12:41pm, 16th May, 2019


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Marijuana; Weed; Cannabis; stuff; stash, you name it, can be one of the best herb experiences of your life.                        Firstly, it should be known that cannabis has more advantages than the disadvantages it could ever have, but that is applicable only on the PURE gold stuff you score from places which can take you to places after taking a hit!

Secondly, I do not promote cannabis or using anything related to cannabis and THC knowing that it’s illegal to use marijuana in India. But there are certain things a layman or newbie who wants to explore the herb world should know, for your health, especially mental.

Things listed below:

  1. It may not be CANNABIS for starters

That’s right, you read it right. Take it from a stoner who smoked a J on a regular basis for two years.

That friend of yours who is guaranteeing you that this is the best stuff possible to get your hands on, to get high on might not be entirely or even partially weed.

You probably would have come across some herb that is Black in colour and smells like utter crap but nowhere close to an herb? That’s your cue to stop cleaning and rolling it right there, that’s not marijuana. Your dealer may have sold you some laced up old remaining stash also known as “SPIKED” up, with other seriously harmful substances which should not be smoked.

To avoid this, you could ask your friend the source of the stuff or where did he score from, the best thing to do for an unaltered puff is that you can grow your own!


  1. Addiction

You will 110% get addicted to marijuana. With spiked up weed already explained, you will get dependent on that small “Pudiya” “Maal” you’ve been smoking.

I don’t plan to insult marijuana with addiction associated with it. Science has been arguing for years that cannabis does not cause addiction in individuals, but why is statistics proving otherwise in India?

Due to its illegality in India, you can almost forget buying the green stuff easily in our country, which leads to people buying shady stuff from shady vendors. You start getting dependent on it, you’d lose touch of reality after a continuous use, the addiction to be precise would not be much of the THC or the substances your stuff is altered with, but it’d be of that head rush also known as “HIGH”.


  1. Lethargy

Every stoner experiences lethargy or tiredness after they take a toke, your friends you’re planning to have a session with will probably agree to them usually using cannabis at night or after work.

It JUST makes you want to lie down on your bed and do literally nothing. If you’re an aesthetic person, it’ll definitely help you stimulate your brain and produce never-seen results. It has been said that marijuana is a complex plant with 545 different chemical constituents, with each chemical constituent having its own unique combination.

Some of them make you feel drowsy and lethargic. The ever-lasting feeling of not doing anything and just to chill on your couch with NETFLIX on.


  1. Decision Making skills

With the regular usage of this powerful plant, your decision making skills and judgement gets slow, I may not argue for this if the herb is pure and only cannabis. Science keeps suggesting that Marijuana should not be used before 21 years of age. Young users ranging from the age group of 12- 19 can have serious impact on their brain which can lead to hampered decision making skills and abnormality in cognitive functions.


  1. Time and Space

With the regular intake of marijuana say, a University Dorm student who uses cannabis on a regular basis and has been doing it for years, loses the track of time and space. One often gets the feeling of whether it is day and night. It gets impossible and takes fraction of seconds to make out what time of the day it is. An individual’s memory, pleasure, movements, thinking, concentration, coordination, and sensory and time perception gets affected all together.

  1. Legal

It does not work in India the way it does in other western developed countries or locations where marijuana is legally allowed for medical purposes and recreational purposes. They won’t take you to the police station and do the other legal procedures. Here, Anti-Narcotics charges can range from 500-25000 RUPEES. Which you can guess goes where.


Under Section 20 you can be charged up to one lakh rupees and jail term of minimum 10 years. If you are caught with small quantities, it could be ten thousand rupees and Jail term of 6 months to one year and if you’re caught with commercial quantity which is more than 1 Kilograms that jail term could exceed to twenty years with a penalty of two lakh  rupees.

Apart from the legal aspect, you get beaten up by the cops or anti-narcotics which is not cool, one should not be beaten up for a plant which grows naturally, especially in a country which has been using marijuana for recreational purposes for centuries.

  1. Tolerance

It starts with amazing trips, surreal experiences but let me guess, no one has told you that it fades away after a point of time? No? Yes, it does, when smoked regularly or abused, the highs won’t be like your early initial trips that amused you about the plant in the first place. You may practice tolerance break which gets worse due to the addiction of other harmful substances.

The same dosage won’t do the trick it used to do earlier, it would not give that DAMN high you have been waiting for days to get again. It goes down, with the increase in the dosage and addition to the previous one, the high keeps going down. Not only that but also the duration of your high decreases, you’ll start getting sobered up soon.

With that said, it wouldn’t work that way if you were in US or Canada or literally any other country where it is legal for medical or recreational use. You just don’t get that GOOOOD stuff here. Keeping North India and some intriguing parts of south aside, the regular use and the increase in tolerance can cause some serious issues to your lungs and digestive system too!


  1. Withdrawals

Marijuana has its withdrawals, which are to be given some serious importance. The withdrawals cause some serious disruptions to the mood and normal living. The withdrawals cannot be seen if the usage is occasional or very rare. But can be seen directly in a person who abuses marijuana is various forms on a regular basis.

Withdrawals can be observed in ways such as:

-Agitated behaviour

– Low mood

– Anger outburst

– Loss of interest in activities interested before


-Delusional behaviour

– Eating disturbance

If you’re starting with cannabis now or are amused with the TRIP world entirely. I’d highly suggest to only use the green stuff which is legit and not some shady packet of buds and seeds which aren’t even green and smell like fuel or probably crap

You need to stick to your health.

Make wise decisions!