3:03pm, 12th October, 2016


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I’m coining a new word here. Its a verb – to Trump; its can be conjugated like any other verb in English, Trumping, Trumped, have Trumped…; It can be used as a gerund as well! Trumping should be made an official globally punishable crime. To Trump means to deliberately make obscene verbal comments on sexuality in public view to such an extent that causes mass distress and outrage. And right now I’ve been Trumped.

Donald Trump seems to have spoken the unspoken. “When you are a star, they let you do it.”

A ‘New York Times’ article says – Some men say that they have never heard people of Trump’s generation say such things about women and sex. I don’t know about Trump’s generation. For me people of his generation ought to be dead by now but I’ve seen plenty of men from the younger generation who objectify women. It’s like a synecdoche for them. I remember my English teacher in school making us remember the figures of speech based on what they represent. We used to recite: ‘Synecdoche – Part for whole’.


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For those of you who don’t know: Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which a part of something/someone is used to imply the whole. For e.g. I like the ‘blond’! Here it is implied that blond means a girl who has ‘blond hair’. So a part of her body is being used to actually refer to her entire self.

Its no longer only a figure of ‘speech’. It extends beyond speech to the mentality of human race. What’s more, women are raised in such a way that they become tolerant towards this bullshit. They are supposed to be polite, demure, caring, loving, submissive, keep themselves safe from preying men by behaving in a manner that is deemed appropriate for them by the world. This is the stereotype that women are trying to break since more than two decades now. In recent times be it the movie PINK or the ‘My Choice’ campaign by VOGUE picturized on Deepika Padukone among other well known women or be it any other voice raised by feminist groups there is a very basic message that is strongly being broadcasted by and for the women. ‘TREAT US LIKE HUMANS. NOT LIKE A POSSESSION.’


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So it did not surprise me that Trump said those things. It did not surprise me that he said it on camera. And it also did not surprise me to see how he reacted to it in his apology. This is how his apology sounded to me: ‘Alright, I said it. I was wrong. I’m sorry. But I’m a changed man now. What’s more, Bill Clinton and Hillary have done it too in the past. So everyone does it. It’s just that I was caught. No big deal. There are other issues more important than this that we need to look at now. So this is no longer relevant and not that important.’


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For those who objectify women the age, profession or physical condition of the woman does not matter. Like Trump has put it in his leaked recording – ‘I am automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. I don’t even wait’. There is a clause missing in the last sentence that goes to say everything that has caused the outrage among people: I don’t even wait… Wait for what? I don’t even wait for her APPROVAL. I don’t even wait for her CONSENT. I don’t even wait to SEE IF SHE EVEN LIKES ME. I don’t even wait FOR HER TO RESPOND TO THE KISS. I don’t even wait for her TO BE HERSELF AND BE HUMAN.


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To Donald Trump and to all those men who Trump around in public, I have only one thing to say: Stop making sexuality a taboo. It’s a very subjective personal attribute and should be respected at the least. Women are not objects to be desired and possessed by men. Women are individuals who have their own choices and their own existence. They cannot and should not be dictated over, pushed around, forced upon or bought out with stardom and money. ‘They only let you do it when they want you to’!

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