Dayashankar, Expelled BJP Leader, Arrested.

Was it a good move on the side of BJP to expel Dayashankar Singh? It certainly proves to be. The leader, who made controversial statements, has now been arrested.

In a joint operation between UP Police and Bihar Police the expelled BJP leader Dayashankar Singh was arrested from Buxar in Bihar.


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Dayashankar had yesterday failed to get a stay on his arrest from the Allahabad High Court which directed the Uttar Pradesh government to file its reply by August 5 on his plea challenging the lodging of FIR against him for allegedly using derogatory language against BSP supremo Mayawati.

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Singh had moved the HC challenging the FIR lodged against him by BSP leaders after he used derogatory language against party chief Mayawati. In his petition, Singh had sought direction for stay on his arrest in the case.

An FIR was lodged against Singh on July 20 at Hazratganj police station here under the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act for his remarks against Mayawati. The complaint, which was lodged by national secretary of BSP Mewalal Gautam, alleged that Singh’s remarks had hurt the feelings of BSP workers and the Dalit community across the country and were aimed at provoking them.
Singh, who was state BJP Vice President, was expelled by the party for six years in the wake of the storm triggered by his remarks against the BSP supremo and had since gone underground.

The impact of the comments made by him is far reaching. In a time when BJP hopes to win the Assembly elections, such comments from the top brass will affect their vote shares as Dalit community hold great sway in the electoral results. Although BJP was quick in realising the mistake, and expelling Dayashankar, the incidence has once again portrayed Mayawati as a champion of the Dalit cause. This might not work in favour of BJP. Dayashankar has unknowingly earned himself an expulsion and an arrest while giving much needed political mileage to Mayawati.

The drama and the thrill are rising in Uttar Pradesh. It is only going to get better (or worse) from here as the all-important election nears.

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Curious Case of Prostitution and UP Politics

A BJP MP on Tuesday compared BSP leader and self-proclaimed “Goddess” Mayawati to a Prostitute.  Which led to a stormy controversy, and BJP immediately had to Expel MP Dayashankar Singh, for his indecent statement.

In a statement made by BJP MP Dayashankar Singh on Camera, he said, “Mayawati is selling tickets (to contest polls)…She is a three-time chief minister but she gives tickets to anyone who gives her Rs. 1 crore. If someone comes with 2 crores in the afternoon, she gives him a ticket. If somebody comes with 3 crores in the evening, she dumps the previous candidates and picks him. Today her character is worse than that of a prostitute.”

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Although, after the roar he apologized and said, “I can’t even think of Mayawatiji that way. She has come up after a lot of struggle.”

In a crucial state marching towards the election next year, where BJP hopes high gain in vote share after 2014 general election’s victory, Mr. Singh’s statement not only embarrassed BJP but gave opposition parties a chance to take a dig and spot dirt on Hindu nationalist party’s moral and values.

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In a statement Indian National Congress member, Kumari Selja said, “The comments show the BJP’s mindset,”

While, Trinamool Congress’s Derek O’Brien condemned and said, “This is not only a women’s issue. This is a man’s issue. The problem is with men making these statements,”

Delhi’s CM and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal also criticized and tweeted “This (BJP leader’s remark) is shameful. BJP’s abuses and threats against women continue unabated both online and offline,”

However, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley expressed ‘personal regret’ in Parliament, telling Mayawati: “It is not right and I condemn the use of this word and if a person has said this, we will investigate. I express personal regret. I associate with your dignity and stand with you.”

But, was this issue required such attention? Was there anything to be so offensive about being compared to a profession? Yes, a profession, Prostitution is also a profession, practiced by a mass majority of people in our Nation, since ages.

In fact, prostitution is considered to be world’s oldest profession; it has its trace in every Civilization.

Just think if the word itself hurt the leader and their Bhakts to this extent that BSP members are protesting on the streets of Uttar Pradesh, threatening people, and what not, then imagine how much effort they would have indulged in bringing up and providing a better life to a mass backward population practicing this profession because of their immunes poverty, lack of skills and opportunity.

But, Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed ‘Goddess’ and her party member have done nothing for uplifting the poor people practicing Prostitution for survival in her state.

Whole of their life they sell their body, they do something a normal person would like to do with someone special, they allow anyone to penetrate in them, to bleed not only their skin but their soul, and this goes every night, every day. And they die, without family, without health care, without respect.

I would like to ask, Behen jee, what have you done for the people, because of whom you took such deep offense? What is your party’s stand on Prostitution? And, do you consider Prostitutes also backward? If they are backward, why is the leader who considers her the leader of backwards not doing anything for the leftover backward society, who live and die without respect?

Maybe they might have no caste, maybe they have no religion, but Behen Mayawati jee and Dayashankar jee they’re still backward and an integral part of society, don’t abuse them for your pity political drama, at least until you do something for these backward lives.

You must have used or abused them, try to understand them, because every life counts.

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Will the ‘UP ki bahu’ conquer her ‘Sasural’?

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state will be going to polls next year but the political activities have already picked up in the state. The most talked about parties in the state are SP, BSP and BJP. Congress party is nowhere in the ‘race for power’ in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. The last time when Congress was in power in Uttar Pradesh was in 1989. Since then Congress has been out of power in UP.

The Congress party’s decision to make former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit as its CM candidate in Uttar Pradesh has received numerous different responses. While some say the party has already accepted its defeat, others think this might prove to be the masterstroke by the party’s strategic team. Sheila has had a long association with UP. Quite rightly, she is being called as ‘UP ki bahu’. Dikshit’s husband hailed from Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh and her father-in-law Uma Shankar Dikshit had been a Union Cabinet minister and a known face in UP.


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The UP Congress is very discouraged and stalled. Congress is not only competing with a strong BJP, BSP and the ruling party but it also has to settle its own battle. This is Congress’s fight for survival. In a situation like this where there is hardly any prominent face in the party’s UP politics, Sheila Dikshit may be the best one to bet on. Sonia Gandhi’s trust on Sheila is not new. In times of distress she has always banked upon Sheila.

Election strategist Prashant Kishor had recommended that Sheila Dikshit should play a big role in the party’s poll campaign in UP. Sheila has been made the CM candidate because the party is eyeing 11 % Brahmin voters which affect about 125 seats in the state. The majority of them are with the BJP and the BSP.


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Sanjay Sing Thakur has been made party’s campaign committee chief and is expected to help consolidate the 8 % Thakur votes in the state.
Raj Babbar, who basically comes in OBC category, has been appointed the Uttar Pradesh Congress president. His appointment can be seen as an appeasement to 39% OBC voters in the state.
Ghulam Nabi Azad has been appointed Congress UP in-charge and by this party wants to get the 18 % Muslim vote in its favor.

That the Congress brough back Sheila Dikshit from retirement and made her CM candidate straightaway, that boosts Imran Masood, of ‘chopping up Modi into little pieces’ fame, and that it chooses Raj Babbar, who may draw crowds but has never been associated with any idea of the Congress, as its state chief, clearly manifest — that the party is bankrupt of ideas, left with zero options and is fighting for its survival in the Uttar Pradesh politics.

Congress is trying its best to keep itself in the news by making announcements at regular intervals. First it appointed Raj Babbar as the UP chief, gave important post to Imran Masood, now it has named Sheila Dikshit as the chief ministerial candidate and at a later stage, it will reveal Priyanka Gandhi’s role in the UP assembly polls.

Can Sheila Dikshit’s calling herself ‘UP ki bahu’ really help the Congress party? Will the ‘Brahmin’ factor help the party? Will everything go as per the plans of Election strategist Prashant Kishor? Will propping up Imran Masood get muslim votes or will it backfire? Will ‘UP ki bahu’ conquer her ‘Sasural’?

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