2:41am, 30th June, 2016


3 min

Instagram could make you go viral in 3 hours. Beyond gaining attention, followers and fans , Instagram is also exposing the world of art to everyone. With all kinds of photos from artistic to stylistic, personal to commercial it also gives a valuable knowledge to the diverse category of interested audiences on photography. Here are Top 10 Instagram Accounts that you must follow if you love street photography.

These are few selected accounts which is related to street art photography. Check, follow and and get inspired.

1. @Gustaviminas


2. @todd_gross


3. @m_mateos


4. @rollie6x6


5. @tavepong_street


6. @halberstam


7. @jaspertejano


8. @aaronbergerfoto


9. @shinnoguchiphotos


10. @burnmagazine


There are 150 million active users on Instagram. Each of them sharing their vision of the world and each of them surfing through the plethora of colours and perspectives. Why don’t you create one on your passion and interest? Probably you will also be featured in the next top 10 Instagram accounts! 

Feature image: @davidalanharvey