8:00pm, 14th September, 2016


In a lazy morning, I suddenly decided to take a look at the newspaper. It had been a while so I decided to have a look how the world was doing. I have this self-annoying habit while reading newspaper. Read all the stupid and bad part first, leaving the good part (Sports) for the dessert.

As usual I picked up The TOI and started the daily “Kick Off” by reading their stupid movie reviews and Page 3 news. After the warm-up, I moved towards the politics and the crime section. Feeling motivated I went through the finance section. Then came Garfield with a cup of coffee. And lastly, sports complete the meal.

I like reading sports, be it any newspaper. And today’s main attraction was India beating China in Basketball with the score 70-64. I never heard about our nation having a National Basketball team until recent February when I started playing Basketball. Seeing the good news, I watched the highlights of the match. There were so many YouTube links and I watched all of them. I was shell-shocked as I went through the videos and realized why the team was not sent to participate in the “Golden Games”.


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The media may highlight this win, call it as” Triumph over Asia’s No.1 team”, but the reality I see is so much different. I would never commit a sin by saying that we did not work hard to earn it but I will say that we were just fortunate.

Today I saw the “Light Of Visibility” in Indian Basketball. I never thought this would happen in a nation which is biased towards Cricket and now maybe, Badminton and Gymnastics. People see victory, I see scope and career. This light should be supported and maintained like the “Akhand Jyoti” where we light the “Diya” every year during Dussehra.


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And believe me or not, in order to make it work effort should be made from the Team as well as from the people. When I see NBA videos, I see Brutality in their plays. I hate to say this, but “If we want more medals, we need to be brutal and merciless.” And basketball is a perfect sport where one can see the difference between two teams.

I find it really hard to believe that there is no 5-man team in a 1.2 billion populated country which can defeat the “Best In The World”. Defeating the Best in the Continent is the First Step of this road of “Living The Dream”.
Why “Living The Dream?” cause it is mine.

(Please Listen To This Song For it explains the whole article, the scenario and the place of this sport in this country)

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