RockOn 2: Hard Hit of Boredom on Face.

The sequel of one of the most blockbuster album of all time in bollywood, RockOn is simply “the” disaster of 2016. Worst good-bye you can wave to the 2016. By the way are you a music enthusiast? You better stay home, bro!

RockOn 2: The movie with a large number of stars in guest appearance; Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Shraddha Kapoor and Kumud Mishra everyone is awarded whole 20 minutes role in whole 2 hours. Farhan Akhtar is staying far away from his past somewhere in Meghalaya and Purab Kohli is trying to play as excited as he was in 1st instalment, while Arjun Rampal is now a big music sensation and a ‘trapped’ star. Shraddha Kapoor is the stereotyped father-fearing budding music talent, and then comes the cliché Bollywood ideas and storyline. Story-writers seemed to be so much desperate to join all of them again but totally fail in keeping the frame in one flow.


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The worst part of the movie is.. Yes! It’s music. Naturally, you enter the theatre with high expectation to dance on the ‘RockOn type’ beats, but you end up praying to shut the Shraddha Kapoor’s voice off the speaker. The only person you wish to stay is Kumud Mishra, who sadly appears merely for 10 minutes. Director tries to deliver various messages which make it something known as horrendous.
The only thing you are going to love is the theme of movie: Roocckk On!! (and best part is, they had cut the Shraddha’s part in theme song)
Listen, it’s simple! We all are going through the 100 note’s crisis. We suggest you save them for anything else, but not this. But if you want to go, may Jesus be with you. #Amen.


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