This women’s Day, let Naaz’s story be a lesson to you that you will learn to cherish and love yourself even if no one else does.

Here we bring for you another beautiful animated short film from our Kitty- NAAZ

This short film by Vidushi Yadav follows the story of a woman named Naaz. It is a heart wrenching depiction of how women who are denied love and affection in their childhood grow up to become insecure and start loathing themselves. We only accept the love we think we deserve . This film beautifully picturises Naaz’s complex character, who struggles through a troubled childhood in a family that consists of her depressed mother and an alcoholic father. Throughout her life, Naaz craves for love but she never gets it. She grows up to believe that she is unworthy of love and willingly gives herself to whoever shows an ounce of affection or care for her. In order to protect herself from the harsh realities of the world, she carves out a wall around herself. Tired of her insecurities , she gives up on love. But then , a man comes into her life. He promises to give her the love she has been desperately seeking all her life. But she is so scared of being deceived, so unsure of her worth, that she prefers to stay locked up in her own boundaries rather than take a chance at life. She loses against her inner demons and lets go of the love she craved so much for.

So many women can identify with Naaz’s story. There are a lot of women who go on living a loveless life because they don’t think believe they deserve more than that. A woman will give you everything in return for a little love and affection. The most prominent force in a woman’s life is the desire to be cherished for what she is. When her need for affection is neglected, she starts doubting her worth. And such women often miss out on great opportunities of a better life because they are too afraid to take the leap of faith. Because they have believed in their fears for so long, that they fail to recognise a silver lining in the grey clouds.

This women’s Day, let Naaz’s story be a lesson to you that you will learn to cherish and love yourself even if no one else does. That you will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. That you will dare to hope, and have faith in yourself , no matter how hard life may get for you.

India needs to burn effigies of these 10 Ravanas this Dussehra

Dussehra is a time when we celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

While we burn effigies of Ravana this year, we must also burn effigies of evils that we need to rid the country of forever

1. Poverty-

172 MN People live below the poverty line- that’s 12.4% of India’s total Population

 [Source: – World Bank estimates for 2015]


2. Hunger-

195 MN People are undernourished-that’s 15% of the total population

[Source: – UN Hunger Report 2015]


3. Rape-

Every hour 4 Women are raped. In 2015 34,771 Women were raped

[Source: – NCRB 2015]


4. Illiteracy-

287 MN adult illiterates in India- That’s 37% of the Global total

[Source: – UNESCO Report 2014]


5. Corruption-

We are 76th most corrupt country in the world. An average India household pays INR 4,400 as bribe every year

[Source: – Transparency International, National Council of Applied Economic research survey]


6. Black Money –

152-181 BN USD of Illegal money is hidden in foreign tax havens

[Source: – Bank of Italy estimates, 2016]


7. Lack of Sanitation-

595 MN people in India don’t have access to toilets: 2.44 Trillion USD a Year is what inadequate sanitation costs us

[Source: – UN, World Bank]


8. Pollution-

1.4 MN people die prematurely due to Air Pollution, which also costs India 8.5% of its GDP

 [Source: – World Bank, American Association for the advancement of Science]


9. Communal Violence-

During 2005-09 648 people were killed and 11,278 injured in 4,030 incidents of communal violence. Since then, there have been more than 650 Riots every year.

 [Source: – PRS India]


10. Bigotry

123 Cases of crimes committed against Dalits every day.

[Source: – NCRB 2015]

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Dear Dipa,
This is a letter or you can call the sequence of words expressed by a citizen of your country on the day of Independence.

We group of people were in Hauz Khas Village (One of the most happening places in the capital city , where people socialize, dance, mingle, booze etc.). The place is such that you can’t expect anything more than the DJ dance party. We have been frequent there but 14th Aug was slightly different and unique. I could say we observed something similar enthusiasm similar to Cricket. We were just about to reach our 69th year of independence and people were in a crowd in front of big and small screens. People were tempted and asking scores. But this time it was not cricket, it was Rhythmic Gymnastics that you have just performed. Cricket lasts for more than couple of hours and the sensation of scores fluctuates now and then creating an uncertain anticipation. This game was just 1/10th of time and created the similar rhythm among all of us.

After you performed the “Vault of Death” and landed safely, it was a charm that appeared over the faces of every Indian and the people who were present in Hauz Khas Village. Few Drunk, few were singing and dancing, in fact, few passed by the screen ignoring . But most of us stopped and saw you Live on the screens. Media has made this Vault as a “death Vault” and actually it is. But you know your citizen fellows, how concerned they become when they came to know that a young lady is performing this Vault, just to make sure that we can earn a Gold in the Olympics. And if you could see, we all were concerned.

So after you geared for the run, firstly we were just concerned that you land safe and nothing else struck us whether it’s a performance for gold or Silver. You made smooth, beautiful somersault and landed Safely and immediately went back to your Coach. Then, after that, as you were praying and looking up to the almighty, we all were looking up to you and praying for you. Believe, we were eager for the scores more than you, though we have no idea how these scores and evaluated. To be true, call it our ignorance or negligence that we have never tried to learn how gymnastic scores being calculated. But yes, thanks to media that helped us knowing somewhat about basic scores parameters. The continues replay were being shown from all the angles that how you have finished the Vault. That made us worry again and again. People start analyzing what score our Dipa would grab. Few even googled about how the score is evaluated at the same moment and place. And the guess score chants are infinite, you know this very well. You and your coach just looking up having wet eyes and we were in the same, just we were far away and expecting to double our 69th Independence day celebration. Don’t think we are sad and disappointed. And the score came as 15.066 points and you know what we cheered for Dipa as loud as possible. And we waited and saw how Russia has performed in the competition. Was she better than Dipa? Chants around roared “No”, and said “Dipa hai, tod performer hai, gold to pakka hai”. You know your lovely citizens, how overconfident speaking they do and how optimistic they are! And at the end, you made us proud.

Dipa Karmakar of India poses with her medal after winning bronze in the womens vault final of the Artistic Gymnastics event during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 31, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT (Photo credit should read CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

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Best part, the whole facility issue, and others things will be solved and you can train as many as Dipa you could. In fact, you must have already been chosen as a brand ambassador for health and fitness products. You know, it’s the world of money making.

So , Dipa you know what you did and gave to this country. First, you made us realize that anything is possible. We know we have been ignoring you since long and we came knowing you after Rio selection in Gymnastics. You have been preparing for this since you were 6, without any basic infrastructure or funding support. It has become our habit that we only salute the shining star. You can’t help, just you have to accept us your lovely Indian Citizen.

Second, you have performed this with 100% risk of life. We could say and we could only say (do nothing as such), you have done, what you could have done based on the support and facility you have been provided. It has made us aware and awakens about many of such sports apart from bat & ball. And questioned about the future of sports in our country. For sure, it has made people realize about where and how we are going to channelize our efforts in future.

Third, you know we had something very new and amazing to cheer for. And we did it actually! Especially for this app generation. Standing in front of screens and cheering for sports, we ignore or never paid attention so far. Same adrenaline rush standing and seeing Gymnastic on to the screen and TV placed on Roadside. Thanks to Media for putting proper light and coverage on this. This will for sure create an opportunity for people who are interested in these sports and skill.

Fourth, you gave us more than a Gold Medal. Hope! In this Independence, we will be celebrating you, your sacrifice and efforts.

The best observation that we noticed that when you were taking a run, we felt that the super athlete from India is running rather a woman or man.

Thanks Dipa,
A true happy Independence day!

Fellow Indian Citizen


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Why I watched the finale of Gymnastics

Let me be truthful. I have never watched or followed Gymnastic sports in my life. I was trained for several sports in school as a part of sports activity like throwball, kho-kho, athletics. We had Gymnastics equipment in school where we walked in and wondered who those lucky kids were who were getting trained professionally for Gymnastics but never saw anyone use the equipment. Eventually we realised that we had the infrastructure but we did not have a coach for gymnastics. It used to lie there unused. I have watched some sports for fun … like cricket or football or fencing!!! But I never watched Gymnastics. I had nothing to do with Gymnastics until yesterday when Dipa was to contend in the Olympic Vault Finals.

To be frank I did not know that Dipa was a Bronze medalist in the 2014 Commonwealth Games Vault event. I had no idea that she was among the only five women in the world to have executed the Produnova correctly. What the hell is Produnova anyway?!


Image source :

Yet, I switched on the television and watched Dipa perform in the Rio Olympic finals and as the event progressed I felt a sense of pride creeping up my spine and it remained even when Dipa missed a medal by a whisker. So why did I watch her perform? When I didn’t understand anything of the sport? It is because Dipa embodies the spirit of a winner. She is an inspiration to all those who aspire to be successful however adverse their conditions. She would now drive the upliftment of Gymnastics as a sport in India. She will now instill confidence among other budding Gymnasts and allow them to dream big. Dipa’s performance and the history that she has created will become a harbinger of change in the outlook of the Indian sports authorities towards Gymnastics in India.

It is very easy to blame it on the lack of infrastructure available to sports persons specially in neglected sports like Gymnastics. Prior to Dipa’s fame in 2014, gymnastics was only a way for the people from Tripura to get secured jobs under the sports quota. It used to be a leap that can throw you out of extreme poverty. Hence every household sent their children into Gymnastics training. Dipa herself as is now well known trained on vaults that were made out of old scooter parts. Their mattresses used to be tattered and they hardly had the resources to train at a world class standard. The picture looks crystal clear that the government is to blame here. They are saying…’Had Dipa got better training and infrastructure she would have been the Gold medalist today’! And the same has been reiterated in all such sports that have only flourished after an extra-ordinary performance by an underdog. Take the case of Mary Kom, Milkha Singh, Sushil Kumar…the list is endless.


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India has been complaining about lack of worldclass infrastructure for decades now. At every sports event a new sport is highlighted due to a great performance and then that sport becomes a heartthrob for the youth of the country. This is then followed by a spurt of extra-ordinary performances in that sport for a few years as those candidates with talent get the right infrastructure and come up on the global level. Then the infrastructure becomes equivalent to global standards and then the performers in that sport suddenly vanish or start underperforming. Take the case of Tennis, Badminiton, Wrestling, Boxing. After Sania Mirza, several tennis coaching academies sprung up in the country with money flowing in from all directions. Same was the case with Badminton when Saina Nehwal made history in the sport. Not only sports centers but now every housing society had a tennis and badminton court so that the youth of the country had ample infrastructure to pursue the sport. But now there are not many world class players coming up. No extraordinary performers. We always say that countries with a population size equivalent to one of our state have so many world class performers because they have good infrastructure. Think of what India could do with the scale of the population that we have. Sadly that is not true.

Truth is, whether it is sport or any other goal that one is pursuing, when you don’t have enough resources and facilities to your aid you tend to work harder to make your way to the top. This hardwork pays off and you tend to surpass your own limits in your performances. When the infrastructure is made available one starts feeling the taste of luxury and taking it easy on oneself in terms of struggle and perseverence assuming that the world class infrastructure will do the trick for you. One forgets that it is still the hardwork that will crack the nut and the infrastructure is only facilitating a replica of the final experience in the events which one does not get in absence of the infrastructure. Secondly, it is the rule of the transactional world that money is only invested when a potential return on investment is visible. So the country is not going to suddenly create infrastructure for all sports and keep it ready in anticipation of a great performer. It will only invest in someone who has potential. I’m sure and I know that there is a lot of politics and lobbying that goes on in this area and it is not a straight forward road to success but so is the case with any other field or occupation.


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So let’s stop pitying ourselves for what we don’t have. Let’s accept the fact that all winners have to struggle and go through rough times before their hardwork pays off. Let’s be proud of all our ‘Dipa Karmakar’s and let’s stop complaining. With her flawless ‘Produnova’ Dipa has leaped herself and the rest of India’s gymnasts into a better life, a better future. Yelena Produnova may have been the namesake for the gymnastic vault but Dipa Karmakar is the one who has made it a term in every household in India. She has educated the nation of the sport. She is a winner without a medal!

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Why Shirt buttons of the ladies kept in the left while for men it’s on the right? Ever wondered why!

The button-up shirt, everyone wears in their daily life irrespective of being male or female. But wait there is a big difference that no one ever notices. Grab a look at the opposite gender and you will find that the placket (the thin rim where the shirt button holes are pierced) has the buttons on just opposite to yours.

Get on to the wearing mode, as if you are going to office and you are in hurry. You will quickly start wearing the shirt and start tucking the buttons of your shirt. If you are male your shirt will have buttons on your right and if you are female, it will be on left hand side.
What could be the suitable reason to get convinced about the apparel design that is being served from last 600 years.

Most people are right handed
The majority of the people are right handed and placing the buttons on the right hand side will give you an ease to tuck the buttons to the hole. But this is applicable for men! What about women. Are most of them left handed. NO!

The reason behind such an accepted design is 600 years old.
Earlier in 13th century, when buttons in shirt/blouse were invented, it was being treated as a new invention. And it became very expensive. So only few rich females could afford the blouse with buttons. And the biggest problem is that they never used to dress up themselves. They had maids, who make them dressed. Maids used to stand across and tuck their buttons from the front. So to add convenience to the maid and client, the female shirts have kept the buttons on the left.
And this has been continued since then.



Image source:

The weapon analogy of keeping things on left and plucking it from right.
In general people used to carry swords, guns towards their left and pluck it from their right hand. If one is left handed, differences are always accepted.
And if one is in the Dominant side (behind you) and one has to tuck your buttons. What is the most convenient position to tuck in?
In general, the answer expected would be right hand side. But again it is convenient in the point of view of male shirt. What about females?
In general the dominance of intimacy, positions the female to be on dominant side and she either tuck you buttons in or tuck your buttons off. But with right hand.
With these conventions the button-up shirt will be different in sides for opposite genders.



Now you must be looking for your shirt and trying to locate your buttons side and then comparing it with your partner.

If you have any more interesting clues and facts, let us know at

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Ladies coach of the Delhi metro is not always smooth ! Read out how

The Delhi metro has a railway track extending on 213 kms across NCR. Proudly it makes around 2000 trips daily from morning 5.30 to 12 midnight. Each trip has only 1 ladies coach allotted specially for ladies. And the total population of Delhi is approx 1.7 crores whereas the population of ladies only in Delhi is 80 lakhs. Calculations states about 50% are ladies across NCR. Read out what happens when the metro is delayed and how it adjusts such a number in its ladies coach.


“When I think about life I think of – Life is not in the destination. It is in the journey.”
Well, not anymore… Journey my foot!

The other day I walked into a overcrowded platform on a metro station seven stations away from my place in Delhi. Normally a journey from there to my station which is Mayur Vihar Extension would take not more than 20 minutes. But today it seemed like there had been no metro for a long time. The platform was so crowded that people had now begun to queue down upto the staircase leading to the platform. Clearly there was a technical issue with the metro. I waited for another 10 minutes before the train arrived.

Scene I

As soon as I got in they started playing a pre-recorded announcement in the metro …
Male Voice (In Hindi): ” Is seva me thoda vilambh hoga. Asuvidha ke liye khed hai. “
Immediately followed by the same in English –
Female Voice (In English): “There will be a short delay in this service. We apologise for the inconvenience.”
I parked myself next to the door right in front of the one I came in from. The platform for my station arrives on the other side so its convenient to already be next to the door when it opens. That’s about my destination which apparently is not important! What’s important is the journey… but my journey refused to begin. So the doors of the metro remained open. All the possible crowd on the platform, beyond the platform and on the staircase had now boarded.
Me (thinking): What the hell are they waiting for ?
After 5 minutes in the stationary metro… Again …the pre-recorded announcement-
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Female Voice: “There will be a short delay…”
Me (thinking): Fineeee… Now move…
It finally started moving after another 5 minutes. It only managed to pull itself upto the next station. Obviously, when the entire nation is inside one train how can it move faster than that? We’ve not developed that kind of technology yet. As if one nation was not enough as soon as the doors opened another nation-full of people barged in.
Me (thinking): Hahaha… Somebody tell them the train is not moving. They look so happy to squeeze in!
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Female Voice: “There will be a short delay…”
The same repeated from station to station. The announcement kept coming at periodical intervals pissing the hell out of me and everybody around me.


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Scene II

By this time I could hardly move. The crowd was overwhelming. Moreover I was in the Ladies’ coach – a no mercy zone for girls. Normally one would get breathable space in a general compartment becuase they are cautious of a lady being around. In the ladies coach the only mercy is when men enter the compartment and refuse to leave. One can call the women safety number and register a complaint.
Here it was bad. Overcrowded. Can’t move. Can’t breath. Some girl behind me broke the ice …
Damsel-in-distress 1: “Someone please call the women safety number.”
Damsel-in-distress 2: “And say what?… There are too many ladies in the ladies’ compartment?”
Silence… Announcement :
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Me: “Somebody punch this guy who is announcing”
Chorus from the ladies: “Yeah… Yeah… Punch him man! Just shut that thing!”


Image sorce :

Scene III

Next station: More ladies try to push themselves in.
In general from the metro crowd: “There is no bloody space in here. Don’t … Ohhhhhh… Ohh… Damn”
We are squeezed into each other’s faces. Two friends standing together got separated inside the metro because of the crowd.
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly to her friend): “Monaaaa…”
Damsel-in-distress 2 (a.k.a. Mona): *No response*
Everyone in the metro is looking for Mona now.
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly again): “Monaaaa…”
Me (thinking): Where the hell is this Mona?!
Damsel-in-distress 2 (a.k.a. Mona) (very lovingly): “Yeaaaahh…”
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly again): “Monaaaa…”
Fists tighten in the crowd.
Me (thinking) : Punch her!
Damsel-in-distress 1 (continues): “How long until Yamuna Bank Station?”
Sniggering in the crowd. *No response from Mona* … More sniggering.
Announcement- Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “


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Scene IV

One station away from my station.
Me (to those closer to the door) – “I’m getting off at the next station. Do you want to reshuffle so that I can come in the front? “
Girl-in-the-front: ” Umm… I prefer breathing at regular intervals. It’s my hobby. Do you mind adjusting next to me instead?”
Me (Moving next to her) : “Yeah… I’d like to breath too…”
Now a girl two rows behind me wanted to get off as well. She was trying to make her way closer to the door in turn pushing all of us forward. Then as she failed miserably –
Pushy Girl (to the girl right behind me): “Are you getting off at the next station?”
Girl-behind-me (As rude as possible): “No. But you please get off!”
Pushy Girl: “How can I get off if you don’t let me move forward.”
Girl-behind-me : “I don’t know that. But please do get off.”
Finally when my station arrived and the train came to a halt I saw that there were more ladies waiting to board the only train that had arrived on their platform after ages. I announced in general to the girls around me:
Me: “I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’m getting off.”
They all glared at me. Fists tightened. Before I could get punched the doors opened and I leaped out in relief. Destination sweet destination!


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We would love to know your experience with ladies coach at Delhi metro. Do write to us at

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Period Blood Cures Leprosy? – 8 Myths about Periods Busted!

Talking about Periods is a taboo slowly being lifted in this Internet generation. But before all this people rarely talked about it in public and when they talked, it was more or less gossips.

These are 8 bizzare myths on periods:

They said Beware! Education can interrupt your periods.
People once believed that if a young woman attended college, all the blood in her body would be diverted to her brain from her uterus in order to stimulate her brain.



What if someone says it’s not just uterus that bleeds in Periods? 

Scary, han? But it’s said that in 1800s, “vicarious menstruation” was observed in many women. It is a situation referred to bleeding from eyes, ears, mouths, lungs, noses and even skin rather than the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity.


Period blood turns Wine sour, Rusts iron, Kills Crops and more blah blah
A roman naturalist has some terrifying and hilarious ideas about menstruation i.e. period blood dries seeds in gardens, kills bees etc. In fact, he believed that even a thread from an infected dress is sufficient to do any bizarre. Magic! aren’t we?



Period sex causes deformed babies
Most women are considered to perform best in bed during PMS; well this pleasure is taken away from people in some cultures. It was believed that if a child is conceived during this practice, it will be born with a deformity.



Leprosy: Both caused and cured by Periods blood
For people in medieval period, peiords blood was considered to be a cure for leprosy. It was also believed that having sex with menstruating women would corrode a man’s penis and also it was believed that drinking periods blood could cause leprosy. Eeeewwww! Any vamps out there?

5 (


Burnt toad can cure heavy periods
It was believed that if a woman has heavy blood flow, burning a toad in a pot and wearing it ashes near her genitals would help her flow to reduce to moderate level. Poor fellow! Burnt alive and for no good.



Periods and Jewish men
Medieval Christians spread a rumor that male Jews bled each month from their behinds. It was not addressed as menstruating but still, such a rumor? Totally Horrible.



Menstrual blood was considered to prove Fidelity
Folk magic claims that mixing a drop of blood in a person’s food would prove the eater’s love and devotion. Roman men used to mix their wives blood in their food, in order to prove their loyalty.




Think twice when you act! Think thrice when you put advices! Think in infinites when you spread unknown gossips!