10:57am, 26th October, 2016


For Donald Trump, the Indian Hindu community in America is very important. Many of his recent speeches has been trying to woo the Indian voters through various media.

The latest of this attempt is, probably, this video that went viral on social media. In the video Trump copies and modifies Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous tagline to ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkar’.

The authenticity of the video is, however, questionable. It begins with wishing all Indians a Happy Diwali and then goes on to how Trump values Indians in America. It shows how he is interested to work with PM Modi on many international issues. While all this might be true, the audio is out of sync when he is pronouncing the tagline.

The Republican party candidate had recently praised Indians for their fantastic contributions to the world and America. The Hindu community has made fantastic contributions to world civilisation and to American culture and we look forward to celebrating our shared values of free enterprise, hard work, family values, and a strong American foreign policy,” Trump said in a statement.

Further, he declared that, India-US would be best friends if he came to power. “We love Hindus and we love India”, he had said in a statement on October 16.