12:37am, 20th September, 2016


4 mins

The people of Kashmir, at Uri, witnessed a sad demise on the morning of 18th September, when four heavily armed terrorists attacked the India Army base near the LoC at the town of Uri. Dropping down right after the attack were Home minister Rajnath Singh and Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar to look over the situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and members of his cabinet vehemently condemned the attack.


Picture Credits:  Deccan chronicle

The government was shocked by this mayhem because last week at the UNHRC summit at Geneva India clearly mentioned about Pakistan’s clear Human Rights Violation and “Cross Border Infiltration” which wouldn’t be tolerated at any level or stature. Given this it was clear that any further attack or Violation by Pakistan will be  responded head-on and won’t end at Verbal negotiation.

It’s been two days since the attack and the only way India responded to the attack is the comment by Manohar Parrikar stating that lives of the 17 jawans will ‘not go in vain’ and by the DGMO Lt. Ranbir Singh saying that “India will respond at the time, place of our choice.” This calls for clear acid test for the proposition government by observing the current situation.

Let’s look back into the past 3 years back on March, 2013. “One year before the Prime Minister’s election” on 3rd March in Srinagar,J&K where 5 CRPF personnel were brutally killed and three months after that on June 2013 at the Indian Army convoy at Srinagar where eight Jawans were killed while their travelling from Leh.

This marked a huge Loophole in the then Proposition Government(UPA led by Congress) where BJP accused the Congress party leaders of handling the crisis in a way which was intolerable and not acceptable. This marked a positive attitude on the side of BJP where it admonished Congress of it duties.


And so the nation(Government) stands today looking and observing the despicable acts which ruins the credentials and integrity of our people. This is such a lame situation where it comes down to asking the government that ‘Are they really concerned about the injustice done to our soldiers Or  is it just about arguing over the issue whether who does justice to our own people?’

And what does ‘bringing justice’ actually means? Or everyone just wants to Outfox the other in the least legitimate way. Is it really so difficult to judge and react to such underlying actions in a justifiable way? Will it always be about political destabilization over justice for real heroes?