8:03pm, 14th August, 2016


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The mighty Adolf Hitler believed the Germans are Aryans by race & Aryans are meant to rule the world, therefore, Germans are superior to others. Salazar Slytherin believed that Pure bloods are superior to Muggles. People enjoy when they assume they are superior and end up doing things that degrades their social status as well as the group they represent.

Why am I saying this, you ask? I say this because of the occurrence of an event that has shamed me ridiculously. It happened in the host city of the Olympics, Rio. The actions performed by the Sports Minister of India are very shameful and disappointing.

Vijay Goel was so concerned about updating his status on the social media, that he forgot that he is representing a country which hopes on hosting the Grand Olympics in future.


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India has been doing badly in the Olympics so far and people are losing hope. In order to light them up, the sports minister, with his sidekicks in tow, trespassed the restricted areas in order to take selfies with the athletes. When warned by the organizers, they decided to identify themselves by boasting about their power and superiority. As a result, Goel’s accreditation almost got cancelled by the organizers after they stated that his actions as “Aggressive & Rude”.

Firstly, no authority is greater than the Olympics, be it the President of the United States or the Queen of England. If a person claims to be superior than the organizers/committee /Board of the Olympics he is a disgrace to his country.

I would like to quote a few lines from an AR Rahman song. It goes like this:-

                                                                  “Yeh Jo Desh Hai Tera,
                                                                       Swades Hai Tera,
                                                Yeh Voh Bandhan Hai Jo Kabhi Toot Nahi Sakta”

It means “This Country of Yours, It Is Your Motherland, This Is a Bond That Can Never break”.
I would like to conclude by saying that “Bonds are easy to break. Most of them are broken by selfish actions. It is our responsibility to think about our actions when we are in such a big position.”

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