10:44pm, 17th June, 2019


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The Virginia Beach shooting: 12 killed after city worker open fires at colleagues on 31st May 2019.One of the brutal attacks of the MONTH. With 12+ being killed 5 individuals getting severely injured. The exchange of firing eventually killed the gunmen involved after he open fired at the city public works. This incident was one of the 43rd shooting of the month and 148th in the year.

Mass shootings are incidents involving multiple victims of fire-arm related violence. The total number of mass shootings listed according to Wikipedia is 140+ in 2019 itself.

America had a rough total of 148 mass shootings throughout the country in which total number of people killed has reached to 149 and 585 being injured. This shocking statistical data does not explain the deeper thought processes of the shooters involved, neither does it explain the access of firearms among the civilians despite Gun Laws in the states. 

The need to have guns apparently is a big paradox in itself. Civilians have been arguing their gun access as to protect and to defend themselves but at the same time, it’s some of the very civilians getting on the ground and resorting to killing innocent people due to their unconscious or conscious motives.

The statistical data of the shootings show a rapid increase in the shootings and the number of victims with the highest in the month of May – 43 shootings and a total of 198 being wounded.


From January 1st to January 28th 2019, a total of 28 deadly turn of events took place in which 36 individuals were killed and 92 getting injured. The worst of them took place on January 23rd in Sebring, Florida where 5 hostages were killed during a shooting at a bank.

The states where mass shootings happened in the month of January 2019:

Houston, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; Newark, New jersey; Indianapolis, Indiana; Albany, Georgia; Ascension Parish and Livingston Parish, Louisiana; State College, Pennsylvania; Rockmart, Georgia; Sebring, Florida; Miami, Florida; Gaffney, South Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Owensboro, Kentucky; Jacksonville, Florida; Palmdale, California; Little Rock, Arkansas; Phoenix, Arizona; Roswell, New Mexico;  Hurt, Virginia; Houston, Houston, Texas; Torrance, California; Texas City, Texas; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Columbia, South Carolina; Tallahassee, Florida.

Texas had 4 shootings in January month.


With a gradual increase in the number of victims killed reaching to 41 from 31 in January, February had a total of 22 shootings in which 68 individuals were injured. 5 people were killed and 6 were wounded in Aurora, Illinois after a man opened fire in his workplace which killed 5 employees and injured 5 police officers and a civilian. The shooter was later killed by the police.

The states where mass shootings happened in the month of February 2019:

San Diego, California; Chicago, Illinois; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Washington, D.C; San Antonia, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Brooklyn, New York; Petersburg, Virginia; Livingston, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Aurora, Illinois; Clinton, Mississippi; New Orleans, Louisiana; Henderson, Texas; Evansville, Indiana; Solon Township, Michigan; Covington, Tennessee; Houston, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Elizabethtown, Kentucky; Birmingham, Alabama, Oakland, California;




The month of March has seemingly less number of shootings compared to the previous month with almost 13 killings and 89 being injured. 21 mass shootings took place in total.

The states where mass shootings happened in the month of March 2019:

Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; Shreveport, Louisiana; Denver, Colorado; Paterson, New Jersey; Harvey, Illinois; Missoula, Montana; Mobile, Alabama; Camden, New Jersey; Rochelle, Georgia; Las Vegas, Nevada; Augusta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; North Las Vegas, Nevada; Baltimore, Maryland; North Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois;

The extreme events which took place ranged from 6 people getting injured in a bar shooting at a bar following a fight to 4 people getting killed after an argument in which the shooter claims it as an act of self-defence to being randomly attacked.



 The statistics swooped up to 138 being injured and 30 being shot dead from 138 and 30 since last month.

The states where the mass shootings happened in the month of April 2019:

Covington, Kentucky; Herman Ville, Mississippi; Stockbridge, Georgia; Panama city, Florida; Tallahassee, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Wilmington, Delaware; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Indianapolis, Indiana; Shreveport, Louisiana; Kansas city, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Carbondale, Illinois; Miami, Florida; Vallejo, California; Stockton, California; Germantown, Maryland; Louisville, Kentucky; Wichita, Kansas; Corpus Christi, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Los Angeles, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Hugo, California; Poway, California; Jackson, Michigan; Jackson, Mississippi; Baltimore, Maryland; Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville, Tennessee; West Chester Township, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina;



Virginia incident was 43rd shooting of this month and the number of people injured has reached 198 people, with 29 being killed. On Friday, a Virginia Beach city employee fired in a public utilities building. The attack began shortly after 20:00 GMT at Virginia Beach Municipal Centre.

The states where the mass shootings happened in the month of May 2019:

Boston, Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Baltimore, Maryland; Wilmington, Delaware; Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Oceano, California; North Bergen, New Jersey; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; St. Louis, Missouri; Chestnut hill Township, Pennsylvania; Paulsboro, New Jersey; New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; St. Rose, Missouri; Cleveland, Ohio; Sacramento, California; Muncie, Indiana; Winston- Salem, North Carolina; Long beach, California; Atmore, Alabama; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Cascilla, Mississippi; Portland, Oregon; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Columbus, Ohio; Alexandria, Louisiana; Trenton, New Jersey; Chesapeake, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Chicago, Illinois; Washington D.C; La Crosse, Virginia; Stockton, California; Washington D.C; Trenton, New Jersey; Cleveland, Texas, Robbins, Illinois; Virginia Beach, Virginia;


These events of mass shootings are certainly killing innocent people, but looking from another perspective, these shootings must have some deeper reasons to it. The Gun- laws and access of arms and ammunitions from adolescents to adults is contradictory in itself.