BEFIKRE: An old school, Aditya Chopra, presents new Bollywood’s aroma.

YouTube and the entire Paris was turned on in the midnight with the ‘steamy’ take of an old school boy, Aditya Chopra’s BEFIKRE . The versatile Ranveer Singh and new hot chick of B-town, Vaani Kapoor are wrapped up to set the fire on the big screens with their latest way to express love: the BEFIKRE way!

Two strangers meet; fall in love, families clashes, lovers get apart, ideologies change, heart melt, and then what? Happily-ever-after! To keep waiting for her to turn toward you, standing on the balcony for hours just for his glimpse, staring each other from distances in public parks, if this is your memories of cliché Bollywood romance then brace your imagination for the brand new era of Bollywood romance. Ranveer Singh (Dharam) meets Vaani Kapoor (Shyra) on the streets of Paris and then the eyes open in the bedroom. The sizzling chemistry of both stars in its first official poster was enough to gather the publicity to make its trailer cross 10 million views! (within 24 hours)

The ‘Bollywood defining’ writer-director, Aditya Chopra, returns to the silver screen after a long period of absence from Bollywood with an entirely new aroma of the story line. Critics say the only reason DDLJ was one of the biggest success was; it was something new, new to the ‘theatre generation’ and same is the case with Befikre too. Long back Darwin quoted, “Survival of the fittest” and Aditya Chopra has done the same, after cliché stories like Mohabbatien, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and he is now all set to portray the ‘young Indian romance’ again.

The movie has been mostly shot in locations of France with some pieces in Mumbai too and carrying many reasons to gather the limelight. There are certain things you all can wait forward to;

Ranveer Singh has gone butt-naked for the first time, which gives his female fans another moment to take up the theatre with their hooting.

Censor Board is all set with scissors: reportedly, the movie has 23 kissing scenes, which is going to poke Censor Board for sure.

According to the sources, the movie has a stripping scene of Ranveer as well as of Vaani.

India loves the way Aditya Chopra portrays the story and with Befikre he is returning almost after 8 long years as a director.

To most of Hollywood lovers, it may memorize them of another movie, Friend with Benefits, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s take on young romance and was a big hit back then. Now Yashraj banner frames the same scenery with fresh faces and the Indian essence. There is a scene in trailer where Vaani sitting on Ranveer’s lap asks, “Why won’t we say I Love You, kind of stupid stuff?” and he replies, “Because it simply gets emotional, boring and then the whole fun goes in vain!” which clearly depicts the storyline and spirit of script.

The promises to never say I love you is nothing new in Bollywood reels, but the bold and sensible handling of sensual takes in Befikre are being appreciated highly around the globe. Trailer simplifies that this time YRF banner is targeting majorly the adult age group and it is going to be a high-trip for young couples. I know you were amazed as I was when the trailer ended; yeah! You got it right, the whole trailer had no scene of any heartbreak, sadness, tears and anything else but only FUN!

Being a visionary, Aditya Chopra, now decides to cater young India. So if you are waiting again for the girl to turn (PALAT!), to let the girl elope, to hear violin in background, to wait till oblivion and witness another ‘happily-ever-after’ then you better stay home this time, but if you are in to witness a totally different cocktail of romance, sensual scenes, fiery dialogues and many more then you should start to find a date for 9th December, because it is going to be something very hot!