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“I know what you are doing, we also have been through your age” our parents and teachers say this to us, don’t they? Teenage is a fun phase of life, sometimes bumpy, sometimes thrilling. Too many new things and too much emotional shifts. Here are 10 things all of us realise only after growing up from a teenager.”

When I was a teenager, I had this notion that teenage was the best time of my life and a part of me was a bit scared of growing up. Well, this year on 7th June, I turned 20 and I’m officially not a teenager anymore. I have to admit growing up is wonderful and teenage is not all that great. It’s only when you grow up that you realise how stupid and wrong your younger self had always been. Experience does make you wiser.
I am certainly not the person I was before or even a year back. There’s so much that changes when you cross that transformation phase in your life. You finally develop your true character and personality.

Through my high school and my first year in college, I have learnt so much. I realised that it’s okay if you like being with yourself rather than hang out with random people ( pop culture calls that being a loner). And it’s completely alright if you don’t like to drink or smoke even though almost every person your age considers it to be the coolest thing in the world.


I realised that the world is always going to judge you; no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. So stop to be Miss Goody Shoes and go on, be the bitch that you are at your core and do not be afraid to show it.


I realised that I was a pathetic creature to ignore my siblings – my wonderful sisters – for some temporary school friends who back then used to be my world and now, are not even in my Facebook friend list


I realised that good looks are certainly an advantage but not the whole point of your existence. It’s the whole package that counts. What’s important is that you are confident of yourself and love yourself no matter what others tell you. It should have never mattered if your old crazy aunts were a tad too concerned about your skin colour or your weight. You could have very well told them to go get a life.


I learnt that it’s never okay to tolerate and keep quiet. People automatically assume that you are weak and helpless and they can get away with anything. You should have punched that uncle who didn’t get the difference between a good touch and a bad one or hit that relative who tried to get too close. You have to stop being ashamed and tell that guy to stop squeezing you in the bus or get hit in the balls.


I realised that true friends are the hardest to find and it’s better to have a single person at your side all the time than a hundred ‘casual’ friends.


I learnt to be strong and never let people manipulate me. I learnt to care less and live more. I understand that I may fail multiple times but what matters is that I have the courage to not give up . On your way to realising your dreams, you will be lured by a million distractions and it’s okay to be distracted once in a while but be focused enough to be right back on track.


I realised that not being judgemental is the greatest attribute of a strong character and I haven’t still mastered that art. It’s Important to take stand for what you believe and not be apologetic about it but you should always respect others’ opinion no matter how crappy they may sound to you.


And yes, I finally realised that TWILIGHT is a crazy book and Kristen Stewart would do better off as a mannequin. But the book has given such pleasant feelings, I would stop right there and disgrace it no further.

Finally, studying in an institute with students from diverse backgrounds and regions, it’s very important to be politically correct and sensitive at all times.

What I haven’t been able to overcome even now is my ego and my impulsive nature. But I am still trying. Teenage is a crazy phase to be in. You’ll probably be your stupidest self and at your worst in your teenage years but you’ll eventually work out your way through it and grow up to be a strong, self loving and confident person.

Was your teenage any different? Did you learn anything else, too? Share it with us.

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