9:05pm, 30th June, 2016


Imagine if you’re travelling to your home country from a foreign place. Your mother would be waiting for you, craving to see you again, to hold you in her arms and hear from you about how your life is going. Now imagine what if you don’t make it. The last thing she hears about you is maybe a phone call from the authorities that tells her that you were killed in an attack, or maybe worse she sees you on television dead. Just think as to what would happen to her if that ever happened to her. Despite your good fortune there are many people around the world today who are going through this.

Istanbul attack 1

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Istanbul has been the location of three attacks in 2016, including two suicide attacks in January and in March that were both linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and a car bombing in early June claimed by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons. The most recent attack in Istanbul was seen at Atatürk Airport. It is known to be Europe’s third busiest airport in passenger traffic. It was started in 1924 and renamed in 1980. The airport has two passenger terminals, one domestic and one international. The airport will be closed after the massive Istanbul New Airport – planned to be the largest in the world – opens in the Arnavutkoy district. Its first phase is due to be operational in 2017. There are X-ray scanners at the entrance to the terminal but security checks for cars are limited. The first bomb went off on the ground floor at the arrivals terminal, the second one went off on the first floor at the entrance to the departure terminal and the final one went off at the car park terminal.

The three suicide bombers claimed the life of 41 people and 239 were injured. At least 13 of those killed were of foreign nationality. 109 of those hurt have now been discharged from hospital. One Iranian and one Ukrainian were confirmed dead. British counter-terrorism officials claimed the pattern and signs of the attack point towards IS being the culprits. The lack of any immediate claim for this attack by so-called Islamic State is not surprising. IS rarely claims responsibility for attacks against the Turkish state yet it is quick to advertise its assassinations of Syrian activists inside Turkey.

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IS has been targeting Turkey because it sees its government as being un-Islamic. Their attempt at taking the law and work of gods into their own hands has again led to massacre of innocents. Not only have they been spreading incorrect values in the name of Islam but they have even massacred innocents in the name of a religion that forbids murder. US and the rest of the world has been steadfast in its support for Turkey. Our hearts go out for the families of the victims of the attack.

May God have peace on the souls of the lost ones and may he ease the pain of the victim’s families.