native’ theme of the visit could.

Trudeau has been trolled relentlessly over social media for the weird choice of Indian attire during the course of his visit. The Trudeaus tried to strike a positive chord with the Indian people by dressing in traditional Indian attire but ended up looking more Indian than what Indians look like in weddings. The Trudeaus’ outright gaudy and flashy costumes displeased most Indians with some even considering it as an act of cultural appropriation. They even managed to upstage the Bollywood stars at the party they hosted for the Trudeau family. But this is not the first time that he has been in controversy for something like this. In a Toronto Gay Parade, he showed his support by wearing rainbow socks that had Eid Mubarak written on them ( Some Muslim countries are known to violently persecute gay people) to celebrate the month of Ramadan. His critics have stated that his over enthusiastic liberal attitude often misses to address the complexity of the issues. Something similar happened in his recent visit to India. Justin Trudeau’s over the top antics can be used to draw parallels with another fellow Canadian  Justin’s overhyped gig last year. Both failed to live upto the hype.

Trudeau wore Eid-themed socks to a pro-Pride church service.

On the top of that, Government of India left no stone unturned to snub the Canadian PM. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself receives the world dignitaries upon their arrival in India; but this time around, putting the protocol aside, a junior agricultural minister received the Trudeaus at the airport while PM Modi was busy campaigning in Nagaland. Our social media savvy  PM did not even post a welcome tweet for them until five days into the trip. It got even worse when the Trudeaus visited Agra . They were not received by the Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh or even by any junior minister, but by district officials.

So why did India display this rude attitude towards Canada?

India has often accused Canada of sheltering the Sikh Separatists rooting for the separation of Punjab from India and the subsequent formation of an independent Khalistan. The violent Khalistan Movement in the 1980’s wreaked havoc in Punjab. India managed to suppress the militancy. But after the Indian Army cleared the Golden Temple of militants , PM Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own Sikh bodyguards in 1984 leading to anti sikh riots in which thousands of Sikhs were killed across the country. The next year the militants had blown up an Air India plane flying from Canada to Mumbai.

Even though a minority group in Canada, Sikhs form a voting block for Trudeau’s Liberal Party. In fact , the sikh vote bank matters so much to the party that he even attended a Khalsa Day parade organised by a radical  Gurudwara in Toronto. Some Gurudwaras in Canada have barred the entry of Indian diplomats .Trudeau publicly boasts of having more sikh ministers than Modi. All four of his Indian origin ministers are sikh who have been accused of having sympathies with Canadian sikh extremists .

Moreover, Trudeau’s attendance at the Canada-India Business Summit was overshadowed by reports that the Canadian High Commission in India had issued an invitation to the businessman Jaspal  Atwal who has been convicted of trying to assassinate a politician in 1980s.

Canada maintains that it cannot curtail the freedom of expression of its sikh citizens whereas New Delhi maintains the stance that while Canadian citizens do have a right to support Khalistan or any group they identify with, the Canadian ministers do have a choice when it comes to associating with them. India demands that Trudeau publicly distance himself from the supporters of the secessionists. The issue had not been resolved till the visit as Canada refused to comply. Hence, the royal snub meted out to the Canadian contingent.


The effects of the visit on Canada-India relations:-

As for the outcomes of the visit, India-Canada relations remain frozen in time as Canada has little to offer in terms of assisting India with objectives including China, Pakistan, maritime security in Indian Ocean and in the subcontinent. Canada is reluctant to engage in such issues. Then there are trust issues regarding the Khalistan secessionist groups. India is afraid they might re-instigate Sikh separatism in the country and cannot rely on Canada for it’s prevention.


Trudeau’s over the top enthusiasm and sparkly costumes have failed to mask the epic fail that his India visit has been, drawing flak from all over the world. Moreover, Trudeau could not use this opportunity to bring content or continuity into bilateral relations with India. However the final joint statement does indicate that both countries are keen to expand strategic co-operation on several issues like Bilateral Foreign Investment  Promotion , economic partnership, electricity and renewable energy efficiency. Efforts will continue on the civil nuclear front.

Trudeau has said in his statement that Canada supports “One United India” and has been all praises about India’s diversity and Pluralism. This is definitely not going to go down well will the Sikhs back in Canada. On the other hand, the revelation about Canada’s invitation to Jaspal Atwal has proved the linkage between Canadian ministry and the sikh extremist groups. Trudeau and his Canadian contingent’s actions have been suggestive of heir ulterior motif of securing their sikh vote bank through the visit. He has been trying too hard to keep everyone happy. Mr.Trudeau wants to appease his sikh vote bank and India at the same time. He can’t have both. And this time, his visit has been nothing but a messy failure as he has managed to displease  both the Canadian sikh community and India . In an attempt to appease the two opposing parties, he has lost the confidence of both. His image has deteriorated back home as well as internationally. The Canadian PM did not only lose a great opportunity to strengthen ties with India but he missed out on warm Modi hugs too!!


Meanwhile, India’s stance on the issue is to be appreciated. India sent out a strong message that it will not be welcoming those who promote secession. It will definitely mount pressure on Canada to stop sheltering the Sikh extremists if Canada hopes on fruitful bilateral relations with India.

AAP Might Split In Punjab On Sucha Singh Chhotepur’s Removal

After Aam Aadmi Party removed Punjab chief Sucha Singh Chhotepur as AAP’s Punjab convener over the allegations of corruption, Aam Aadmi Party is most likely to split, reports suggests.

On Friday, last week former state minister, and AAP leader Sucha Singh Chhotepur was removed from the post of Punjab convener by Aam Aadmi Party. According to the party, Mr Chhotepur was allegedly taking the bribe to assign a constituency to a party candidate for the upcoming Punjab elections.

Mr Chhotepur who was before joining AAP was a member of the Akali Dal and Congress denied the allegation by calling it a conspiracy against him within the party.

AAP is most likely to decide Mr Chhotepur’s fate this week. According to sources, it is most likely that the party will expel him. 



However, it seems like Mr Chhotepur also doesn’t want to continue with AAP anymore, in a press conference, he said, “They not only humiliated me but ensured that I was drowned. I have been reborn. I do not even want their shadows near me. I cannot forget the pain the party has given me.”

Meanwhile, an ultimatum has already been issued to AAP chief, and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal by six out of 12 zonal heads representing 13 Lok Sabha constituencies in Punjab, asking to restore Mr Chhotepur and remove two top AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak.

While AAP leader and Member of Parliament Bhagwat Mann in a function on Wednesday, said no AAP leader has approached Mr Chhotepur for reconciliation, a report in The Indian Express said that AAP leaders including the state in charge Sanjay Singh tried to negotiate with him but he refused.

The Support Sucha Singh Chhotepur is getting from AAP volunteers from across the state and six zonal heads, suggests that Mr Chhotepur is most likely to form his own party. It is bit clear that his exit from Punjab’s AAP cadre might bring an interesting turn in upcoming Punjab elections.

Aam Admi Party in Punjab is already diving in controversy over the use of the broom, its party symbol alongside the golden temple’s picture on its youth manifesto; not only this after Navjot Singh Sidhu, changed his mood of joining AAP, it also lost a prominent face of the state.

Aam Admi Party’s march for election next year in Punjab doesn’t seem a smooth walk. Will AAP make it in Punjab, as they did in Delhi?



Best Shayaris of Sidhu Not to be Missed!

The exit of Navjot Singh Sidhu is making news all over. It has made political thinkers and analysts contemplate over the future of Punjab elections, as his decision to join either Congress or AAP will have ripples all over the nation.

But you all know who Sidhu is and before a detailed report is posted about his abrupt exit, I thought we should enjoy some of his best shayaris. So here they are.

1. (2)

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Raag Bajta Hai Rang Bajta Hai
Pyaar Ka Ang Ang Bajta Hai
Aap Jab hansti hai Janab-e-wala Hazoor-e-wali
Aise Lagta hai ki Rooh ka Jal Tarang Bajta hai

Ik Aag si Hum Lagane Aa gaye
Is Sehra Mein Gul Khilane Aa Gaye
Ae Gam Apna Boriya Bistar Baandh le
Hum Fiza mein Khushi Failaane aa gaye

Beauty Parlor Chali Jaati hain ,Aaye Din wo
Beauty Parlor Mein Unka Maqsad Hai Masale Hood ho jaana
Magar Ye Baat kisi Begum ki Samajh Mein kyu Naahi Aati
K Mumkin nahi hai Kishmish ka Fir se Angoor Ho Jaana

Suraj Hoon Zindagi ki Chamak Chorh Jaaunga
Fir Laut Aane ki Khanak Chorh Jaaunga
Mein Sabki Aankhon se Aansoo Samet kar
Sabke Dilo Mein Apni Jhalak Chorh Jaaunga

Paani Ki Boond kahi Tikti Naahin
Imandari Guru Mujhe kahin dikhti naahin
Kharidaron ki Mandi Mein Khada hai Siddhu
Jitni Marzi Boli Laga,Kuch Cheezein Aisi jo Bikti Naahin

Angoor Pighalta hai toh Shraab ho Jaati Hai
Chingari Bhadakti hai to Aaftab Ho Jaati Hai
Jab Sunta Hu Zamane mein Naam Mika ka
Toh Siddhu Ki chaati Fool k Punjab Ho Jaati Hai

Jhukte hain parvat kahin
Kahin rukhte hain dariyaa bhi kahin
Kahin bass rukhti nahin ravaniyaan aur jhukti nahin jawaniyaan.

Ramiz Raja-Agar 1 ya 2 No ball ho jaaye aur Four ya Six Lag Jaaye,toh Pakistan Jeet Jaayegi
Sidhu- Ye toh wahi Baat Hui,
Agar Chachi Ke Mooche Hoti to mein Ussey Chacha Kehta

Source: Quora

Also watch some videos of Sidhu flaring up:

Enjoy these Sidhu moments, as he is soon going to get more coverage. He is the man of the hour.

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